Does Healing Exist in the Catholic Church Today?

In today’s modern world we are submerged in the power of science and technology.  It doesn’t seem logical to think that miraculous stories of healing and renewal can exist.  Robert Canton didn’t think so until a faithful November day in 1984, changed his life forever making him a true believer in the powers of the Holy Spirit.

Conversion Experiences

On November 11, 1984, Robert or Bob and his wife Chita attended a “Growth in the Spirit” seminar at the Church of Presentation in Stockton, California. That day would transform him as he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and slowly and unknowingly discovered his call to serve in the healing ministry. His wife Chita was also affected by these conversion experiences and literally was knocked out by the power of the Spirit.

As Bob recalls, “She appeared drunk.”  What he knows now but didn’t at the time was Chita was receiving the gift of tongues and prophesized that he would through the power of the Holy Spirit be called to help to heal through this prayer. Canton had never intended to serve as a healer. In fact, he had never even intended to go to the seminar that November day. He fought against this ministry for some time until God eventually nudged him into the vocation.  However, began leading small prayer groups. As he prayed over those in attendance miraculous healings would take place. Soon word spread about Bob’s prayers and how they would heal emotional, physical and even mental conditions. Thirty-five years, 51 countries and 6 continents later he is continuing to pray through the power of the Holy Spirit performing healings all over the world helping those in need.

No Special Powers

If you ask Bob whether or not he considers himself a healer he will tell you that he has no special powers, rather that the Holy Spirit is working through him through prayer. Yet Bob can testify greatly to the many healings he’s encountered. They were so profound that in 2013, his mother urged him to document some of these experiences and compile them into a book. His first book, Miracles Never Ending shares stories and testimonials of healings and conversions.

Physical Healing

One example of his healing testimonies happened during a healing conference in Singapore. A young child was dancing around in the aisles and suddenly jumped up on a wooden altar.  Bob became upset by this as he believed that the little boy was not being monitored by his parents and was wreaking havoc. He later approached the mother of this child and came to realize that the young boy had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and was dancing in the aisles experiencing the conversion of healing. He had not realized that the dancing was a testimony of the boy’s recovery. Even Bob was in awe of the experience. “If only people will pray for the Holy Spirit’s revival. The church will never be the same again!” said Canton.  He believes if more could testify and experience healing there wouldn’t be a lack in vocations and more would want to join the seminary.

Stories such as these testify that the Spirit is more powerful than one can imagine. As Catholics, we often fall short in believing that healing exists but with the number of stories that support the evidence of miracles, belief in the powers of healing through prayer is on the rise.  Canton’s prayer through the Holy Spirit has not only taken him all over the globe but he has also been recognized by both Pope John Paul and Francis. He served for nine years as a member of the Vatican-based International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services Council till 2007.

Mental and Emotional Healing

While Canton has witnessed his share of physical healings, he has also witnessed the powerful healing of the soul and mind. He recalls a man by the name of Valentine Limb who was a Buddhist. Limb had come to one of his healing conferences but with dark intentions. Taken in by evil forces he felt a strong desire to attack Canton. He remembers this very agitated man (Limb) in the line of people waiting to receive healing prayer. Bob sensed something was “off” about this man and immediately called on the support of the Spirit, offering prayers over him.  Within moments Limb fell to the ground and his body contorted. Limb who for a time had been having demonic manifestations experienced a full conversion and later admitted he initially wanted to hit Bob. Today, Limb is a convert to the Catholic Church a member of the Legion of Mary and has converted many people through his testimony.

How to Bring the holy Spirit Into Your Life

Bob has recently written another book specifically on how the Holy Spirit can play a more powerful role in our lives if we only seek him out. His book, Awesome Power From on High, talks about how individuals can bring the Holy Spirit into their lives regularly through prayer. He realized that many don’t know how to or don’t actively call on the Holy Spirit and he offers beautiful prayers and guidance.

Bob still believes his gift of healing is not his and continually offers credit to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. He also offers advice to all who are looking for direction, “The Holy Spirit has an abundance of power if only we seek it out.”


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3 thoughts on “Does Healing Exist in the Catholic Church Today?”

  1. Healing absolutely still exists! We must have faith & be open to the Holy Spirit. Catholics must also be willing to take risks & actually pray WITH people instead of promising to pray FOR them (which unfortunately many people forget to do).

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