HOW TO FIND FAITH AT THE MOVIES: Using The Decision-Maker’s Path ™

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The Cumulative, Ordered List of
Themes, Questions, Musical Warm-Ups,
Movie Links, and Meditations
No. Theme Question Musical Movie Meditation
HOW TO FIND FAITH AT THE MOVIES: The Fool’s Quest to Understand
1.1. The Fool WHERE ARE YOU COMING FROM? Foolish Heart The Rookie The Annunciation
1.2. Wealth What values are you serving? This Land Is Your Land Wall Street The Magi
1.3. Family Whom are you serving? Can’t Find My Way Home Spencer’s Mountain The Nativity
1.4. Innocence Are you serving innocence? Dance with My Father Again To Kill A Mockingbird Escape to Egypt
1.5. Youthful folly How are you serving youth? I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) West Side Story The Massacre of Innocents
HOW TO FIND FAITH AT THE MOVIES: Issuing The Call To Adventure
2.6. Initial Difficulty What general concern are you having to face? The Times They Are a Changin’ Zorba the Greek The Rich man and Lazarus
2.7. Conflict What are the conflicting positions about your concern? We Shall Overcome Witness John the Baptist Preaches in the Wilderness
2.8. Handing Over Are you willing to learn from others about your concern? Teach Your Children Good Will Hunting Jesus and the Temple Doctors
2.9. Progress What is first signaling progress about your concern? You Can’t Always Get what you Want The Searchers John Baptizes Jesus
2.10. DEATH HOW ARE YOU STATING YOUR ISSUE? Stairway to Heaven Unforgiven The Evil One Tempts Jesus
3.11. Concession When will you be offering concessions? Make Someone Happy My Fair Lady The Marriage at Cana
3.12. Dissolution What choice are you fearing losing most? Nowhere Man The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Jesus and the Fishers of Men
3.13. Waiting What are you waiting to hear? Sara Bull Durham Jesus Preaches in the Temple
3.14. Possession of Great Things What great things are you wanting most? I Can’t Get No Satisfaction Body Heat John the Baptist’s Head
3.15. THE EMPEROR WHO IS AUTHORIZING THE DECISION? This Masquerade Richard Burton’s Hamlet The Disciples of Jesus Plucking the Corn
3.16. THE EMPRESS WHOSE “WHY” QUESTIONS ARE YOU WANTING TO RESPOND TO? Greatest Love of All Casablanca Jesus and the Children
HOW TO FIND FAITH AT THE MOVIES: Encountering the Wise Ones
(Part One) (Part Two)
4.17. Approach How does sin affect your approach? I Walk the Line Seven Jesus and the Tribute Money
4.18. Contemplation What are you observing in others? Sailing The Lives of Others The Pharisee and the Publican
4.19. Confidence What stories are showing your issue? Roll With It Patton Jesus Speaks in Parables
4.20. The Stranger What is a perfect stranger advising? Wandering Star Paint Your Wagon Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
4.21. THE POPE WHAT IS YOUR \”POPE\” ADVISING? Presence of the Lord The Shoes of the Fisherman The Sermon on the Mount
4.22. THE POPESS WHAT ACTIONS IS YOUR \”POPESS\” TAKING? Giving You the Best That I’ve Got Places in the Heart Jesus and the Widow’s Mite
HOW TO FIND FAITH AT THE MOVIES: Crossing Your First Threshold
5.23. THE HERMIT WHERE IS YOUR SUFFICIENT PROOF FOUND? Here I Am Siddhartha Jesus Withdraws to Pray
5.24. Relief How do you deal with your rising emotions? Minute by Minute The Donner Party The Storm at Sea
5.25. Stepping How do you deal with arguments? Don’t Stop Believing High Noon Jesus Walks on Water
5.26. Measure How do you measure good will? Calling You Bagdad Cafe The Good Samaritan
5.27. Striving Upward What desires keep lifting you upward? Chariots of Fire Les Miserables Jesus Lifts Up the Down-Trodden
5.28. THE CHARIOT WHAT ARE THE PROS OF YOUR ISSUE? What A Fool Believes Hoosiers The Prodigal Son Returns
HOW TO FIND FAITH AT THE MOVIES: The Power of Love and the Love of Power
6.29. THE LOVER HOW ARE THE CONS OF THE ISSUE MANIFESTING? Girl Can\’t Help It Crossing Delancey Jesus and the Woman Taken in Adultery
6.30. Predominance What \”sickness\” is infecting the issue? Everybody Wants To Rule The World  Schindler\’s List Jesus Heals the Sick
6.31. The Army How is your \”house\” dividing? Lean On Me Manhunter Jesus Heals the Demoniac
6.32. Domination by Weakness How are your weaknesses dominating? Simply Irresistible Vertigo Jesus Raises the Daughter of Jairus
6.33. Domination by Strength How are your strengths dominating? Rich Girl It\’s A Wonderful Life Mary Magdalene Repents
6.34. THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE WHAT ARE THE \”POWERS THAT BE\” SAYING? Takin\’ It to the Streets A Man for All Seasons Jesus Feeds the Multitudes
7.35. Obstacle What is limiting your worldview? Who Are You The Bourne Identity The Transfiguration
7.36. Retreat Who is sharing your inner retreat? Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Dances with Wolves Jesus at the House of Martha and Mary
7.37. The Well Losing what relationship is hurting you the most? You\’ve Lost that Loving Feeling Sleepless in Seattle The Raising of Lazarus
7.38. Biting Through Where are you locating the issue\’s \”battleground? I Can\’t Make You Love Me Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Jesus Enters into Jerusalem
7.39. THE DEVIL WHO IS BEING YOUR WORST ENEMY? Sympathy for the Devil The Devil\’s Advocate Jesus Drives the Money-Changers out of the Temple
7.40. THE FORCE HOW IS YOUR REAL AGENDA BEING REVEALED? Gotta Serve Somebody; Serve Yourself Romero Jesus Washes Peter\’s Feet
8.41. Power of the Strong Where is your real agenda’s “want” coming from? I Will Always Love You Inception Jesus Prays at Gethsemane
8.42. Power of the Weak When are you willing to surrender? Peg The Curious Case of Benjamin Button An Angel Ministers to Jesus
8.43. Gathering What forces are being gathered against you? Bohemian Rhapsody Man of Steel Judas Betrays Jesus
8.44. Opposition Who characters are not following your lead? Separate Ways The Rite Peter Denies Knowing Jesus
8.45. JUSTICE HOW ARE THE FACTS AND REASONS OF YOUR ISSUE BECOMING KNOWN? Won’t Get Fooled Again Twelve Angry Men Jesus Is Crowned With Thorns
9.46. Revolution or Counter-Revolution Is your issue leading to fitting changes? Higher Love Field of Dreams Jesus and Pilate
9.47. Sacrifice Are you willing to sacrifice anything? Blowin’ in the Wind Gran Torino Jesus is Scourged
9.48. Turning Point What is disclosing the turning point for others? Soul Man Enchanted April Pilate Presents Jesus
9.49. Breakthrough Are you willing to accept help from others? Stand by Me Children of a lesser god Jesus Falls Beneath the Cross
9.50. THE SUN WHAT INSIGHTS ARE EMERGING? This Is It The Passion of the Christ Jesus Arrives at Calvary
10.51. THE MOON WHAT OVERSIGHTS ARE EMERGING? As House of Games Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross
10.52. Holding Together How are you framing your issue\’s answer? Back in the High Life Again The Alamo Jesus Is Raised on the Cross
10.53. Gradual Development What actions are showing your issue\’s Signed, Seal, Delivered I’m Yours The Magus The Crucifixion of Jesus and Two Criminals
10.54. Mouth How are you wanting to tell your final Poetry Man Cyrano de Bergerac Darkness at the Crucifixion
10.55. Humbling During any anticipated rejection, what will It’s Over Lawrence of Arabia The Body of Jesus Is Removed from the Cross
you do?
10.56. THE STAR HOW ARE YOU RESPONDING TO DENIAL? Shining Star Doctor Zhivago Disciples Mourn over the Dead Jesus
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