Selfism Leads Straight To Planned Parenthood

creation, creator, creature, genesis


creation, creator, creature, genesis

By now, a majority of people are aware, in some capacity or other, of the recent videos documenting Planned Parenthood’s participation in baby body-part trafficking. This alone is remarkable considering the lack of attention given it by mainstream media. Apparently uncovering a verifiable, real-life house of horrors involving the ripped-apart limbs of babies is not Kim Kardashian-enough to keep people’s attention for longer than 3.4 seconds. Nevertheless, most people are aware that some videos have come out.

The responses to the videos have tended in various directions. Some pro-life advocates have expressed outrage, calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and pointing to the horrors shown in the videos. Some pro-abortion activists have expressed similar indignation, with their ire aimed at the savage monsters daring to expose the inner workings of child slaughterhouses. Hillary Clinton recently referred to pro-life Republicans as terrorists for standing in the way of women’s rights. Terrorists. Apparently the current Democratic frontrunner has found some profound similarities between those persons who oppose the murder of unborn children and those radical Islamists on the other side of the world plotting the downfall of the United States and teaching their 12-year-old children to saw off people’s heads. It’s an amusing comparison, for sure, but I just don’t see it. The irony here, of course, is that the actual terrorists are the abortionists, systematically taking the lives of a million Americans each year.

It seems that there will always be people supporting Planned Parenthood. They will continue to appeal to all the good things Planned Parenthood does, despite the fact that nothing could possibly be more irrelevant to the current conversation. 20,000 STD screenings per day don’t justify a single abortion. A person can’t just take a bunch of little goods, add them up, and negate a giant evil; it doesn’t work like that. But even the outing of Planned Parenthood as an organization that participates in fetal body part trafficking hasn’t been enough to be deter the support of some.

But perhaps the most perplexing response to the videos has come from the vast majority of Americans who have responded with complete and utter indifference. There are not too many people left who are unfamiliar with the videos, even if few have actually watched them or read the transcripts. A majority, at the very least, are at least aware of their existence.

Maybe it’s just me, but I expected more from our country. I expected that when it came to light that a federally funded organization was committing federal crimes, more of the general public would be frowning with disapproval. Some are, but a lot are not. I hoped I would see more news stories. I expected the revelations in the videos would be shocking and grotesque enough to stir people out of their indifference. I would’ve thought I’d see more trending stories about Planned Parenthood floating around on social media. I expected something, anything, to happen. But now, even with the revelation that Planned Parenthood is shipping whole, intact fetuses to be used for research, it appears as though nothing will happen. Nothing. We will watch videos of things that take place in horror movies, concede that it’s happening in real life, and move on with our days.

In my opinion, the reason behind the indifference is that we, as a society, have fallen prey to the sickness of selfism. We are, collectively, too engrossed in our own lives, chasing our own wants, harnessing our own abilities, to be bothered with an epidemic of baby-killing. Selfism has become such a part of us that we hardly even recognize its presence in us, much less that it might be a problem. We have been indoctrinated into it, and nobody is immune. To greater or lesser degrees, we have all been infected.

The Plague of Selfism

Selfism, a first-cousin of relativism, is an ideology in which each person puts his or her own desires above all else. It can be considered radical devotion to self-interest, and it becomes a sickness so debilitating that it allows us to come face-to-face with videos documenting the trafficking of human body parts and yet not pay any attention. Our culture is slowly succumbing to this illness, and I rue the day we have been totally overtaken. You might assert that day has already arrived, and I wouldn’t be able to muster much of an argument against it.

Selfism has devoured us, eaten away at us like a cancer designed to slowly eradicate the country of any shred of morality. It started slow, with the psychological concepts of individuation, self-expression, and self-acceptance. Eventually it continued to metastasize and the idea of self-fulfillment was elevated to the level of supreme importance. It became self-preservation taken to the extreme. We all want good things for ourselves, but when we continue to focus solely on ourselves to the neglect of others, we place ourselves on pedestals. When we do this, we have perverted the natural order. We were not made for self-worship, we were made for God-worship. But radical devotion to self-interest has become a sort of new, universal religion. It’s a religion where truth doesn’t matter. Not a real religion, mind you, but a dumbed-down, false, hollow caricature of a religion.

If self-worship is the new religion, then we become the gods. And when we become the gods, then abortion has to be the highest sacrament. It must be. It’s where we exercise control over life and death, and this is how we land on the doorstep of Planned Parenthood. Selfism requires us to be okay with abortion. If our own wishes and fulfillment are sacrosanct, it follows that anything that stands in the way needs to be removed, and that includes unplanned pregnancies. Before you know it, we are funding organizations who will help women take the life of their own child, choosing between life and death for their own offspring. It’s like a myth where we have discovered the fatal flaw of the main character. We watch sadly as our once-great country descends into moral ambiguity, and we witness the destruction of life at the hands of those who are supposed to be protecting it. Except it’s not a myth, it’s reality, and it’s happening all around us right now.

It’s clear that selfism has even infiltrated religion. A person could argue that Christianity is still the predominant religion in the United States and, technically, he or she would be right. But look around and you will see Christians adhering to their faith only so long as it suits them. A great number have been led to believe that they can reject whatever is displeasing to them doctrinally, and at the end of the day, all that matters is their own fulfillment. But this is not Christianity, it’s selfism, plain and simple. Only a selfist would presume to think he could pick and choose whatever bullet points of a religion he would like to follow and ignore the rest.

Like any disease or sickness, selfism comes with symptoms, and it’s clear that the defining symptom selfism is indifference to evil. We have become so radically devoted to our own self-interest that it is hard for us to express genuine concern for other people, even when they are being killed, tortured, or otherwise cast aside as less-than-human beings with no rights or protections. If it’s not about us, we are not required to pay attention. If it’s inconvenient, like a stack of aborted baby body parts, we can simply ignore it and recite some catchphrase like “It doesn’t affect me”.

It’s not that selfists can’t care about others, or that they can’t have a moral order. They can. But the difference is that they don’t have to. Any moral code espoused by a selfist is essentially meaningless, as they can cease adhering to it whenever they would like. They could pretend that they are motivated by the common good, or love of neighbor, and perhaps they are. But it is not required of them. In fact, the only thing required of a selfist is the on-going pursuit of whatever he or she deems important for self-fulfillment at that time.

A Damaging Ideology

The ideology of selfism is terrifying in its implications. Imagine a world where everybody was his or her own god. Perhaps the most frightening of all the implications is the loss of an objective moral order. If we are the gods of our own lives, it follows that nobody can tell us whether something we are doing is right or wrong. We can justify virtually anything. We can excuse any behavior. This makes perfect sense. We have no objective moral order to fall back on, and so when we see piles of aborted baby limbs, we shrug and say “Well, women’s rights”, or “Who am I to judge?” Selfism is perhaps the most damaging ideology known to the modern world. We have forgotten how to genuinely take responsibility for other people. In some sense, we have forgotten that we have any responsibility to anybody else at all.

It’s pretty easy to see how selfism leads us to the doorsteps of Planned Parenthood. Really, it can’t NOT lead us there. The moment we acknowledge that abortion is morally abominable, we have appealed to a standard of morality, a standard that necessarily has been put in place by a power greater than ourselves, and this sentiment is anathema in a world consumed by selfism. To suggest that there is an objective, moral order is to be bigoted, hateful, and intolerant. What people who hurl these epithets are really saying, under all the selfism disguised as tolerance, is “If Person A has decided that behavior B is right for him or her, then it must be true”. In the saddest of juxtapositions, that which is seen as objective, morally upright or religious is now deemed by our society to be profane and something to be derided.

A society consumed by selfism will always have a relative moral order. At that point, the destruction of the society is inevitable. It’s foolish to suggest that a society could survive when its citizens are bound by no objective moral order.

But there is still a chance to still save our dying, relativistic society, and we have to act. The answer to the problem of self-worship is, of course, God-worship, and I suggest we turn our attention there. God alone has the power to make things new again, to change hearts and minds, and to bring about a renewal of our culture. He alone is Truth, and in Him we ultimately find our fulfillment. Not in ourselves, not on Facebook, and certainly not on the doorsteps of Planned Parenthood.

So let’s immerse ourselves in prayer and humble worship. Before it’s too late.

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35 thoughts on “Selfism Leads Straight To Planned Parenthood”

  1. Is it really so surprising that most are not fazed by the sale of unborn baby body parts, when they aren’t by the actual murder of these babies? Heinous though the former may be, it is not nearly so wicked as the actual murders that precede it. This trade may be a symptom of the absolute depravity of those who indulge in it and their supporters, but it is a depravity that derives from the exercise of and support of a crime that surpasses just about any other known to man.

  2. Perhaps, the population realized that the Center for Medical Progress is a sham store front that played up edited videos.

    Perhaps, the population realized that no laws were broken.

    Perhaps, the population realized that fetal tissue is essential for research and cures. A recent article from the New England Journal of Medicine

    Perhaps, that the New England Journal of Medicine has exposed the lies cast about by the Center of Medical Progress and it’s right wing allies

    Perhaps, most intelligent people see through the edited videos (you know the power of photoshopping) and have noted that PP has not found to be in violation of the law.
    Now what does this have to do with “selfism?”

    1. Perhaps you are a bit biased?

      Perhaps you can tell me how the unedited versions of the videos point to a different conclusion? Perhaps you can tell me that this editing is disingenuous, but the TV news stories (99.99% of which are edited) that people see all the time are perfectly acceptable? Perhaps you can tell me that the news coverage of this story, which has been edited, is acceptable journalistic practice is honest?

      Perhaps you can point me to cures that have come about from research of fetal tissue?

      Perhaps you can tell me why it is only intelligent people that come to your conclusion? (Wouldn’t that be a back-handed ad hominem fallacy?)

      Perhaps you can explain why 90% of American Catholics who reject the church’s teaching on contraception means that they are right, and the Church is wrong? (The crowd picked Barabbas, remember?)

      Perhaps you can tell me why the ethics of the NEJM are trustworty?

      I’ll stop now.


    2. Mark, Hopefully I will address the issues you raise and I am certain they will not be to your satisfaction. Of course, I am biased. Whenever, science, medicine, ethics, morality and religion intersect, the place one positions him or herself is a function of particular bias and that bias is either personal, institutional or both. In my case, my son is a spastic quad as a result of a near drowning where he was anoxic for 25 minutes. I have taken care of him for 17 years, every bodily function. My personal bias in regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy. So I am very biased.

      The issue of the edited and unedited versions of CMP’s videos: Pure anti-PP sensationalism through selective editing and erroneous conclusions. After several states’ investigations…PP did nothing illegal. What may shock the mind is that these practices wer not in public discourse. There is nothing illegal in charging a nominal fee for fetal tissue which is donated to medicine by the patient. Been this way since the 30’s. You can charge a nominal fee for harvesting particular tissue, storage, trnsporttation. Every procurement agency agrees PP fees are in line with the industry. Moral issues? Maybe…Legal, I think not. But I am biased so let’s look at fact check…they are in existence to check facts:

      Value of research and use of fetal tissue….much since 1930 …

      My own bias is towards embryonic stem cell transplantation and regenerative medicine. This has reduced my son’s spasticity in a clinic outside the US.

      Intelligent people will read, will study, will research, will discuss and will use reason to resolve the conflicts between medicine, science, religion, ethics and morality. People who lack reason and intelligence simply accept what they are told…and that is like trying to give medicine to the dead.

      People are clear that there is a distinction between the prevention of conception and the termination of pregnancy. This is reasonable. The RCC position is not reasonable and wrong. BTW, I do not support abortion with exceptions for rape, incest or to save a mother’s life. So please do not lump me in with pro-lifers or pro-choicers. Of course, even I would disagree with a Catholic Hospital and Catholic lawyers in CO, that used a fetus is not a person for several years of litigation in a malpractice case. They were finally called off by the RCC hierarchy after (1) the strategy was made public and scandalous and (2) they won by having the case dismissed on those grounds. I object to this strategy….finally the RCC did also, albeit late.

      The New England Journal of Medicine is one of the most respected and valued medical journals by American Doctors….unless you disagree with their position of Fetal Tissue Research or PP.

      Sorry so windy…..

    3. Thanks for the reply. True, we each have our own biases. We have a duty to dis-associate ourselves from our emotional attachments in these matters.

      Let me take this one quote, and build my case on it, as this is the crux of the issue for me. This sentence contains enough to show the objections I have.

      There is nothing illegal in charging a nominal fee for fetal tissue which is donated to medicine by the patient.

      There is nothing illegal in charging a nominal fee…

      Then explain why there was a price negotiation for the parts? This is where the now-famous “Lamborghini” quote came from. If it’s a nominal fee, it would just be a set fee, based on the ability to preserve the specimens. There would be a set fee schedule. This negotiation activity directly contradicts the claim that this is some “nominal fee.” Explain why they are “bargaining” over what you call a nominal fee.

      …for fetal tissue which is donated to medicine by the patient.

      Who is the patient? Why?
      Did the pregnant mother consent to this? Without coercion?
      Did the fetus consent to being donated? Does that matter?

      These are fundamentally about guarding the intrinsic human dignity we all have.

      Ethics are pliable. Be careful you don’t set up standards of ethics that lead to places you don’t expect–the law of unintended consequences.

      I heard recently on the radio during a discussion of why it was wrong to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki (and in turn the bombing of Dresden), that the life of an organ donor can prolong the life of 40 ailing people in need of a transplant. By the “ethics” which said we could use the bomb, we would have a daily of the needed amount that would mandate that people die to provide organs, so that 40 others may prolong their lives.

      Under these ethics, your son is quickly put in a position to be “chosen” to be a donor.

      We both don’t want to go there. I don’t trust “ethics” unmoored from the recognition of inviolable human dignity.

    4. Definition of personhood.

      Caution: some ethicists already say your son isn’t person. Either all human beings are persons, or the weakest among us will have their personhood denied them by the strong. History is replete with examples, especially in the 20th century.

    5. My friend, I am well aware of Singer and Mary Ann Warren and have written much about my disdain for Singer’s utilitarianism and Warren’s theory of personhood. I am equally familiar with the Aristotelian and Aquiinian (made this up for Aquinas) theories of ensoulment. What is it 40 days for males and 80 days for females? You were originally right, we do not want to go there….

    6. Personhood was your term. Do you still stand by this as the line in the sand that none shall cross? If so, the difficulty is that there are only subjective standards.

      So, if those little human beings with arms, legs, hearts and livers, whose body parts lay in a pie plate aren’t/weren’t human persons, what is your basis that they shouldn’t be defended, but your son should? Most importantly, is your basis subjective or is it objective?

    7. My basis for all my comments and positions is subjective. My personal experience, my reason, my vast research, my contemplation, my Union with the Source are my subjective experiences of reality. By presenting my subjective experience of reality, I am solely responsible for my life, my actions, my beliefs. To accept an impossibly “objective” basis for my life is to hand over responsibility to the words of others and that I do not do.

    8. Do you think that subjective standards of truth will be sufficient when someone else’s –the physician’s, or the state’s–subjective standard says your son’s organs should be harvested because he doesn’t satisfy the criteria for “personhood”?

      The problem with subjective standards for ethics, is that it leads to the strong devouring the weak.

    9. The groups of parents of disabled kids and near drowns I work with say I am one of the strongest people they know…I led a six year litigation against the State of Massachusetts to recognize my son’s needs. I do not devour the weak and neither the MD nor physician cannot compel organ harvesting. You are building a house on your sands of presumed possibility and unlikely probability. You are certainly entitled to your view of reality, but I have much more faith in our species as primates than you, sir! That observation is what makes us so different.

    10. The 20th century is filled with examples that illustrate my worry.

      You are valiant in the defense of your son’s dignity. This is laudable. At the same time, you are indifferent to the pie plate of body parts. Perhaps it’s because the death of those little ones may possibly assist your son somehow.

      When someone else leads litigation to protect these lives who are being thrown into pie plates, and it collides with your efforts, should you prevail? Why?

    11. You obviously failed to read my comments in this and other threads. I do not support abortion except in cases of incest, rape or a threat to the life of the mother. In the rape of a 9 year old by 10 ISIS jihadists and her pregnancy, I believe it would be immoral not to terminate that pregnancy.

      I do not impose my views of a woman choosing an abortion on a woman. If they choose, they are responsible. If they donate the terminated fetus they choose. I believe in the law and constitution…period. The law is not morality nor ethics, it is law.

    12. I didn’t say you impose your views. I said you are indifferent to the slaughter, and you hide behind legalities, because the “law” says they aren’t persons.

      You believe that in certain circumstances, it’s immoral not to “terminate the pregnancy.” A euphemism for killing an innocent human being.

      If your son would have been diagnosed with a condition that would have resulted in him being born in an equivalent state to his current condition, would an abortion be okay in this case?

      Why do we as a society set up a system where some can be chosen to be eliminated? Are you okay with that? Sound like you are, because you don’t want to impose anything on others.

      You talk about legal and illegal. The article is talking about right and wrong.

    13. You twist words and never answer questions…i.e. the rape of a nine year old by ISIS? What is your position?

      A child in the womb should not be targeted and killed. Ever.

      I answered.

      Now, please answer me: why is it okay to kill some and not others? Why do some deserve to be targeted for death because they were conceived in tragic circumstances?

    14. Then if either or both die and it was your decision, given the facts, you would be responsible for their deaths.
      Your question is answered by re-incarnation in which I believe. There are over 300,000 children waiting to be placed in foster homes and adoptions and waiting. Poverty, lack of available knowledge of contraception, poverty (1 in 5 children in the US know not where their next meal comes from), lack of ability to parent, failure of contraception, etc. It’s not indiscriminate, it’s to avoid suffering. You use the word kill…I do not; souls will come in through another body and again and again. It just was not their time to begin this experience….

    15. It’s not indiscriminate, it’s to avoid suffering. You use the word kill…I do not;

      You’re speaking in euphemisms. You can’t call it for what it is. You can’t use the word kill because it’s too vivid. As the saying goes, “a rose by any other name is still a rose.” Some fetal human is alive one moment, and after being dismembered is now dead, and this not killing?

      Can you explain how is a fetus being dismembered not suffering?

      I found this quote on your blog post:

      …the greatest evils in history were not executed by fanatics or sociopaths, but rather by ordinary people who bought into the premises of the state, other philosophies (ie. Singer), and even the medical establishment. Those people participated with the view that their actions and behaviors were the norm. “Doing things in an organized and systematic way rests on “normalization.” The ugly, the degrading, and the unacceptable are routine as “that’s the way things are done.”

      Bring up a still shot of the pie plate with the limbs and organs in it, and then read the quote of your own words out loud.

    16. We do share in common that your son is precious and is loved and cherished by his dad. That’s not little in my book.


    17. “Twas an analogy, like tweaking the truth….making a chubby model look slim or making an decades old practice seem like sensationalized news. Objectively you are right…incorrect. I did not mean to imply the fetal tissue was not real …that’s what fetal tissue looks like. It’s the story which is meant to deceive and the pictures are there to dramatize. I should not have used the analogy.

    18. By “tissue” you mean arms and legs, right? And hearts? I mean, the pictures were right there. You can continue to say “tissue” if you want, but the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

    19. The relationship with Selfism. Planned Parenthood is a glaring example of how we have become desensitized. Forget about legalities and consider what is right and what is wrong. But I suspect that you know this already, so why the indignation? Only the Love of God can apply the salve that you are seeking.

    20. I become indignant when people fabricate realities…what makes you think that I am already not bathed in the love and light of the Source? Why would I seek something I already an in union with?

    21. If you are bathed in the Love of God, you would not be asking this question. When you have done arguing with him – then take the time to listen. Don’t be indignant about my words – dwell upon them. What have I to gain?

    22. I am indignant with words which dismiss my experience and my life work … I have what you are trying to get me to have and btw God loves it when people argue with him and think and reason….those are the most powerful gifts of creation.

    23. Free Will! – Yes and what shall we use it for? Have you won your argument? Have you received your answer?

    24. I can think of Someone else Who is going to be quite indignant when the two of you meet, if you retain these views.

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