Fear Produces Satellite Christians

Christina Weber - Satellite Christians

Christina Weber - Satellite Christians

The soft-spoken nature of Pope Francis amplifies the impact of the words he does speak. He points out that “lukewarm Catholics” build their own church around common sense, resulting in them cutting themselves off from the rest of the Body of Christ. Becoming Christian Satellites that are not unified with the Church, they don’t have the security of the Holy Spirit, and  they do not make up the Church, professes Pope Francis.

Their “Satellite Status” roots in fear— fear of the risk of following Jesus and fear of getting too close.

“Fear” is the tip-off for the Orthodox Catholic.  Fear and love are incompatible. God is love. A way of thinking and living that is based in fear will always separate us from God. It’s not  hard to identify those who have left or strayed from the Church and her teachings.

Yet, fear creeps in with our relationships with spouses, families, co-workers and friends. We fear getting hurt. We don’t risk-take. We get complacent and okay with mediocrity.

While you may not be a “Satellite Christian” when it comes to the teachings of the Church, have you let fear drive you into outer space from your loved ones in your intimate relationships?

The Catholic Women’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Tip:  Be sure not to be too focused on those “Satellite Christians” who play funny games with Church teachings. But rather make sure your home base is bathed in love, obedience, and acts of intimacy,  not fear.

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4 thoughts on “Fear Produces Satellite Christians”

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  2. Was it fear that led the bishops to turn their backs on past Magisterial Teachings at the Vatican II Council? The following are contradictions to Sacred Tradition. Was it fear that caused:

    · the Vatican II Council decree to declare that Revelation contained in Tradition is evolving, changing and is no longer immutable?

    · The changes to the Mass and the Seven Sacraments incrementally to a renewal that contradicts its own past?

    · Removing the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and replaced with a lutheranized/protestant novus ordo missae fabricated by 6 protestants?

    · The statue
    of Buddha to be placed on the altar in the Church of St. Peter in the 1986
    Assisi Meeting worshipped by Buddhist priests with burning incense?

    · presbyters and bishops to never speak about sins against the Ten Commandments and holy fear of losing souls to the everlasting fires of Hell?

    · The mandate of sexualized catechetics in all U S bishop’s schools formerly condemned by Pontiffs?

    · false ecumenism to become popular and practiced?

    · religious liberty be accepted as a Catholic principle?

    · The ravaging of Catholic Churches, gutting them out to look like white-washed tombs?

    · Delegating the tabernacle to a broom closet?

    · Devotions to Mary Virgin Mother to become unpopular

    · Changing the Mystical Body of Christ to be known as “People of God”

  3. God is love. A way of thinking and living that is based in fear will always separate us from God. It’s not hard to identify those who have left or strayed from the Church and her teachings.
    This is not compatable with sound theology. The C & E Catholics are an important
    part of the Church. They are the conscience of the church and their ‘lukewarm’
    response is a symptom of a magesterium that has assumed too much. There are good reasons the Church is down by %70 in both attendence and acceptence of
    conflicting dogma, not to mention that even now a Prince of the Church is holed up
    in Rome, lest he return to Boston to face serious charges in the sex abuse issue.
    To say that the Holy Spirit is not active in the lives of these baptized and Confirmed Catholics is an unfair presumption. Anger – even misplaced – is not fear. It became
    a justified response- for them – to a Church that has ALWAYS lagged behind its own
    meadering future.

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