A Devotional: Magnify Our Lord With Mary

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As Mary, our Blessed Mother said to the servants at the wedding,“Do whatever He tells you” [John 2:5].

At the Wedding Feast of Cana, turning water into wine was the beginning of Jesus’ miracles. He went on to heal the sick, turn sinners into disciples, raise the dead, and blaze a path to Heaven for the sake of our salvation and the salvation of the world. Today, our Lord continues to give His love and mercy to those of us willing to accept His graces and share in His work.

 Believe As Mary Did

So how can we partake in this feast of graces that our Lord has laid out for us with His merciful love? As Mary, our Blessed Mother said to the servants at the wedding,“Do whatever He tells you” [John 2:5]. In other words, belief in the Gospel, repent, and “be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect” [Matthew 5:48].

Remember, with God, nothing is impossible. When we open our hearts, say yes to God, and welcome the Holy Spirit into our souls, our lives are transformed. With every breath we take, with every move we make, and with the grace of God, we can sanctify our lives. Like Mary, our souls can proclaim the greatness of the Lord and our spirits can rejoice in God our savior [Luke 1:46-47]. Regardless of who we are – young, old, rich, poor, married, single, healthy, or sick – we can magnify our Lord – as Mary did – in the way we live, work, and love.

Mary is Our Advocate

Our Blessed Mother will help us. We have no better advocate than Mary. Christ listens to His mother when she intercedes on our behalf, just as she did at the wedding feast. As Mary guides us closer to her Son, we discover that our attachment to earthly wants decreases as our attachment to Christ increases. The more we become Christ-like in our daily living, the more we become true children of God in whom our Lord is well-pleased.

To grow in holiness, we must find that quiet room in our lives to pray. We must make room in the center of our lives for God’s love by cleansing our souls through baptism and penance, participating in Mass, and receiving the Holy Eucharist. Christ gives us everything we need – His body, blood, soul, and divinity – to strengthen our will and reinforce our resolve to sin no more and to love one another as God loves us. What we do in this world, how we treat ourselves and each other, how we handle adversity, and what role – if any – we allow God to play in our lives will determine our salvation and the world’s salvation.

By changing water into wine, Christ gave the wedding guests the very best – He gave them a taste of Heaven. True, we cannot perform miracles, but we can magnify our Lord by sharing in His work of merciful love. By the power of the Holy Trinity with Mary’s intercession, we can make our world a better place. In essence, we can give our world a taste of Heaven.

“Do whatever He tells you” [John 2:5].

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3 thoughts on “A Devotional: Magnify Our Lord With Mary”

  1. Beautiful. By those 5 words a born again questioning my devotion to Our Lady of Fatima returned to the Church. Beautiful.


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