Short Devotionals for your Lenten Journey

We just put away our Christmas trees, and now we are only a few short weeks away from Ash Wednesday, which arrives on February 26. To allow you to prep for this penitential season, I wanted to highlight a few devotionals for the 2020 Lenten season early. Here are three devotionals that have come my way this year that have caught my attention.

Daily Devotions for Lent 2020 (The Living Gospel)

Deacon Greg Kandra

The Living Gospel devotionals are an ongoing seasonal series for Advent and Lent published by Ave Maria Press. For the 2020 Lent installment, they brought in popular blogger Deacon Greg Kandra. The theme of this particular devotion is something every one of us should be keenly aware of during Lent, repentance, and renewal.

In Daily Devotions for Lent 2020 (The Living Gospel) each day opens with a line many may be familiar with if they are practitioners of the Liturgy of the Hours. “Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall proclaim your praise.” What follows is a prayer and a brief one or two line reading from the Gospels. Deacon Kandra then offers readers a reflection for the day, a spiritual exercise to do for the day, and a closing prayer.

This is a short and straightforward devotional that will bear much fruit as a daily Lenten companion.

Messages of Trust for Lent 2020: 3-Minute Devotions

Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran

If your daily routine is packed, you may struggle to find time to devote to a devotional. Perhaps you have tried in the past but never seem to continue the practice the whole way through Lent. Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran, the co-authors of Rebuilt, may have provided you with the answer this year.

Messages of Trust for Lent 2020: 3-Minute Devotions contains simple, single-page reflections for each day of Lent. Each day contains a scripture reading, a reflection, and a closing prayer. The Saturday that closes each week of Lent is set up as a prayer utilizing a Psalm. If you think you can’t make the time for reflection, this book is your answer. Three minutes a day is all it takes to welcome the joy of Easter morning.

The Way of the Cross with St. John Paul II

Fr. Herbert Niba

One of the most recognized Lenten practices has to be the Stations of the Cross. A deeply profound journey, the stations transport us through fourteen key events during our Lord and Savior’s Passion. Saint Pope John Paul II had a deep love of this devotion. In fact, he prayed the stations every Friday and daily during Lent.

Father Herbert Niba has compiled one of the most unique Ways of the Cross I have ever come across. The Way of the Cross with St. John Paul II contains a traditional set of fourteen stations. What Father has done is weave Pope John Paul II into each. Each of the stations contains what Father refers to as witness testimonials. These are people who interacted with and knew Pope John Paul II. Their testimonies give further depth to and illuminate our beloved JPII’s life and witness. Also included in each station is a reflection by Pope John Paul II himself. This small but mighty book is sure to become a favorite of many.

There are other Lenten books available for our consumption for this Lent. In this article, I wanted to highlight a few of the shorter ones that don’t take a whole lot of time or extraordinary effort to complete. In the coming weeks, I will be highlighting a few “meatier” books that have been recently released.

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  1. My personal and most helpful devotion as a prayer for help and good results for whosoever I pray in the days leading up to Holy Week is the thirty days of prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary in honor of the Sacred Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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