Fetal Homicide is Not Health Care

Cynthia Millen

A Health Care Thought-Experiment

Just imagine if there were a morning after pill to rid ourselves of the eating and drinking we consumed the night before. We could wake up, take a pill, and somehow everything we took in over the previous 24 hours was regurgitated (or defecated) and never counted in our caloric intake. We could create clinics in every town to regurgitate when necessary. Or, better yet, what if there were a pill that we could take each day which would make all that we eat bypass absorption in our small intestine. We could continue to eat and drink everything we want and most calories would never count.

Granted, there would be some health side effects. Our body was not meant to regurgitate what it consumes, nor was food intended simply to pass through our digestive system like riders down a water slide. There would be an increase in cancer risk, and the danger that our digestive system may never work right would increase.

But we would be free to truly eat as we wish. Food prudes who would dare suggest that the better course might be controlling the food and drink we consume at the outset would be called unrealistic, unworldly and naïve as to the way in which human beings normally live. And naysayers who would try to prevent us from choosing this way to eat and drink would be viewed as Neolithic bigots who are denying our rights to do with our bodies what we wish.

Sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it? Yet, ladies, this is what we do to your reproductive system each time we take hormonal birth control or have a fetus aborted.

Pregnacy is Not Abnormal

Pregnancy is not a sickness. It is a natural process caused as a result of sexual intercourse. Calling an abortion “health care” is the same as saying that self-purging (making one’s self vomit) is a form of dieting. This is merely a game of semantics to make abortion and hormonal birth control appear to be normal and “healthy.”

But it is not. It is an abnormal, serious (and in the case of abortion, violent) interference with the natural operation of a women’s reproductive system. Studies have shown that these methods of “health care” cause the mal-absorption of most vitamins and increases the risk of breast cancer, stroke, and, especially with abortion, suicidal depression.

In 2005, the World Health Organization officially classified oral contraceptives as Group I carcinogens (Group I being the most dangerous from Groups I-IV). A year later, a comprehensive meta-analysis published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, noted that 21 out of 23 studies found an increased risk of developing premenopausal breast cancer women who had taken the Pill prior to the birth of their first child. Overall this group of women experienced a 44% increased risk in developing breast cancer prior to age 50.

Today, breast cancer will strike 1 of 8 women. A data analysis published in the Oxford Journals Annals of Oncology stated that, since 1960, the incidence of breast cancer among women in industrialized nations has increased 2 – 3 % each year. It is not coincidental that this increase coincides with the introduction and dissemination of hormonal birth control.

The Real “War Against Women”

How ironic that the same women who are encouraged to eat organic food, wear natural fibers, and walk 10,000 steps, are encouraged to ingest cancer-inducing hormones and undergo fetal homicide (let’s call it what it is) to reverse and prevent the natural operation of their reproductive systems, and we are calling it freedom, a civil right and health care.

The real “war against women” has been waged for the past forty years by the pushers of hormonal birth control and fetal homicide. They have been laughing all the way to the bank, while we have been fooling ourselves. And saddest of all, we women have been the butt of this cruel joke.

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7 thoughts on “Fetal Homicide is Not Health Care”

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  2. I take NO exception with your position on abortion. I take no exception with the fact that the official position of the RCC is that contraception including the Pill is disallowed.

    I do, however, take great exception to the data that you presented regarding breast cancer and the WHO position on the oral contraceptive as a carcinogen. There is a bit of truth, but so much left out that makes your assertions very faulty.

    First: oral contraception and breast cancer. From Atlantic, August 1, 2014:

    “Overall, women who recently took high-estrogen-dose pills were 2.7 times more likely to have breast cancer, while those who took moderate-dosed pills were about 1.6 times more likely. There was no increased risk for the low-dose pills.

    Two specific types of pill formulations increased cancer risk the most: Those containing ethynodiol diacetate (which are sold as Continuin or Femulen) increased the risk 2.6 fold, and triphasic combination pills containing 0.75 milligrams of norethindrone (sold as Ortho 75) increased the risk 3.1 fold” Note: NO INCREASED RISK FOR LOW-DOSE PILLS.


    “The high-dose pills are incredibly uncommon. “I haven’t seen a woman in 20 years who was on 50 or 80 micrograms. It’s really uncommon, and it’s not something that I prescribe,” Owen Montgomery, chairman of the department of obstetrics & gynecology at Drexel University in Pennsylvania, told me. Most of these women have specific medical issues that necessitate being on a high-dose pill, or they’ve found that their side-effects on other formulations of the pill are just too debilitating to keep taking them. Women might take a higher-estrogen pill if they have extreme breakthrough bleeding, for example. Only half of one percent of women were using the high-dose pills by the last phase of the study, which took place from 2005 to 2009.”


    Yes, the WHO has listed oral contraceptives a Group 1 carcinogens..along with alcoholic beverages, coal emissions, mineral oils,outdoor air pollution, salted fish, etc. The determination that oral contraceptives are based upon the studies OF HIGH DOSE PILLS, which are now only prescribed to one half of one percent of women.

    I do not argue either your position or the RCC on oral contraception. I take great exception on the presentation of skewed academic research data.

    1. Hi Phil—Thanks for your reply.

      Please check out this listing of all major studies relating to hormonal birth control and the incidence of breast cancer. http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com/ABC_Research/index.htm

      You referred to a most recent study, but there are many, many others as well. Overall, there is overwhelming evidence that the incidence of breast cancer increases, and has increased, with the use of hormonal birth control and abortion. And even if the risk “goes back to normal” AFTER a woman stops taking the pill (no matter which one), should we be saying it’s OK to increase your risk WHILE you are on it?
      Thanks for keeping me honest!

    2. Hey Phil, that study was very narrow, and only looked at a limited timespan.
      Breastless as I type this, trust me, birth control has much to do with breast cancer.

  3. You said, “How ironic that the same women who are encouraged to eat organic food, wear natural fibers, and walk 10,000 steps, are encouraged to ingest cancer-inducing hormones and undergo fetal homicide (let’s call it what it is) to reverse and prevent the natural operation of their reproductive systems, and we are calling it freedom, a civil right and health care.”

    Cynthia, could not agree with you more. Thank you for this powerful clarification. God bless.

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