The ‘School’ of Life!

Todd Nolan2

Schools serve a unique and necessary role within society. Their main purpose is to educate and inspire, yet they also serve as places for safety and community building. Schools are environments where students can expand upon their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities while receiving careful supervision that nurtures strong, healthy relationships, and leads to ongoing success.

Students bring to these institutions of learning their unique qualities, and can demonstrate careful execution of these attributes through their efforts to make the world a better place. There is a complimentary relationship here where students provide their own qualities, and the school provides the tools necessary to make productive use of them.

Safety is also a high priority within schools. Along with the usual fire drill, there is also emphasis on ‘lockdown’, and ‘shelter in place’ training. These are common due to the unfortunate realities that exist today. Schools have unfortunately become places of violence. However another equally dangerous place exists in our world, which often gets overlooked by the politicians and the media. There is a great desire on their part to create and maintain strong safety standards within schools. However, throughout this process, they have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear towards the one place that should never have become synonymous with violence or death.  This place was always meant to be the safest, most loving environment ever created.  This place set the precedence for all that was good and beautiful in the world. This place is the womb.

Most politicians and media pundits have always condemned the violence that takes place in schools, yet have refused to consider the horrors committed by abortion. They say that the senseless killings of the innocent have no place in our society, but then turn around and advocate for better access to doing just that – senseless killings. We reap what we sew and it has brought about a ‘culture of death’.

This comparison between a woman’s womb and a school is not too difficult grasp, if you consider the following. The womb provides a safe haven for human beings to grow and develop physically, emotionally, and intellectually (as well as spiritually). The womb also fosters relationships between distinct persons and also nurtures diversity. Furthermore, the unborn child brings his own qualities (i.e. genetic material) to this process of development. The mother’s body provides a safe place for him to become the best he is capable of becoming. Finally, the woman’s womb provides an atmosphere that creates immeasurable possibilities and provides constant hope. Due to these, and many other similarities, it becomes obvious why we should be adamant about protecting children when they are within both the school and the womb.

Children within the womb have just as much to contribute to the world as those sitting in a classroom.  They are not merely potential human beings, but more importantly, human beings with potential. The possibilities inherent with them are beyond comprehension. When our society, especially our most powerful in government, realize this truth, and begin to place an equal amount of emphasis on both areas of learning, (remember children in the uterus learn to recognize familiar sounds and voices), society will benefit. Violence has no place inside or outside of the womb, because a womb is a classroom within the School of Life; complete with its own ‘window’ to the future.

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