How Often Does Rape Actually Result in Pregnancy?


“I wonder how many cases of rape actually result in a pregnancy?” Most women these days take the Pill anyhow.”

This question was asked after a Facebook posting which stated that American Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, ‘absolutely’ wants the Republican Party Platform to include rape, incest, and life of the mother exceptions. This line of thinking is dangerous for the personhood of people conceived in rape. That someone in the public eye would voice such an opinion is problematic but especially when the person is running for President of the United States.

When compelled to confirm his abortion exceptions, Trump responded, “Absolutely, for the three exceptions.” Trump was pressed further and asked if he would make an exception to protect the “health” of the mother, “I would leave it for the life of the mother.”

Human Political Pawns

The National Democratic Committee Platform is much more problematic as it “strongly and unequivocally” supports the “fundamental right” to abortion on demand but Americans must not allow anyone to undermine the all-embracing life plank of the National Republican Party Platform.

Take a look at the divergent directions of both parties concerning human life:

National Democratic Committee Platform
  • Strongly and unequivocally support Roe v. Wade
  • Invest in stem cell and other medical research
  • Pursue embryonic stem cell research
  • Support right to choose even if mother cannot pay
  • Choice is a fundamental, constitutional right
National Republican Party Platform
  • Support human life amendment; oppose abortion funding
  • Promote adoption & abstinence, not abortion clinic referrals
  • Human Life Amendment to the Constitution
  • Ban abortion with Constitutional amendment
  • Alternatives like adoption, instead of punitive action

There is a vast difference in the approach to the sanctity of life between the two parties. The solidification of these opposing positions, one a Culture of Death the other a Culture of Life, have been hard fought. It is up to pro-life citizens to defend the progress made.

A Pro-life Setback

Donald Trump is seeking American votes but do Americans understand that his type of thinking would deteriorate the progress made by such pro-life and rape conceived advocates like Rebecca Kiessling?

An attorney who was conceived by rape, Kiessling has made great strides in winning recognition of the long-refuted personhood of such babies. By personally meeting with various elected officials, she has won over several hearts in favor of the 1% – assault conceived children.

Compartmentalization of any baby whose conception doesn’t fit the  criteria of being ‘wanted’ has weakened the pro-life position. Once the pro-abortion foot is in the door by citing exceptions, the fact that we are all equally endowed with the God-given right to life becomes a diluted message. If we admit some are less worthy of living than others, we imply a choice does exist after all.

Rape Conceived Yet Just As Desirable

These children are not less desirable, less worthy, than their love-conceived and planned brethren. As Monica Kelsey, another pro-life advocate puts it, “The unborn child conceived in rape is just as much of a person as a child conceived with wine and roses.” Indeed, we are all precious children of God, individual as snowflakes and equally beautiful souls.

An Ever Increasing Movement

Solidarity with children of rape conception, or assault conception, is an ever increasing movement as proven with Kiessling’s own Save the 1# group on Facebook and blog. Both heroic mothers and their children are coming together in ever increasing numbers to rally around their endangered brethren. New faces appear on almost a daily basis, illustrating this circumstance is not as rare as some would have us believe.

Save the 1% and other groups exist to mentor people who were conceived in violence and their mothers. Although they are a minority, they strive to tell the world they exist and are grateful to their heroic moms who bore them despite family and societal coercion to end their lives.

The stories vary. Some mothers have chosen another family to adopt their child. This was the case for Rebecca Kiessling. There are other heartwarming stories of birth mother and child reunions. Others raise their baby, with or without the assistance of their family. My personal story represents the latter.

Deadly Setbacks

Great strides are being made in the public square. Rape conceived children and their mothers are beginning to feel acceptance. As Dan Becker, president of Georgia Right to Life stated, “There is a significant change happening in the pro-life base, and it’s happening on a national level.”

Yet some politicians, like Trump, fail to perceive the implications of a selective pro-life stance. Singling out an entire class of children based solely on how they were conceived, is a flawed strategy. The sleeping giant of conscience-driven citizens has been awakened and it would be wise for those in leadership positions to recognize the logic of embracing all life.

Cheapening of Life

If we cast aside these exception children is it any wonder the value of life has been cheapened in today’s society? When we pick and choose who is worthy of being carried to birth in the safe harbor of a mother’s womb, should we really be surprised at seeing the sale of fetal body parts, embryonic experimentation, and cloning?  Even in the reproductive realm, there is an uptick of the commodification of children by way of sex-selective abortion and custom-made babies.

Political Blindness

On the political front, we have Christian, pro-life people who are staunch supporters of candidates who would tell Rebecca Kiessling she has no right to exist. There are fervent believers in Jesus Christ who mentally shrug at the concept that unborn baby parts are for sale and experiments are being performed on their counterparts.

Political blindness is a death knell for those who are judged to be less worthy. If this type of thinking is allowed to flourish in our political system, the battles won by those like Kiessling will be lost. As much as we are in the world, let us show by conscientious advocacy, that we are not of the world where the powerful rule and the weak are snuffed out.

Strengthen Pro-life Policy

Although conception by rape only represents roughly 1% of pregnancies endangered by abortion, the quandary doesn’t lie in the actual numbers. The 1% aren’t important because of their quantity in numbers. They are important because they are human.

Headway has been made in the political pro-life realm. The Republican Party has gained moral ground from the efforts of many life advocates. The only way to prevent an erosion of these gains is to hold all politicians accountable for their intentions and words. There is no neutrality when it comes to the fundamental right to life. All children, no matter their origin, are equally valuable as our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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12 thoughts on “How Often Does Rape Actually Result in Pregnancy?”

  1. The headline writer failed to notice that the question in the headline ”

    How Often Does Rape Actually Result in Pregnancy?” is not answered in the article.

    1. Birgit Atherton Jones

      Next to last paragraph:

      “Although conception by rape only represents roughly 1% of pregnancies endangered by abortion, the quandary doesn’t lie in the actual numbers. The 1% aren’t important because of their quantity in numbers. They are important because they are human.”

    2. Another statistic that was not, unfortunately, mentioned in the article is the fact that the majority of women who conceive as a result of rape do not choose to abort their children. Thus, the 1% is, in actuality, less than 0.05% (one study put the actual number at 0.03%). IOW, of the approximately 970,000 children aborted in the U.S. in 2014, 29100-48500 were reportedly conceived in rape. Even assuming, for the sake of argument, that rape is a valid reason for abortion, how do these numbers, morally, even remotely work out? They don’t.

    3. Birgit Atherton Jones

      Thank you for the additional facts. In any case, any abortion for any reason is morally repugnant. The excuses used are empty. Killing an innocent is intrinsically wrong.

  2. I seriously doubt that Trump supporters care how Trump stands on abortion…

    Trump supporters are blinded by their desire for a revolution and their total disregard
    for conservative issues; the ONLY thing they want is “not establishment”…

    I’m thinking if you dressed Adolf Hitler in a fancy suit… said he hated the “establishment”… and had him curse at Muslims, Hillary, Ted and John on TV… you’d have Donald Trump’s running mate…

    1. “I seriously doubt that Trump supporters care how Trump stands on abortion…”–jessica22

      I agree. In my experience, Trump’s most fevered supporters prefer legalizing abortion.

      P.S. I wouldn’t have dropped in the Hitler reference, Jessica. It distracts from the points you make in your comment. Pro tip: you’re not going to persuade anybody by telling them they’re fond of Hitler.

    2. Yes… I agree… the Hitler reference was a bit much… and you’re very civil, Micha…
      Thank you for reminding me how decent people express controversial opinions… maybe I spend too much time on these boards with so much hostility and anger…
      it seems Trump supporters are usually uncivil and extremely aggressive…
      I think it’s just what Donald Trump exemplifies!

    3. Birgit Atherton Jones

      I’d say that your statement is most certainly true of the secular population, but I’m seeing an uptick in the number of (usually) faithful Christian pro-life advocates who support Trump. That is alarming.

    4. Yes… it IS alarming!

      A Christian guy that I have, in the past, always agreed with, has become an irrational looney-toon… he’s obsessed with Trump and has called me “unglued” becuz I don’t support Trump…

      I just don’t know what’s come over the nice, normal conservatives I’ve known
      in the past…

      Not only are they blinded by Trump’s unorthodox, dangerous value system…
      They’ve become hostile, angry, vicious towards other conservatives who won’t support Trump…

      This is a scary time for true conservatives…
      Trump reminds me a little of Nicholai Carpathia from the book series “Left Behind”
      (anti-catholic… but thru book 3, it was an interesting concept… it wasn’t until I got thru book 3 that our priest recommended we not read the series…)

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