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\”Be a man.\”

Men are hardly given any credit these days. Hell, we cannot even get bad credit. Look at the Robin Thicke guy who pranced around with Miley Cyrus. She was slammed for her behavior, and rightly so, but Thicke hardly heard much at all. I think women and girls deserve better feminine examples than that of Cyrus. But examples of manly men or gentlemen are hard to find and the world has given up on us as can be shown by Thicke and the lack of fraternal correction he needs. It is hard to come up with a male equivalent of slut-shaming. How does debauchee-defaming sound?

For Catholic counter examples, I have listed below a number of Catholic saints that displayed manliness:

  1. St. Joseph
  2. St. Thomas More
  3. St. Aloyius Gonzaga
  4. St. Gabriel Possenti
  5. Bl. Giorgio Frassati
  6. St. Florian
  7. St. Maurice
  8. St. Michael the Archangel
  9. St. George
  10. St. Drausinus of Soissons
  11. Blessed Charles the Good
  12. St. Sebastian
  13. St. Francis of Paola
  14. St. Louis IX
  15. St. Nicholas of Flue
  16. St. Jerome
  17. St. Satruninus of Toulouse
  18. St. Eustachius
  19. St. Benedict
  20. St. Lawrence

In this masculine wasteland, there are hopeful signs. The Catholic Gentleman and Scouts of St. George have made a splash with a return to chivalry. Are there any other manly saints I missed? How about any other manly organizations that help to form men or boys?

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7 thoughts on “<i>Esto Vir</i>”

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  3. Thank you for this list. I am also glad to see someone finally addressing what Robin Thicke did instead of talking simply about Miley.

    1. Thanks Anna. Thicke is not just half the story, but also has been an adult for much longer, has a wife, and a son. Not saying Cyrus is off the hook, but it seems to be much more scandalous for Thicke.

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