Grandparents we need your prayers!

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As I write this review we find ourselves in the midst of unprecedented time. Due to the coronavirus pandemic we find states doing lock downs, the CDC recommending social distancing, and who knows when life will return to normal. We are not certain what normal is actually going to be after this. Perhaps the most painful aspects of this are that essentially all Masses in the United States have been cancelled and we are separated from extended family. So what are we to do?

When this week’s book I am reviewing arrived in my mailbox I was about two weeks before all of this chaos unfolded. Now it seems like the perfect book to spotlight. Though my review won’t be terribly long due to the context of the book, this book is a powerful one for  certain demographic. Bless My Grandchild: A Catholic Prayer Book for Grandparents is an exceptional book for this time of isolation many are facing.

Most grandparents find themselves apart of the 65+ demographic that the CDC is calling the most vulnerable to COVID-19. It is recommended that this age bracket “shelter-in-place” to avoid exposing themselves to the virus. So what is one to do during this time. Pray.

This is certainly the most trying event your grandchildren have ever faced in their lives. Their whole world, like the rest of us, has been upended. Praying for them is one of the most important ways you can show your love and concern for them right now. This is the prayer book you need.

The book includes 123 prayers divided among the following chapters:

Prayers for Before My Grandchild is Born

Prayers for Newborn and Infant Grandchildren

Prayers for Sacramental Graces

Prayers to Help My Grandchildren Grow in Virtue

Prayers for My Growing Grandchildren

Prayers for Elementary and Middle School Years

Prayers for Teenage Years

Prayers for Adult Grandchildren

Prayers for Serious Needs

Traditional Prayers and Novenas

As you can see author Julie Cragon has compiled a complete resource of prayer for today’s grandparents. Now, even more so than when I first saw this book, we need those prayers. Grab a copy and enter the battlefield of spiritual warfare. Grandparents….we need you!

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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