How We Lost the Same-Sex \”Marriage\” Battle

Val Bianco - Lost the SSM Battle


So, how did we lose the same-sex \”marriage\” (SSM) battle, after all?

I am no pessimist, I will never concede that violating the laws of God and Nature is permissible, but make no mistake; the battle against SSM is over, no matter what the Supreme Court decides. It ended with the last election. Why? Because we have leadership that has made it unapologetically clear that it will not enforce laws that are in conflict with its ideology. That is a matter of fact, not conjecture. How can they get away with such lawlessness? Well, at least on this issue, ask your college kids. While they may not agree with SSM, they will certainly have an entirely different paradigm on homosexuality that you do.

So, really, when did the wheels fall off this thing and, more importantly, why? I mean, forget our Founders, it is understood that they would not recognize America. Let’s just go back, say, 50 years. Ask yourself how your grandfather would have felt about SSM, partial birth abortion and death panels being the political issues of the day. Forget, even, about homosexuality, that is neither new nor shocking for adults of any era. If, however, society called your Grandpa a “bigot” for refusing to teach children that sodomy is normal, I assure you he’d have been up in arms.

So how did we end up here? Well, again, if you will indulge me, It’s the Devil, Stupid!

Before proceeding, I must confess, that I, for one, believe that mankind is on an accelerating continuum toward its own destruction. Consequently, the problems of the day are merely footholds to slow our ongoing decent into oblivion enough so we that won’t notice. Of course, acceptance of Grace and obedience to God’s will is the immediate solution, but that is an individual, rather than a societal decision.

It began, predictably enough, with disobedience to God’s law, as expressed by His Church. Beginning with the sexual revolution in the sixties we embraced that seemingly innocuous advance in human relationships known as “The Pill”. Forget, for a moment, that 50 years later we have pesky little residual problems like increase in estrogenic cancer and hermaphroditic fish. Let us instead concentrate on the spiritual impact of completely separating pregnancy from sex.

So, as sexual license spiraled of control we slowly began to accept co-habitation as the norm. As Catholics we should have rebelled right then, but our collective guilt at embracing our own birth control impeded us from advancing time honored “wait til marriage” advice to our children. Once procreation had been diabolically excised from sex, Pandora’s box had been opened. Still, we frowned upon homosexuality as abnormal for several more decades. Now the real problem began as we started doting over our new smaller families. Of course, restricting childbirth was the “right” thing to do, especially since Mom had to work so we could bank enough for college.

Next challenge, our kids reject marriage. By this time we, as parents, have invested so much of our lives in what we think will make them happy that we dare not cause a ruckus over their significant other. I mean Faith is fine as long as it doesn’t come between me and my children. So we plugged our ears to the agonized groaning of the Cross and bent the rules a little further…and the continuum…continued.

We have, for decades, effectively removed all traces of real love and responsibility from sex, yet we have the nerve to wonder how this generation thinks restricting anybody from anything is “unloving”. So we arrive at today, when the President of the United States wishes to remove the barriers of marriage from anybody who claim to “love” each other. The generation that we have raised has little understanding of He, Who is true Love, for we have abandoned Him for fear of losing them. Ah, Satan, you have played this one so very well…

May God rebuke you!

Admittedly, the situation appears somewhat hopeless, but I would advance the real theory of “Hope and Change” so disabused by our President. I defer to the absolute Mercy that was shown Dismas, the good thief, crucified next to Jesus. The worst day of his miserable life ended as he heard the words “Today, you will be with me in Paradise.”

We are in a mess, a mess of our own making, inspired by ingenious demonic exploitation of our wounded human nature, but we are well armed. It is indeed far too late for political solutions to our dying nation, the reversal must be spiritual — and it is only a decision away. This country must be saved one person at a time as we return to our Faith. The sound of us dropping to our knees will increase one drop at a time, like rainfall, as we see the folly of our pride.

I am not a pessimist. I tell myself daily, “It’s the Devil, Stupid” and thank God, we have ample weapons to defeat him!

© 2013. Val Bianco. All Rights Reserved.

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15 thoughts on “How We Lost the Same-Sex \”Marriage\” Battle”

  1. By saying here the Devil is winning you give more power to him than God. You hardcore religious can go on and on about sodomy but that act is created by straight men to females as well. You can’t understand what you have not been through. Being gay is not fun, not a choice its a lonely struggle for many. I have attempted suicide many times. Been in religious and self battles so for you it is easy to judge. If God made me and if God made you then why would my fate be so different. Many parts of the bible about the importance of love and non judgment are overlooked. I don’t think the devil made me gay because I haven’t been able to change it in 30 yrs & I practice kindess & charity as often as possible so what is the devil gaining? I chose to believe God/Jesus is more forgiving that hypocritical human beings who call themselves his followers. If I died and went to hell for this miserable life I had no choice over where’s the fairness in that? I chose to believe God is more powerful. If you believe God has a plan than live in love and not judgment. Sir you are letting the devil win.

  2. Val, blessings to you and your family.

    I can understand your discomfort with homosexuality. I am a straight man, but have close gay friends, and I still have no clue how they can possibly feel an attraction to another man. And, for me, the idea of being with a man is absolutely disgusting.

    Although, I don’t understand, I still treat them with respect and love. And treating them with respect and love does not tempt me to try to become gay. I know without any doubt that I could never be homosexual. I have known all of my life that I was interested in girls, and anyone I have ever known who is homosexual told me the same thing …that they just always knew from a young age what they felt.

    So, a couple of things:

    1) Even if we were to go completely extreme and have a constitutional amendment that prescribes the death penalty for homosexuals, we would still have the same exact number of homosexuals that we do now

    2) If we completely allow equal marriage rights to homosexuals, we will still have the same number of homosexuals that we do now, and I think it is a bit paranoid to think that people are suddenly going to “decide to become homosexual” simply because same-sex couples can legally marry

    As I am sure you can understand personally, as a fellow heterosexual man, nothing could ever under any circumstance convince me to or make me stop being interested solely in women.

    I feel that you to live in a realm of anger and fear which is unnecessary and quite stressful. And spreading fear, worry and anger do much more to damage our society than two people of the same sex who love each other being able to marry.

    I, by no means, ask you to personally accept homosexuality in your heart as OK. All that I ask is that you find the same kind of non-judgmental love in your heart that Jesus and God have for all of us, and not let things that you don’t understand allow you to become afraid and spread fear into the hearts of your fellow man.

    God bless you, and may you find peace and love in your life.

  3. I find a lot of your ideas backwards:

    1) Your obviously don’t believe in limiting population despite there being 1.7 million homeless youth.
    2) You seem to believe women shouldn’t work something both infeasible in today’s economy and begs to question the equality of men and women.

    3) You seem to question the worth of college despite it being nearly impossible to get a well paying career without one.
    4) You imply that homosexuality is a choice.
    5) You believe in God despite there not being any proof. The burden of proof is on those who make the claim and there has never been proof, only blind faith among the uneducated.

    The bible was written, in some parts over 3,500 years ago with roots dating back to the Sumerians. In the olden days the ideas in the bible worked excellently. However the world has changed and most of those ideas no longer apply yet people like you insist that they do.

    The world is constantly evolving and changing. Those who are most fit survive and those who rigidly stay the same die out. The proof is in the pudding, church attendance is plummeting (1/4 of people between the age of 18-29 have no religion), in short religion is becoming a relic of the past.

    You are wrong, your ideas and beliefs are wrong, and they won’t stand the test of time. Already they are crumbling because they do not work and there is no God. The time of rational, logical thinking has come. The time of blind faith is passing.

  4. Very well articulated. Now for the hard work Val. Give us a glimpse of the future, for
    the digital record of course. You’ve got all the ingredients assembled, the oven is set
    to temp and it’s time to put the whole mess in and set the timer. So start extrapolating,
    take us 5, 10, 50 and 100 years down the road. Either road – the wide one to hell or the narrow one to salavation. Something tells me you can’t do it, for the record that is.

  5. If Satan is responsible for this, then why does God let him do it? How can there be a battle between good and evil if one side is omnipotent and the other is not? That’s not a battle, it’s a massacre. And why did God create Satan in the first place?

  6. Everyone knows the Catholic Church hates women since you won’t allow women into the priesthood. That’s why you’re so obsessed with sex. The end of the world to you is women and gays gaining equality and denying you your entitlement to superiority. Get over yourself.

  7. I think we need to be like the members of the Fellowship of the Ring. They saw no hope for their cause, yet they still kept going, and eventually they won. Abraham hoped against hope he would have a son, and he did–at age 100. Do I have much hope that we will win this fight? No. Am I going to give up? Never!

  8. True love is not a easy road to travel. And if it isn’t true love espoused by God it is not love. All other
    relationships, partnerships, or whatever are false ways that lead to no where.

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  10. “As Catholics we should have rebelled right then, but our collective guilt at embracing our own birth control impeded us from advancing time honored “wait til marriage” advice to our children.”

    Val – I have thought that for quite a while, but have never been able to articulate it. Thank you. In addition to collective guilt at embracing birth control, I would add that collective embarrassment over past sexual sins has prevented parents from reaching out for mentors and other living witnesses who can help their children. Excellent article.

  11. One baby step at a time. That is how outrageous change occurs. And you are absolutely right about how today’s college students feel about these issues. Good article. Thanks.

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  13. Val-You nailed it….if anyone today…and this includes Catholics..says that voluntarily doing X, e.g. engaging in anal sex, is a sin, they are castigated for wanting to “enforce their morality” through legislation and for being “judgmental”… the case of voluntary anal sex they are called hatefilled “homophobic.” And God help you if you say voting for Obama or for any democrat is a mortal sin to liberal/dissenting Catholics. Bumper sticker for 2014: MORTAL SIN VOTE DEMOCRAT. Guy McClung

  14. This battle was lost in 1930, when the “crack in the dam” of artificial contraception was made. That year, the Anglican conference at Lambeth changed the stance of the Anglicans from being against artificial contraception to it being “okay” sometimes. Before that time, all major Christian denominations believed that artificial contraception was wrong. Now, only the Catholic Church continues to hold that stand.

    Also, in a 1968 document by Pope Paul VI called Humanae Vitae, he warned of four results if the widespread use of contraceptives was accepted:

    1. General lowering of moral standards.

    2. A rise in infidelity, and illegitimacy.

    3. The reduction of women to objects used to satisfy men. .

    4. Government coercion in reproductive matters.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    Because it sure sounds like what’s been happening for the past 40 years, doesn’t it?!

    Why are we shocked when we see grossly misinformed Catholics (and others) supporting same-sex “marriage?” Or mass murderers in our schools, etc.? If we can “legally” murder the most innocent of us (unborn babies) in the place in the universe where they should be safest (their mother’s womb’s), then all else is possible! Divorce rate through the roof, rampant pornography, “legalized” homosexual “marriages,” etc.

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