A Devotional: Prayers of Aspiration

jupiter, wonder, universe, ponder, meditate, mediation

jupiter, wonder, universe, ponder, meditate, mediation“Blessed be God forever! Amen and Amen.” Psalm 89:52

Prayers of Aspirations 

Life can be busy for many of us each day.  Whether we are young or old, rich or poor, time is a gift we are all searching for.  Sometimes time goes slowly and we are waiting patiently for God.  Sometimes we are constantly in “catch-up” phase.  I know for myself when I’m busy I need God by my side more than ever.  It is in these moments I reach to prayers called “aspirations to Our Lord”.  These are short one sentence prayers or phrases we can say out loud or in our hearts. We can say these prayers when we wish to praise God or reach out to him.  I am so grateful for these prayers since they keep me close to the Holy Spirit when I need him most.

Blessed be God

“Blessed be God” is a great aspiration that is filled with positivity to the Lord and of His hope. I think it’s a way to shout to Him and say “Lord, you are Blessed.”  He truly is.  And He is always blessing us no matter what the circumstance.  Even though life is filled with ups and downs, the blessings keep coming because of God’s providence in our lives.  I imagine Our Lady also shouting “Blessed be God” throughout her life.  Her soul was always magnifying Jesus.  And shouting out this blessing is certainly a way of magnifying Him.  I think of this prayer as an affirmation for ourselves that everything will be “OK” in the end.  Meaning, even though we have difficulties each day, “Blessed be God”. He will sustain all that we do.

Jesus, I Trust in You

St. Faustina Kowlaska, the saint of the “Chaplet of Divine Mercy” was given the words “Jesus I trust in You”.  It is part of a wonderful prayer to the image of Jesus in “The Divine Mercy”.  I think this particular aspiration is very special because it helps us to trust God more in hard times.  Whenever I have a moment of pain or of being unsure, I pray this prayer.  I have found it to enlighten my heart to trust Jesus more when I need Him most.  It’s a prayer we can say through life.  All of us have moments of feeling alone and scared.  “Jesus I trust in you” is a prayer of assurance and of great love.  God wishes for us to feel his protection.  This prayer offers the protection we wish for when we feel any kind of fear brought on by life.

Praying the Name “Jesus”

The aspiration I pray most is simply saying the name of Our Lord.  When I rise in the morning and when I fall asleep I find myself whispering His name.  It is such a comfort to say the name of Jesus when I need His healing presence close by.  I remember hearing the advice from a Sister years ago that the saying Jesus’ name is so powerful.  Simply saying his name brings me the peace I need at the right time.  For instance, even right now.  I’m calling on His name as I write this devotion to guide me.

You don’t need tons of time or even to sit while you pray.  You can go about your day and pray to God anywhere and anytime.  The Holy Spirit will be with you always.

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