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Occasionally a book makes it’s way to me that gives me pause. A book that looks at the faith in a manner that addresses the current divided culture we live in and it brings hope. I had the opportunity to read one of those books recently and I would suggest you do the same. In a nation as polarized as it has ever been we can really use 10 Promises of Jesus: Stories and Scripture Reflections about Suffering and Joy.

Sometimes we just need to step back and access our lives and realize that our Lord and Savior did indeed tell us that all would be okay if we only place our trust in Him. Marge Fenelon shows us just how peace and balance are attainable in our constant on the go lives if we only take a few minutes to take notice and realize a few key truths.

Marge takes a look at ten Scripture passages that relay to readers the truths Christ himself spoke. In his divine nature Jesus cannot lie nor would he be drawn to doing so. Knowing that we can rest assured these are genuine truths that stand out like lampstands lighting the path of our journey through life.

Here they are:

Seek first his kingdom

He who comes to me shall not hunger

Ask and you will receive

Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed

Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it

Come to me….and I will give you rest

In me you have peace

The Holy Spirit will teach you

All things are possible with God

Your hearts will rejoice

With these ten promises we can take solace in the fact that life will be ok. No tragedies, traumas, betrayals, confusion, accidents, abuses, addictions, illnesses, hardships, or even day-to-day difficulties are insurmountable. Jesus is there to walk side by side with us on this journey to guide us and help us to ultimately be with Him for eternity. All we have to do is ask and be open to his gentle guidance.

Marge Fenelon has done  a great service in bringing our focus sharply to this fact. Her weaving of multiple life stories from various contributors give real life examples as proof that what she has written is true. These stories deal with death, illness, and various addictions. The ultimate story is how each of those affected found their way back to Jesus through His promises. THAT is the true value in this book. Regardless of what you are facing there is hope and that hope’s name is Jesus Christ.

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