Planned Parenthood Donations for Pence: They Know Not What They Do

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The contentious nature of the 2016 political season exposed a division so wide as to have literally split our nation in two. Even the Catholic population has displayed an appalling chasm of difference. That so many Catholics have increasingly found it acceptable to fervently support champions of abortion is heart-rending. The hearty support of candidate Clinton by abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, made her position on abortion well known. While it is understandable for the people who make up the Body of Christ to disagree about how to address certain issues – be they immigration, just war, or care of the poor – a divide encompassing the most fundamental right, life, is incomprehensible. After all, abortion is intrinsically evil and never an acceptable action.

The hard-fought election has passed, a president-elect has been chosen, and yet we struggle with appallingly diverse feelings and opinions. Never in my lifetime have I seen political division escalate to such a frenzy after the votes have been counted and an election has been decided. Yet those who voted for Hillary Clinton, a staunch fan of abortion up until the minute of birth and beyond, refuse to let go of their vitriol. Riots are devastating cities and lives across our nation. Calls of “not my president” are heard in all corners of America.

Worship at the Table of Planned Parenthood

As horrifying as this glaring lack of unity is, what troubles most of those of a conservative bent is the activities of Planned Parenthood – the abortion giant that is not only responsible for the majority of abortions but also the sale of unborn baby parts.

A dear friend of mine is mourning the lack of civility, even humanity, this morning as some of her close friends gleefully publish stories that Planned Parenthood Confirms It Has Received 20,000 Donations in Mike Pence’s Name Since the Election.  In response to these donations, Pence will receive a disingenuous thank you certificate for each one.  As a US Senator, Pence initiated a bill to defund Planned Parenthood in 2007 and continues that goal to this day. His persistence and pro-life successes have raised the hackles of pro-abortion advocates over the years, which explains this effort to embarrass him.

The age old question, “why?”, garners no acceptable answer. My friend ponders further, “Do they NOT get what Planned Parenthood is?” In the past, heart to heart conversations with these individuals about abortion and Planned Parenthood seemed to resonate with her friends. Yet they are now willfully blind to the harsh reality that is abortion. It can be understandable that some women do find themselves in dire straits, dire enough to consider choosing death for their unborn child. Nevertheless, it is simply unconscionable to consider abortion as being something to celebrate. A donation in the name of  Vice President-elect, Mike Pence, appears to be a soulless tactic that at the same time encourages the intrinsic evil of abortion and runs counter to his pro-life public life.

Respect for Life Largely Decided the Election for Many

One of the main reasons many voted for Donald Trump had to do with his promise to defund PP and to appoint justices who held a constitutionalist position. Newly elected US House Speaker, Paul Ryan, has recently reiterated the intent of this governing body to defund Planned Parenthood – an effort that fell to an Obama veto. This may well spur the death of the contrived ‘right’ to abortion in the future. The despondency felt about our tax dollars funding this killer of our progeny is palatable. Any hope of cutting our ties, albeit unwilling ties, resonates as a source of progress to those who are weary of the Culture of Death.

So why are those dissatisfied with the election outcome resorting to funding abortion? Why are people who on the surface appear to be godly, becoming cheer leaders for death?

Satan wants to shake us to our very core. His use of our close friends is but one tactic he employs to shake our foundation to its core. These individuals are doing the work of the evil one. In their unrequited distress at having experienced an unexpected political loss, their minds are distraught and their consciences distorted.  In the words of Jesus, “They know not what they do”

Our only recourse is to remain strong in Truth, charitable in demeanor, and to turn to Our Lord Jesus Christ in sincere and fervent prayer. Our work is not finished. As we have in the past, we must boldly witness to the evil that is abortion. Our friends and neighbors need to be lovingly educated about God as the author of Life. We must stand by them all in prayer and have faith that our witness, with grace from the Holy Spirit, will pierce their hearts and souls.

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7 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Donations for Pence: They Know Not What They Do”

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  2. This article is as misinformed about PP as Pence is.

    You can toot your holier-than-thou horn and call yourself “pro-life”. Or you can actually care about the unborn and support PP, whose main task is to provide sexual health services and contraception.

    1. The above (captcrisis) is the precise reason that I contributed substantially to PP in the name of that bigot Pence. Lot of misinformation,,,,,,

  3. retiredconservative

    This sentence resonates with me: ‘ Yet they are now willfully blind to the harsh reality that is abortion.’ My dear friends have shut down any conversation regarding abortion.

    A woman whose friendship I cherish deeply said to me, ‘Abortion is between a woman and God and no one else.’ When I suggested that meant the woman had a right to know everything about abortion and its aftermath and that it also meant that government should not subsidize abortions, she told me we weren’t going to discuss the issue any further.

    1. Birgit Atherton Jones

      I’m so sorry for your vast differences with your friend. Keep kindly standing firmly on your position of respecting life. Your witness and prayers may someday open her eyes. God bless!

  4. Good article………every donation letter Pence receive will be a reminder that PP is rolling in money and they don’t need Gov. funding.

    1. Birgit Atherton Jones

      Perhaps some good will come out of these evil deeds, we certainly know that PP neither needs nor deserves our tax dollars. God bless and keep working toward evangelizing for life.

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