CATHOLIC STAND is blessed to have a diverse group of photographers contribute to our publication in offering our readers  images the represent our Catholic faith. Each photographer’s lens is unique, capturing images that reflect our mission statement.

Please contact the photographer directly through the contact information provided, if you are interested in purchasing their work shown on our site. Also, please visit their website to view or purchase additional images, or to inquire about their services.

Emily JanesEmily-HEADSHOT 3

Emily is a Seattle-based freelance photographer. After discovering North American Martyrs Parish in
Ballard, WA, Emily focused on capturing candid moments of Catholic culture and art, and the traditional rituals of the Latin Mass. You may view and purchase from her portfolio at



Frank Cash

Frank is a Tennessee-based amateur photographer. He appreciates God’s beauty in everything  and enjoys capturing that beauty to share with others. He is married to an earthly saint (33 years) and has two children. He loves Traditional Roman Catholicism. When he is not behind the lens of a camera, he enjoys fishing and playing the guitar. Frank is quick to clarify that he enjoys both fishing for fish, and being a fisher of men. You may contact Frank at this email address


Cynthia Trainque

Cynthia-HEADSHOT 3Cynthia is an amateur photographer who also happens to be a  published author. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM) for the Laity at St. John’s Seminary, Brighton, MA. She has served the church for several years as a worker, writer, and volunteer and is presently an active member of St. Mary’s Parish in Ayer, MA. Cynthia has a great love of sacred art and objects, and enjoys  photographing images to share with others. In addition to your photographic talent, Cynthia is available as a guest speaker/teacher on the beauty of the Catholic faith.  She may be contacted at

Larry Landolfi

Larry Landolfi headshotLarry is a “serious amateur” photographer currently living in Rochester, NH with his lovely wife Donna. When nottaking photos by day, he is enjoying the beautiful night time skies with all their tranquil beauty. Photography and astronomy have always been the “loves of his life” (after his Catholic faith, of course). He has been a successful science-based stock photographer for nearly 20 years with more than $100k in sales ( Though always a strong “believer” since he was a child, a major turning point in his faith life happened when he visited Medjugorje for the first time during Holy Week and Easter of 1990. He may be contacted at and his work can be seen on these 2 websites: and

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