Journaling the Faith – Off the Shelf with Allison Gingras

Introducing Pete Socks

Pete Socks has established himself as one of the most reliable Catholic book reviewers out there today. In his seven years of reviewing books and interviewing authors, many have come to recognize him by his online nickname The Catholic Book Blogger. We are pleased to announce that Pete will be bringing his talents and fair reviews to Catholic Stand effective immediately as our new in-house book reviewer.

Each week Pete will provide a review on one of today’s current book releases on the Catholic market. He will also be sharing with us his weekly podcast “Off the Shelf” which he hosts on Breadbox Media where he serves a General Manager. We are excited to have Pete back n a regular role here at Catholic Stand and we look forward to seeing what books he has to share with us and you.

Allison Gingras

Journaling seems to be all the craze these days and my dear friend Allison Gingras has brought her own spin to the options available with her new Stay Connected Journals. The series, currently at three, includes her own book The Gift of Invitation: 7 Ways That Jesus Invites You to a Life of Grace (Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women) (Volume 1). Join us as we take a look at each of those seven invitations, as well as discussing Allison’s favorite places to journal and the impact journaling has had on her faith journey. By the end of the show, you will want to grab these books, your favorite pen, and find a comfy chair to dive into the faith with!


Allison Gingras is a blogger, speaker and now author. If you like listening to my show you have her to thank and if you don’t……well it’s her fault. You may recall a day when I was a guest on her show. I am talking about none other than my dear friend and fellow Breadbox Media show host Allison Gingras.

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