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Are you aware that we were made for heaven? It’s true. Heaven is our ultimate goal and destination. God created us to be with him for all eternity. How do we know this? Scripture tells us this first and foremost but we also have the guidance and writings of the saints. Sr. Mary Ann Fatula has written a fantastic book that dives deep into scripture and the wisdom of the saints. Heaven’s Splendor: And the Riches That Await You There pulls back the veil to heaven in an exceptional way.

When we engage in any discussion on heaven we must acknowledge the stark realization that we are going to die. Some of us avoid that thought. Others may become consumed with worry over this prospect. Sr. Fatula points out that we are not alone in this fear, “By nature, we cannot help fearing death and the trials that accompany it. Luke’s describes the anguish in Jesus’ human heart as He faced His death with an agony so intense that ‘his sweat became like great drops of blood falling down on the ground’(Luke 22:42).” If our Lord feared what he was about to enter into then it’s only natural that we have the same fears. How do we deal with this? How can we look at death with a positive spin to it? The wisdom of the saints and Sr. Fatula’s guidance through their writings provides the answers.

Sr. Fatula points out that the key to tempering our worry is solace in the reality of the Trinity’s tender mercy. When it comes to our deaths and those of our loved ones, we cannot rely on our own merits. We are fallen humans and cannot achieve entrance into the splendors of heaven without this mercy. St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Catherine of Siena, both Doctors of the Church, tell us to “trust in this mercy at every moment of our lives, and especially in the face of death and illness.” Trusting in this mercy prepares us for our heavenly reward which Sr. Fatula so lovingly details throughout this book.

So what will heaven be like? Though we may not have a complete picture of what it will be like, scripture and the saints point us in the right direction. The peace and joy we will experience is like nothing we can ever encounter on this earth. All the pain and suffering we have faced either personally or through others will be washed away. We will be left with, well, heavenly splendor.

Sr. Mary Ann Fatula has crafted an uplifting book that provides readers with a peak into the joyous reality of heaven. Heaven’s Splendor provides readers with hope. Despite all the turmoil that this world can throw at us we are called to a higher destiny. One far greater than the shackles of our daily lives can provide. I applaud Sr. Mary Ann for opening this readers eyes to the beauty of heaven and I look forward to hearing from the many other readers who experience the same.

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3 thoughts on “Get to Know Heaven”

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  2. The other side of the pain/suffereing coin here on earth is the joyful glimpses of heaven God gives us here, all the time if we learn to look and to see. Every time someone else does a selfless act for us, even if it is not at the lay-down-life-for-friend unselfishness level, that is God saying that heaven will be like this, only ever so much better.

    God sends us the same message when, with His grace, we do one of those ‘do good, make good’ acts for someone else.

    Pete, And perhaps that’s why he let you embody His love with your beloved in those 5 images of His that run around your house. Little tastes of heaven.

    Guy, Texas

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