Social Media’s Role in Society – Off the Shelf 110 with Shaun McAfee

Off the Shelf 110 – Shaun McAfee

In the internet age we can find ourselves getting caught up in the quick reaction sound bites that spread across social media like wildfire. Information is literally at our fingertips within seconds of events happening and often people fire off their armchair evaluation within seconds giving little thought to who they may offend or harm. Join Shaun and I as we discuss a proper path forward when it comes to social media use as outlined in his book Social Media Magisterium: A No-Nonsense Guide to the Proper Use of Media.

From the publisher En Route Books & Media

The positive influence of the media, new and old, is seen through the expansion of Catholic networks that span over 150 countries, and more, allowing the gospel and Christian values to be spread across the globe instantaneously. The positive reach available through the media is certain, but it may also be used to the detriment of many. Online bullying, fake news, and anti-christian movements are common, too. Social Media Magisterium aims to provide insight and wisdom from the Church’s teaching to equip every Catholic to evangelize, defend the Church, and spread the Gospel. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or you just downloaded your first app, McAfee’s writing will provide you with the essentials to use the media the way the Church, in her wisdom, directs us.

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Read my complete archives at The Catholic Book

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