Parish Vocation Ministry – Off the Shelf 149 with Rhonda Gruenewald

Off the Shelf 149 – Rhonda Gruenewald

This week we have a special episode just in time for National Vocation Awareness week. Rhonda Gruenewald joins me to discuss her non-profit Vocation Ministry, which she began in her own parish to help bring awareness to the need to cultivate the next generation of priests and religious. We take a look at her incredible book Hundredfold, A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry which lays out an actionable step-by-step plan for parishes to begin their own Vocation Ministry program. Get your copy here.

From the publisher

Rhonda Gruenewald, from her experience of leading a successful Vocation Ministry, has written Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry providing information, activities, and inspiration to anyone starting, reviving, or refreshing a Vocation Ministry, and to make those ministries thrive. It is designed to inspire parishes to get involved in vocation work, to help new ministries start strong by providing a clear guide to the nuts and bolts of the ministry, and to reinvigorate long-standing committees with fresh ideas that attract new workers to God’s vineyard.

This book gives the reader:

  • an overview of vocations: why we need to promote good vocations to the priesthood, religious life, and sacramental marriage, and why the parish is the perfect place to promote vocations;

  • direction on the aspects of administering a Vocation Ministry: praying for its effectiveness, recruiting people to be involved, leading efficient meetings, tapping into additional resources, and funding the ministry;

  • a prayerful guide to how to implement up to 55 different vocation activities that involve some aspect of prayer, awareness and education, youth, and affirmation, including step-by-step instructions for each activity, so that a ministry, new or established, has exactly the tools needed to increase vocations from the parish.

Rhonda Gruenewald understands how each parish vocation committee/ministry must reinvent the wheel when it comes to vocation work. Treading her own path for vocations, she has written Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry so that your ministry does not have to start from scratch, making that path easier and more fruitful for you.


Rhonda Gruenewald, a full-time wife and mother of two teenagers, converted to the faith thanks to her husband of 19 years, David. Prior to volunteering in the field of vocations, she graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and taught English, speech, and debate at a public high school for 6 years. Rhonda converted to Catholicism in 1999 and became active in parish life at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Houston, Texas.

Vocation Ministry has worked with more than 6,000 vocation promotors and ministries nationwide with that number increasing each year. “The demand is there,” says Rhonda. “People everywhere are passionate about increasing and nurturing vocations. I see it all over the country. This passion stems not only from a desire to foster more healthy vocations, but truly from people’s love for Christ and his Church. The Church of tomorrow already exists – we just have to begin to awaken it!”

Rhonda wrote Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry and its accompanying resource book and developed the website to provide information, activities, and inspiration for anyone seeking to establish or revive a vocation ministry.

Rhonda continues to present workshops to parishioners, deacons, priests and religious to teach them how to do this important work at parishes all over the United States and Canada. Rhonda also shares the message of Vocation Ministry with priests at convocations.

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