Marketing God – Off the Shelf 144 with Donna A. Heckler

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Off the Shelf 144 – Donna A. Heckler

Those in ministry may find it difficult to market their service or product. After all it’s supposed to be mission related work for the kingdom right? In her book Marketing God: Inspired Strategies for Building the Kingdom Donna A. Heckler lays out a crash-course for faith-based organizations to market themselves. This book is  a must for Catholic parishes, dioceses, religious orders, Catholic organizations, start-ups, apostolates, and more. Join Donna and I as we discuss some of the strategies she reveals in this book.

From the publisher Our Sunday Visitor

Marketing God is a crash course unlike any you’ve had before, meant for Catholic parishes, dioceses, religious orders, Catholic organizations, start-ups, apostolates, and anyone who is passionate about their Christian faith and looking for ways to share it effectively.

Donna Heckler, a global marketing executive who has served a variety of multibillion-dollar organizations with names you know, offers her winning strategies and critical corporate marketing insights to faith-based organizations to help them build their brands and craft messages that are relevant, meaningful, and true.

This primer on effective marketing and communication in the context of faith includes:

  • Forty identified corporate strategies that are most critical to faith-based organizations
  • A no-nonsense approach to marketing, branding, and positioning your parish or organization
  • Simple strategies you can start using today
  • Scripture references that help illustrate the strategies
  • A handy glossary of marketing terms for the non-marketer

You will learn (and quickly) that marketing is not a bad word for Catholics-or for any Christians. It’s a concept, complete with a series of tactics, that can be employed to help further the Kingdom.


Donna A. Heckler is a faith-filled Catholic with a prominent career in corporate global marketing. Her book “Marketing God: Inspired Strategies for Building the Kingdom” intertwines faith and marketing with a goal to introduce effective marketing strategies to parishes, ministries and organizations.

As a noted executive on global brand building, Donna co-authored the book The Truth About Creating Brands People Love in 2008. In 2010 she interviewed for a new global marketing executive position on the same day she learned she had stage 3 breast cancer. She took the job, traveled and tried to live as radiantly as possible everyday through her cancer journey. Realizing there were few resources that provided the practical, lady-like information she was seeking to live radiantly, she proceeded to write her award winning book Living Like A Lady When You Have Cancer.

Donna A Heckler is now a highly sought after inspirational speaker who encourages people to live radiantly. She loves to write and has several more books in the works.

When Donna is not writing, speaking or building another brand, you can catch this mid-westerner at heart playing with her cat or having a “spoil-fest” for her nieces and nephews.

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