Satan Speaks!

Ray Sullivan

Author’s Note: The following letter is correspondence from a tempter demon on earth to the father of lies, Satan. Everything that Satan says in reply may or may not be truthful, for sure.

Dear Satan:

My human is too humble. What can I do to instill a sense of pride into his psyche?

Very Respectfully,


Dear Eegotrip:

It has come to my attention that you didn’t attend one our classes down here on pride. Pride, as we all know, is one of the easiest and best ways to get your human puppet on the slippery slope to our dinner table. It seems incomprehensible to me that you didn’t take the time to attend this class, so I will expect to hear from you as to why you missed it.

I myself invented pride when I tried to rightfully assume the throne of the Enemy Above many eons ago. I have successfully used this weapon with mankind over the centuries. In the Garden of Eden, for example, I played to the first humans’ sense of pride by suggesting to them that “Ye shall be as gods.”  They took the bait and ran with it, and now look at all the fun we have on a daily basis – murder, mayhem, raping and pillaging, bombings, dissension, divorce, war, rampant homosexuality, etc. And all because Adam and Eve wanted to be like HIM.


There are four human characteristics that are particularly useful to us when we play the Pride card. The first of these four is beauty. Most beautiful humans were born that way, and they had absolutely nothing to do with their appearance. All of that was decided by the Enemy Above many years ago, when HE first designed a plan for each and every human that HE would eventually create. However, human pride whispers to their psyche, along with me, of course, that they are fantastic and wonderful human beings merely because of the way their skin is stretched over their skull, and they therefore have every “right” to expect all others to do their bidding, because of their looks. To them, the ugly humans are somehow less deserving of life’s pleasures, and can then be assumed to be worth less in the eyes of “the world.” Thanks to the advances of science (another great subject for another time, perhaps!) and modern medicine, ugly people are now spending small fortunes going under the knife to make themselves into something they believe they are not – beautiful. In so doing, they are thwarting the plan that our Enemy Above had for them, and so we have that going for us. They are thus eliminating a cross that they were supposed to carry throughout their lifetime. All of this kind of thinking is enhanced greatly by our friends in “the media,” in Hollywood, and on Madison Avenue, who glorify beauty as being the one qualification over all others that is necessary to be in magazines, to read the news on TV, to be in the movies, etc. As a reminder, when the beauty is taken away through fires, wrecks, cuts, getting old, etc., it is devastating to the humans, and then suicide becomes a real possibility for them. So whisper that to them when the time is right!


The second of the four characteristics is money. People who have lots of money usually put most, if not all, of their faith in it. Not faith in HIM, or faith in their family, or faith in their country, or faith in their good works, but instead, faith in their total tonnage of green, dirty, stinky money in their bank account.  HE said that it will be harder for a rich man to get into heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, but most people ignore HIM and desire the pursuit of the big bucks instead. Thanks be to me! If we are fortunate enough to have humans with both beauty and money, most of our devilish work is already done for us.  People like that are usually found in Hollywood, making depraved movies that are a glory unto me. Lots of bare skin along with fornication and adultery is portrayed on the large screen, for the pleasure of the bored ugly people, who are thus beguiled, all the while being programmed in their minds that recreational sex has no bad consequences!  The amusing thing is that it is all done under the guise of “entertainment.”  It is indeed entertaining for us to see all of the gullible uglo-humans, our future buffet, staring at the movie screen in total adulation, wishing all of the time that they could be just like the beautiful actors and young starlets, imitating the orgy of flesh. We, like steak eaters on earth, have to kill our food before we eat it. As they say, “There’s no business like show business!”


The third characteristic is power.  This aphrodisiac is one of those things that can actually be achieved by penniless, ugly people, like our human disciples Hitler and Stalin.  Through sheer ruthlessness, these great leaders of men captivated the hearts (Yum!) of whole countries, and then made those countries reflect their personal view of unbelief, hate, and ruthlessness through war, starvation, mass murder, and executions. An atheist in total control of a country is a beautiful thing to behold. Those were great days for us back in the early 20th century, but we seemed to have lost out on the “powerful leaders” strategy lately. As a result, we are having to resort to the “beauty and money” strategies of pride, which certainly camouflages our demonic efforts, because even the so-called “good Christians” seem to enjoy ogling beauty and getting rich.


The fourth and final pride topic of discussion today is talent. The Enemy Above distributes talent to each and every human, but not the same kind, and not in the same amount. As a result, some humans are great artists, some are great athletes, some are great carpenters, some are great writers, some are great singers, and some are great actors.  Of course, these humans had absolutely nothing to do with having this talent residing in their bodies, but, thanks be to me, they believe that they had everything to do with being great at their craft. As a result, pride sets in and most of them look down their noses at the rest of mankind as being lazy and dumb, and not worthy of any attention whatsoever, which is exactly what we want.

Camouflaging Pride

We have even managed to disguise Pride by calling it different names – Self-esteem, “I Am Somebody,” self-worth, etc. All of these actions put the human first over HIM, as well as their fellow man, and that always leads to selfishness, divorce, murder, and so on. Our Enemy Above would actually have them believe that putting the other fellow first with self-sacrifice is more important than anything else. HE even said that HE “was incarnated to serve, and not to be served, and that no slave is greater than his master.”  Praise and honor be to me, though, that all of that claptrap has been forgotten or pushed aside by most of the humans. Now, self-esteem is actually taught in their classrooms, rather than washing the feet of one’s lessers. “Me first” is now the golden rule, and all of that “do unto others” talk has now been pushed aside for instant self-gratification.


Now that you have received this mini-training session from me on Pride, don’t forget to use the other arrow in your quiver, Envy. All of those people who aren’t beautiful, or rich, or powerful, or talented, all really want to be at least one of those things, and maybe more. So, work on them, and whisper to them that they have been cheated in life’s lottery, and that they should do whatever it takes to get whatever they want. Play on their fears of being penniless, and tell them that if they only had good looks, or were born with a large inheritance, that they could have all that the world offers. Never let them think for a minute that they are to have total trust in their loving Father (ugh!) in Heaven above, who is always looking out for them. Rather, have them put their faith in themselves, and in all of that “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps” philosophy. Make them totally believe in the Ben Franklin quote that “HE only helps those who help themselves.”  Whisper to their psyche, “Self-reliance over total trust in HIM – Just do it!

Remember, those who slip through your claws by placing all of their trust in the Enemy Above will never make their way down here to our dinner table, and you will be held accountable for that.

 Keep up the bad work . . .


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72 thoughts on “Satan Speaks!”

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  2. Ah, Screwtape revisited. The truth in this article is as relevant to day as it ever was. Wisdom from God, of course, always is……..


    Our Lord and His Holy Mother

    are weeping bloody tears

    as their children don’t bother

    to live in perdition gears

    the tears splatter on rocky hearts

    on a demeanor of “who cares”

    as long as we don’t feel the smarts

    we’ll take care of our own affairs

    walking farther and farther away

    spitting and mocking God in His Face

    denying He made us out of the clay

    worshipping gods of the human race

    we think ourselves so enlightened

    we don’t need no Heavenly God

    no more need to be so frightened

    we join gladly the evil one’s squad

    while Heaven is crying

    the devils laugh

    the unrepentant dying

    join the devils’ staff

    The day will come

    that HE will say :

    “enough, enough

    no more rebuff ”

    Then the earthlings

    will cry to no avail

    Joe 6 packs nor Kings

    will escape eternal wail.

    Rita Biesemans April 26 2013 Feast Day of Our Lady of Good Counsel


    This world is so sick

    since it removed the brick

    the cornerstone, the pillar

    and became the “GOD” killer

    The only healing medication

    is not a “vaccination”

    but a remorseful return

    if not, this world will burn

    When plagues afflict us

    we act like a wuss

    We freak out about Ebola

    “ try some Granola”

    a worse disease is rampant

    it comes to us very lambent

    it’s the disease of immorality

    of lawlessness and bestiality

    God, the infinitely Merciful and Just

    keep challenging Him, He’ll combust

    who do we mortals think we are

    a new sparkle shining Dog Star ?

    We beg of You, Our Lord and Savior

    bring a halt to the world’s barbaric behavior

    As Your loyal followers, to You we cry out

    help us even if You have to use a knout

    2 Peter 3:10

    But the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.

    Rita Biesemans August 6 2014 Feast of THE TRANSFIGURATION


    In a world so full of darkness

    hearts transform into harshness

    mouths are hurling insults

    living the Me, Me, Me cults

    A brother killing his brother

    a daughter killing her mother

    kids who choose rather

    than to obey, to kill the father

    a world drenched in the occult

    and in God refuses to exult

    has chosen its own direction

    thus asking for Your correction

    As in the times of Noah, we are in the days

    You spoke of in so many different ways

    we live in the end of time as we know it

    in which finally Thy Kingdom will be legit

    Please Lord, let Your Light

    more than ever be so bright

    let it shine upon each faithful son

    to achieve the victory already won.

    Jesus will triumph in the final victory over the devil

    Rita Biesemans June 19 2014

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  8. Excellent, Ray. Especially the last points.

    But your section on beauty sounds more like the idolatry of youth and seeing only what’s on the surface than the beauty that is one of the four transcendentals (the others being goodness, truth, and unity. All of them are related and fit together). Beauty does matter to God, for He is beautiful. It’s not the only thing that matters, but it does matter, and it does play an important part that will not be taken from it. That Christians get this wrong repeatedly is one of the reasons why we get the warped sense of “beauty” that you describe above, and also Christians who presume that frumpiness is humble and holy, or that modesty is somehow an acceptable Christian way of being “hot” (I think Fr. Barron’s explained how Catholicism is the third, mysterious way between our culture’s extremes of Puritanism and pornography). What Hollywood touts as beauty and the pursuit of beauty is not beauty, but vanity. It is therefore unsurprisingly vulgar. What Hollywood understands as “beauty” doesn’t even compare to the Mass, to the Church’s artwork and architecture, and it does not compare to the works of Byrd and Palestrina, all of which bear witness to God Who became Man in the Incarnation through their care, thoughtfulness, profundity, and love, and which would go a long way to undercutting Envy if we actually use it to evangelize like we’re supposed to. Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi– the law of prayer is the law of belief is the law of living; all three are required. All of these beautiful things convey lessons in what it means (as we pray in some of the Collects for Mass) to steward the things of the world in accordance with the things of Heaven, of Eternity. Without the Church’s more profound understanding of beauty, we cede way too much ground to the Hollywood version and the culture’s highly truncated sense of what is “Christian.” Also, what makes it easier to convince people that they were cheated in life’s lottery is to give them the impression that what God offers is meager (and blah), and that He is always in competition with us.

    Perhaps your article should include “false humility” and “false piety” which are also forms of pride: Egotrip, my pet, we must convince people that the Enemy doesn’t care about beauty, and that all efforts to that end are unnecessarily “florid,” “ephemeral,” proud, and unpleasing to him– appeal to man’s self-professed and self-touted sense of “practicality.” Man is both matter and spirit; how fortunate for us that he is mostly confused and unaware of this for having forgotten. All the easier for us to convince him to separate out from each other what the Enemy calls the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy (mercy… yuck)– and all the easier for us to convince man that he can live on bread alone. Our battles are but half won when we pit one against another and convince Christians that they must choose only one. Don’t forget to use the false-piety arrow in your quiver: when Christians pick one over the other instead of realizing that they need both, we can convince them that their particular choice is most pleasing to the Enemy to the exclusion of the other and makes them holier than others. All the better to convince them, by the way, that “the Enemy ate with sinners” (but not with sinners that they don’t like), thus sowing the kinds of divisions that we glory in. Once you’ve ensnared them, hit them squarely with false guilt. False guilt is another highly effective weapon in our arsenal, rendered all the more so in a sentimental culture with its politics of nice. Arm yourself accordingly. Be ready, take aim… fire.

    1. People who are enamored with their good looks, aka “Hollywood” types, sometimes tend to look down at others for not being pretty. The devil hates all beauty, because he once was beautiful and now is ugly, and is envious and jealous of those people. He will use that against us, whispering in our mind that we beautiful ones are better than everyone else, simply because of our good looks. That is the only kind of beauty addressed here, but for sure, satan hates ALL beautiful things.

    2. All this talk of Satan, the devil, exaggerated self esteem, greed, power, pride…YOU got it wrong and Pogo got it right!
      “We have met the enemy… and he is us”

    3. My biggest enemy is indeed myself – My weak flesh. But the devil surely helps that along, I think…

    4. God is calling you too Phil. You will soon have the proof of His existence! You only need open your eyes and accept His gift and deny yourself your past blindness. May Truth fill you with joy!

    5. The devil hates all beauty, because he once was beautiful and now is ugly, and is envious and jealous of those people

      OH PLEASE! No such freakin being exists! That is such a crock! That is some kind of boogeyman for adults!

    6. The devil is as real as you are. Lots of saints have seen his demons and talked to them as well. The movie The Exorcist was based on a true story.

    7. Ray, come on, let’s try to make some sense. Supernatural is typically thought of as being beyond natural. If something occurs that is by a supernatural cause we would say that it was not by any natural cause that we know of. It is in that sense that I distinguish supernatural from natural and say that supernatural is imaginary and natural is real. You, on the other hand, believe that supernatural is real. That’s fine if you do. I don’t.

    8. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. You can’t see love or air, but those things really do exist, as does the devil.

    9. Because I can’t see air or love even though we know they exist, I should believe in the devil even though I can’t see him either?

      I’ll get back to you on that one. I don’t buy it.

  9. Now, self-esteem is actually taught in their classrooms, rather than washing the feet of one’s lessers. “Me first” is now the golden rule, and all of that “do unto others” talk has now been pushed aside for instant self-gratification.

    There is nothing wrong with teaching children self-esteem while at the same time teaching them to do to others what they would have others do to them. It has nothing to do with “me first” or instant gratification.

    1. You haven’t said that you agree that there is nothing wrong with teaching children self-esteem. You just responded with a superstition about a devil that does not really exist. Do you agree that children should be raised to have self-esteem or do you think it is a trick of “the devil”?

    2. Like all things in excess, self-esteem is bad. Hermann Goehring had lots of self-esteem (when captured by the Americans, he said that at least he had 12 good years). Self – Esteem in moderation (I am a child of God, and am loved) is great.

    3. Good. Other than the possibility that what you consider to be moderate might not be what I do, we can at least there is nothing wrong with moderate self esteem. Too much self esteem could lead to vanity.

      Now, can we agree that the Father of Lies is just an imaginary concept?

    4. Ray,

      Just as you have used the devil to write your fictional letter, it is the same in the Screwtape Letters, the story of Job, stories of encounters between Jesus and the devil, etc. He is a fictional character in stories told to teach a lesson.

    5. That’s just your very fallible personal opinion. Just because you can’t see him, doesn’t mean that he isn’t real. Your personal opinion, like mine, does not trump the Word of God.

    6. You are basing what you are saying on the premise that the Bible is the Word of God instead of a collection of ancient stories, psalms, proverbs, prophesies, letters, etc. What if that is an incorrect premise?

    7. When I went my own way in the past, all hell broke loose in my life. When I came back to His Church and His Word, all of the crud in my life disappeared. It’s the proof in the pudding for me, and millions of others as well…

    8. The fact that people’s lives get better when they put their trust in believing and not doubting is not proof that what they chose to believe is true.

    9. Yup. He thinks all of the timing and order and beauty of the universe is just one big accident of mindless evolution. It’s takes so much less faith to believe that a loving Father created it all, rather than it all created itself from nothing….

    10. If that is all you need to prove the existence of God to yourself (that your life is better when you believe than when you don’t), then there is something lacking in your understanding of the use of logic.

    11. There is the universe with all of its beauty, timing, and order in interconnectedness of nature. A beautiful watch demands a watchmaker…

    12. Yes, it is, because order in nature violates the law of entropy. And when you throw in beauty and the fine tuning of the universe, that makes it all a slam dunk..

    13. It makes what a slam dunk? Gods angels demons eternal life heaven hell?. The order in the universe makes all those stories in the Bible true? I don’t see the connection.

    14. Will you please get lost!? Usually guys like you are hiding something in their lives. I can easily guess what it is but I wouldn’t want to be “mean spirited” or-oh my gosh!-intolerant!! The point is though, that we don’t want to hear anymore of your self-centered, I’m much smarter than you, claptrap..

    15. Dear Bill S:
      I too used to believe that the devil was a fictional being – until my daughters took part in a witchcraft ritual, and invited him into our home. If you could have seen the ‘against all natural law’ things that we saw with our own eyes ( when you see a possessed teenage girl walk up a wall, etc., etc. – then you have to admit that maybe, just maybe, you don’t know everything there is to know…) – then you too would come to realize that the devil has played the biggest trick of all on humanity by making us think he doesn’t exist. For it is actually quite easy to rob a home if everyone in it is actively denying that you exist while you do so before their very eyes…
      I wrote a book about our family’s wake up call; it’s called ‘Prodigal Steps’ and is available – for free – on Amazon. Since my eyes have been opened to this creature who has the most incredible level of hatred for us that I have ever seen in my entire life – I am just doing what I can to save innocent (and sadly ignorant) souls – one at a time.
      Blessings, Genovi James, Attorney at Law

    16. Sorry to hear about your first hand experience with the devil, James. Many of us have also had demonic experiences. Kudos to you for making known his reality to the ignorant..

    17. Mark,

      What happens to a pet when it dies? You can either say that it goes to heaven (which would not be what the Church teaches) or that it just dies and goes nowhere because animals don’t have souls. We are highly evolved animals. What happens to an animal when it dies is what happens to us. We won’t find out anything when we lose consciousness for the last time. We won’t exist as living beings anymore. Period.

    18. You would have to agree that humans have a soul Bill,and get this we are not animals! We are royalty in Gods eyes, even higher than the angels,So what is happening is every detail of your life good or evil is recorded by the angels to see if you are fit for the kingdom.But God gives us free will and does not send you to hell , you go there yourself by not obeying his commands.A similar thing is a parent watching their drug addicted son/daughter spiral out of control, the parent has to give them free will to stay on side with them and hoping they come back clean and if they don’t , the child will endure terrible consequences and maybe death, So just because you believe there is no heaven or hell, does’nt eliminate it , it is still there, an example is if you raise your fist at the sky and declare that you believe you wont die if you jump off a cliff, you are only fooling yourself there are obvious consequences if you do.Gods commands are like sign posts warning you not to go there or you will take yourself off to hell with satan and all the fallen angels

    19. Mark,

      What you are doing is expressing your beliefs as they have been given to you by the Catholic Church. There can be no effective exchange of ideas if you cannot let go of these beliefs. My beliefs are diametrically opposed to your beliefs. So when you say that we, as humans, are at a much higher level than our fellow animals, I have a problem with that.

      Actually, almost everything you are saying applies only to the supernatural realm, none of which can be proven. I believe in things that can be proven to me. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to things that can be true but cannot be proven to me. But the benefit of the doubt is not the same as fully accepting those things. You, on the other hand, fully accept those things that cannot be proven. The existence of the soul is one of those things. It can neither be proved or disproved.

    20. So does “the problem with that” mean humans can/should be able to cross breed with animals, and if not why not ? I would rather listen to the church/bible (which does have eye witnesses of various happenings through the ages including right up to the present time) rather than some scientist,who just wants a bit more funding from the government who in the big picture, knows nothing. A mere child can ask a question say ,where does the universe /stars end and nobody can even attempt to answer tha, without lying.So there has to be a creator of all this.This is an example of “proof”, and if the universe could be created , dont you think the creator would be just a wee bit wiser than any scientist that ever lived ? So do you think your conscience/mind came about after the big bang ? you can believe in this but you have to admit all the rock , laws of gravity chaos had to come from somewhere. (it cant have just been sitting there in nothing land waiting to go bang) and then as if by magic put us on this earth with all the right resources to sustain life, not to mention the sun to keep every thing in just the right climate so we dont starve or freeze/burn I could go on , the so called experts cant even predict the weather accurately so how can you believe what they say happened “millions of years ago”in a universe they dont even know where the end of is ?

    21. Mark,

      I do not dispute what you are saying about “creation” for lack of a better word. Yes. There is much about how things all began, how life began and where consciousness comes from that science has yet to explain. But I prefer to put my trust in science even if it doesn’t yet have answers to those things that we consider to be supernatural.

    22. Thats allright Bill just remember you will believe in these things when you go to one or the other just hope you change your mind before you go there cheers ps I will say a prayer for you

    23. Bill, you are already a dupe of the Devil! His greatest modern victory is to convince too many people that he doesn’t exist. Wise guys like you finish last. Wake up and moderate your PRIDE or you’ll end up on hell….Or did you read the article?

    24. John,

      It is not a case of the Devil having convinced modern humanity that he does not exist. It is that the Devil never did exist and modern humanity no longer believes in superstitions of our earlier, less enlightened past.

    25. There are two types of self-esteem, I can value myself based upon my economic value to society (extrinsic value) or I can value myself as being a child of God Almighty (intrinsic value). The former is weak and elusive, blown like the wind. The later is eternal.

    26. Besides seeing oneself as a child of God, one can find intrinsically valuable self esteem as a nonbeliever as well. Even as the end product of evolution.

    27. It’s much easier to find self-worth being a child of our Creator, rather than a product of random nothingness, I think…

    28. Ray,

      I agree with you that we did not come from random nothingness. I just don’t believe the stories associated with supernatural powers of good and evil as you are presenting it.


    29. Even with degrees in biology and psychology, I find PLENTY of evidence of the existence of the spirit world….including some extraordinary documentary film coverage of exorcisms (not “Hollywood” stuff). That and some personal experiences in private prison visitations…and inner city studies…reinforce my belief.

    30. With a biology and psychology background, you still see evidence of paranormal activities? You don’t see biological and psychological explanations for these occurrences? I find that very hard to believe.

    31. There are things that happen to people that science just can’t explain, period. To give science so much power when it is a constantly changing and evolving discipline is so wrong.

    32. I prefer to trust science and distrust religion. That doesn’t mean that I have explanations for everyone’s personal experience with unexplainable occurrences.

    33. If you don’t think that we came from God, and we didn’t come from random nothingness, then where did we come from? And more importantly why are we here? And how can nothing create anything?

    34. Regardless of where I think we came from, you can’t say that the only options are random nothingness and YOUR GOD. Even if I say there was and still is an intelligence behind all this that we cannot explain, you can’t just say that you know all about this intelligence because it is YOUR GOD or that it is described in the Bible or that it is all in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

      I’m willing to admit that I don’t know how or why I am here. Please don’t presume that you know the answer.

    35. Then how do explain all of the supernatural experiences that I and others have gone through? Just because you personally haven’t experienced them doesn’t mean they don’t exist for other.

    36. I don’t expect anyone who has experienced something supernatural to listen to me tell them it is imaginary. But to me, it is. Even apparitions like Lourdes and Fatima.

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