Forget Sanity; Pray for Holiness

Patti Maguire Armstrong - Sanity, Holiness


Christians everywhere are grieving the loss of sanity through loss of Christian values. Some predict that when things get bad enough, people will come to their senses and return to God. I am not holding my breath.

I used to think that when the results of Godlessness became obvious, the masses would become more Godly. That thought evaporated amid the realization that excluding God from ideas does not exclude Satan. He is having a heyday convincing people that they have evolved above Judeo-Christian values. But it’s not evolution, it’s decay.

Jesus told us that he would be with us always until the end of time. He’s with us, but many are not listening to him. Jesus said the gates of Hell would not prevail against his Church. The Church he left behind, headed by St. Peter, continues to teach consistently and unwavering. What was sin two thousand years ago is still sin today. So, I take my cues from the Church, where Satan will not prevail. Any who try to write their own rules have no such anti-Satan protection regardless of thinking they know better.

Consider the damage contraception has done to our society and yet still, even below-replacement countries are failing to connect the dots.

On July 25, 1968, Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae (On the Regulation of Birth). The sexual revolution was spreading through the Western world killing off morality in its wake. Many expected that Paul VI would go along and approve the use of contraception, at least for married couples. He instead, reaffirmed Catholic teaching that the life giving force of sexual union could not be removed from this God-given gift for marriage. The encyclical upheld the Church’s teaching on birth control and warned that rendering sex life-less by removing its Divine creative force would have consequences among all of society.

Since the masses have ignored Catholic teaching on sexuality, Pope Paul VI’s predictions have come to pass including less respect for women. They are seen more as sex objects, men don’t have to worry about them getting pregnant and if they do get pregnant, it’s easier for men to tell them it’s their problem that they allowed to happen. As predicted, abortion skyrocketed since having recreational sex with non-parent material is accepted. Who expects a baby to come from sex these days? Marriages, again as predicted, have suffered.

Removing the procreative aspects from sex became the base that ushered in an acceptance of supposed same-sex marriages. Procreating is no longer reserved for marriage and marriages are often no longer even open to procreating. So, what difference does it make if homosexuals marry?

The warnings for accepting self-imposed sterile sex were many. All have come to pass. Yet, the world has failed to see the light. In the meantime, the liberal agenda continues working to spread contraception and abortion throughout the world, pushing moral decay like it was candy rather than the rotting fruit that it is.

Sanity does not exist without God. By ignoring God’s plan, we set our own course. And remember, just because we travel without God, does not mean we travel alone. There is a silent partner leading us astray and leading us into this insanity. So instead of praying for sanity to return to the world, pray for holiness. Yours and theirs. It’s our only hope.

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3 thoughts on “Forget Sanity; Pray for Holiness”

  1. Great article and so true. God created us because of his love, he created us with the ability to create other lives because of our love. We decide not to give the gift of life to others, what if God does the same? No more us. I pray that we as Catholic try to emulate God and Jesus Christ, loving life and the gift of giving it to others.

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