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Permission to Reprint Content

We welcome reprint requests. However, before submitting your request to reprint content on our site, please read the following criteria carefully before submitting a request.

  • Contact the Editor in Chief.
  • Provide your name, title and organization.
  • Give the name of the article and author’s name you seek permission to reprint.
  • Identify where this reprint will be used.
  • Please allow one week for a response.


  1. Extracting articles without permission is a violation of copyright law. We take such violations seriously.
  2. We do not grant “blanket” permissions and give open access to use material from Catholic Stand without notification.
  3. We grant permission by request for one article at a time.
  4. A byline must be provided giving appropriate credit to Catholic Stand as the originator of the article, including the name and credentials of the writer, while providing a link back to the original article.
  5. Material must be reproduced exactly as it appears. No modifications, excerpts, etc.
  6. Readers to Catholic Stand are welcome and encouraged to link our articles within the content of other websites, provided that appropriate credit is given.

2 thoughts on “Reprint Permission”

  1. Dear Editor in Chief
    I have been given the task of coming up with a saints name for two parishes that have been amalgamated. St Bernadette’s in Hornby and St Joseph’s in Darfield. Both parishes are part of the Christchurch Diocese in New Zealand. Bishop Paul Martin resides over the parishes of Christchurch.

    I was wondering if it would be okay to use the title of Our Lady Healer of Families as well as the image.

    Our Priest, Fr Paulo Filoialii, is always talking about families. This would be a perfect fit.
    I was very taken by the statement that Mary is relational and that she is a model for the way we should treat one another.
    As we are creating a website would we be able to display this image on the front page of the website with the title as well as reproducing the Litany to Our Lady.

    Yours sincerely
    Janice beban

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