Parenting with the Beatitudes – Off the Shelf 131 with Jeannie Ewing

Off the Shelf 131 – Jeannie Ewing

Parenting is tough. Wouldn’t it be great if it came with a manual? Well it does! Jeannie and Ben Ewing have written a book that leads parents to the manual they need. Parenting with the Beatitudes: Eight Holy Habits for Daily Living does an exceptional job at showing parents how to apply the Beatitudes to the not so easy task of raising kids. Each Beatitude is also fleshed out with a set of sub-virtues making this a complete guide. Listen in as Jeannie and I discuss how the Beatitudes can make you not only a better parent……but a better person all around.

From the publisher Tan Books

Parenting with the Beatitudes offers deep spiritual insights for both mothers and fathers about how to strengthen their own virtue formation while also educating their children in moral development.

This is no “self-help” book . . . it is much more than that. Parenting with the Beatitudes assists families in their spiritual walk toward holiness, strengthening and encouraging them along the way.

Each chapter is based on one of the eight Beatitudes and offers reflections from both Ben and Jeannie Ewing (parents themselves who have experienced the joys and difficulties of raising Catholic children today) on how St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother lived out this Beatitude in their family, respectively.

Each chapter also includes specific “sub-virtues” for each Beatitude. For example, in the chapter on meekness, they explain how to grow in humility (a virtue that most helpful in teaching meekness) and how to teach children the importance of obedience.

But don’t put it all on your shoulders! Each chapter includes s saint profile (for family discussion or further devotion) and a concluding prayer.

Finally, Ben and Jeannie draw on their own experiences and offer practical tips for three developmental age groups: young children, middle school, and adolescence.


Ben and Jeannie Ewing are the parents of three girls, two of whom have special needs. Their Catholic faith has shaped how they parent their children, particularly in the formation of virtue development. Jeannie is the author of four other books and is a frequent guest on Catholic radio. Her work has been published in several online and print periodicals. To learn more about Jeannie and her various projects and apostolates, visit her website

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