A Devotional: Dealing with Difficult People

pope francis, pope, papal, papacy

pope francis, pope, papal, papacy “There are difficult moments in life, but with hope the soul goes forward and looks ahead to what awaits     us.” – Pope Francis 

When we are happy and feel accepted and loved, life often feels positive. When we feel alone, rejected and insecure, life feels challenging. Faith is not about feelings; we always have to confront difficulties. During these moments, it may seem as if we are all alone.  It may even seem to us God doesn’t care. Without our faith, we would probably feel despair. When we have faith, we know we can overcome the tough times through faith, prayer, support from good people in our lives and a spirit of hope.

There is always going to be difficulty in dealing with certain people in our lives. Difficult people come in all shapes and sizes, ages, and demographic backgrounds. Difficult people show up within our home settings, extended families, school, workplaces, churches, neighborhoods and social groups. To face these trials, we must hold onto the reality that Christ is always with us even in the darkest moments.

Why Does This Happen?

A simple human question is “why does this happen”? Many a priest in Confession and during a homily will point to human sin and Original Sin.  God does not wish for us to be humiliated to the point of losing our dignity with Him. Even though losing our dignity in God is impossible. There are times we may feel even God does not respect us anymore since others aren’t treating us as we think they should.

Prayer is the greatest key in these times, but we need to learn to stop ourselves and reach out during tough moments. Having confidence that the Lord will not forsake us. The Lord will find answers in His time. He will guide us as we seek answers in the right places holding onto the human dignity he has given us.

Words from the Holy Father

Pope Francis has stated, ” There are difficult moments in life, but with hope, the soul goes forward and looks ahead to what awaits us”.  His words, “With hope the soul goes forward” gives us something to ponder. We can find wisdom and guidance from God knowing that we can “go forward”. We will have difficulties. We will feel abandoned by others. We can go forward knowing Jesus himself will be with us in those moments. I once heard consoling words that when a difficult moment comes, we need not fear. We can be confident knowing the Lord will still be with us. When we must deal with those negative people or perhaps a “bully” in your family or social circle, give it to God. Pray for that person. God will bring His light into that situation.

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