Saving the World One Baby at a Time

Patti Armstrong - Saving the World


“I’d like another baby, but it worries me to bring a child into a world like this,” I once heard a woman say. That was twenty years ago. I wonder if she ever had that baby.

The world hasn’t gotten any better since then. But when was it ever a perfect time to bring a child into the world? I’m personally glad I missed the entire pre-disposable diaper and pre-automatic washing machine era. Oh and antibiotics; those make parenting easier. And sunscreen. Air-conditioning too. Come to think about it, we live in a world where it has never been easier to have a baby. Still, whatever time we live in, it’s never easier to have a baby than not to have one—just better.

It’s not about whether the world is good for babies but the fact is that babies are good for the world. Love has the power to change the world and babies bring love. We cannot change the whole world, but we can begin with our own world.

Could it be that much of the world’s problem stems from the loss of love that is resulting in the loss of babies? Abortion comes from a lack of love for babies in place of selfishness. Thus, on the macro scale, abortion leaches love from our world. On the micro level, it wounds a heart. When women confront the damage of their abortions and heal, they learn to love anew.

Between abortion and contraception, people are closing themselves off to babies and becoming more selfish leading to declining populations in much of the developed world.

In the most recent U.N. count, twenty-four nations registered a decline in population. Governments around the world have started to pay for babies. 

In Australia, a baby bonus nets about $6,000 during the baby\’s first year. In Germany, a mother can earn up to $35,000 during the first year of maternity leave. 

 Japan, Spain and much of Southern Europe are also offering financial incentives to have babies. But money cannot buy love and thus, no baby boom is in the offing.

Love is the only reason to have a child and love begets love and expands hearts. A child forces us to die to self and live in a bigger world of giving and caring. There are other ways but not an easier one because through a child, giving becomes less of a task and more a desire.

Children stretch our limits and often are a factor in leading a person closer to religion. With such a love as this, God and eternity grow closer because through a child, both begin to matter more. No all people respond to that nudge but enough do that the connection is clear.

Through the love of a child, we become better. We do not simply wake up better one day just because we are a parent. But we always want to be better for the sake of our child.

Assessing the condition of the world is not how to determine whether to have a child or not. The world is still here and that is enough because babies are always a miracle. More miracles and more love will make the world a better place but never a perfect place.

It is not up to us to determine the viability of the planet but rather to be open to what God is asking of us. Is God calling you to open your life up to another child? Having one more child is scary in many ways. But ending our life and learning we missed out on other children that God had planned for us, is a scarier thought. The only way to know the plan is to ask God then to stay close to him so as to hear his voice.

© 2013. Patti Maguire Armstrong. All Rights Reserved.

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7 thoughts on “Saving the World One Baby at a Time”

  1. Great article Patti, and so true. The daily exchanges of love in a big family are the best formation our hearts can ever receive and completely worth the price of admission.

  2. Thanks for this, I’m expecting my fourth and struggling with how to tell some friends and family, who seem to be in the two is enough group.

    1. We were there. Not so much family but friends. My answer would be to do it with a smile and joy. Just all positive all the time. It’s hard for them to go totally negative when you show confidence and happiness. You are right at the spot ( child 4) that people feel this completely irrational need to save you from some terrible disease that you would think they are experts in. They have no evidence, no experience and only what the culture has drummed into their heads. A strange reaction when it really doesn’t effect them one bit. But anyway, just love and happy will suffice. Those of us with big families often giggle and thank God for knowing what seams like a “secret” in our culture. You are blessed and brave and will never ever regret a new baby and just won’t be able to imagine life without them. Congrats on #4 and God Bless

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  4. Patti, I am grateful that you and your husband are open to life. Thank you for your many sacrifices. There are no presbyters and U S bishops, however, who are on your side. They have an unexplainable fear of sermonizing on the sins of birth controlling and abortion. Their situational/pastoral counseling is grievously destructive. God help their souls!

    1. I have heard sermons in ND about being open to life, but you are right, there is a serious lack of this message. I had a priest once tell me it was not reasonable to expect couples to be open to life and not use contraception. I am so grateful that after years of not understanding the evils of contraception, my husband and I saw the light. My heart breaks for couples being led astray or left in ignorance. For us, it was not too late to have more children, but some realize too late and have deep regrets.

    2. The priest who advised you in regards to birth controlling is all part of the ‘desire to destroy’ Catholic principles.

      : “Animus Delendi-I Desire to Destroy” by Atila Sinke Guimarâes

      See how our youth in U S bishop’s schools are being scandalized with sexualized catechetical series such as “Growing In Love” with imprimatur: Part 1 Part 2

      Why are people financially supporting these men? Sex education in classrooms has been condemned by Pontiffs. Have you ever investigated this series? Hopefully your children are not in the parochial schools.

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