Is There a Spirituality to Beer? – Off the Shelf 109 with Jared Staudt

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Off the Shelf 109 – R. Jared Staudt

One of the oldest drinks known to man…next to water of alcohol. Brewed out of necessity for health purposes in England the beloved beer has become a staple of our culture. But were you aware that there is a spiritual aspect to beer as well? Jared Staudt joins me this week to discuss this and how Catholic monks perfected the art of brewing and spread it throughout the world. Learn about the rise, fall, and return of beer brewing on this episode as we discuss Jared’s book The Beer Option: Brewing a Catholic Culture, Yesterday & Today.

From the publisher Angelico Press

The Beer Option proposes a renewal of Catholic culture by attending to the small things of life and ordering them toward the glory of God and the good of the community. Beer has played a surprising role in the history of Catholic culture, spurred on by the prayer and work of brewing monks. As we confront the many challenges of our time, beer can play a role in refermenting a local and home economy, drawing people together in festivity and friendship in the warm beauty of lost traditions. Consumed in moderation, beer can contribute to healthy, holy, and happy living. This book offers a tour through Catholic history and Benedictine spirituality, illustrating how beer fits within a robustly Catholic culture. Imitating the monks in the art of brewing, Christians may come to serve others through hospitality and evangelization, contributing in this perhaps unexpected way to the larger task of restoring relationships and reshaping society.

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Read my complete archives at The Catholic Book

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