Counterfeit Christs

We live in very confusing times. It has been such because society has chosen to twist reality and morph it into something it is not. Such is the case with Jesus Christ. Every cause wants to use Christ as their standard-bearer, but the narrative they use doesn’t quite hold up to the Gospels, and the true Christ revealed in their pages. Trent Horn has written a fascinating book that tackles this topic called Counterfeit Christs – Finding the Real Jesus Among the Impostors.

The book is broken down into six parts with a  total of eighteen versions of Christ pushed by different causes today. The six sections of the book are:

Counterfeits from the Non-Religious

Counterfeits from Atheists

Counterfeits from Non-Christians

Counterfeits from Quasi-Christians

Counterfeits from Ideologues

Counterfeits from Protestants

“In this book I have set out to show how historical research and sound biblical exegesis refute the many incorrect views people have of Jesus Christ – the phony, factional, counterfeit versions that they have devised for their own ends.” Simply put, many people and causes have hijacked the very real person of Jesus Christ in an effort to prop up their personal agendas. These agendas range from minor to downright morally unacceptable, and each is covered at length in Trent’s book.

There will be those that throw out an argument against this book, stating that there is no one that has a right to define who Christ was. Well, that’s true….on all accounts. No one person can, but the Gospels cannot be denied, and when read and studied in context, they paint a very clear portrait of who Jesus was and how he would approach many of the moral issues we face today.

The fact of the matter is this book can help us learn how to combat the many ideologies on the street who have twisted the image of Christ to suit their own ends. The topics are broad in this book, but a few to highlight its content include:

  • Jesus the Socialist Liberator who has been created by political parties pushing for a socialistic model of government.
  • Jesus the non-judgmental buddy who never tells anyone they or their actions are wrong and in turn deprives them of the mercy of forgiveness.
  • Jesus the New Age Guru who achieved his authority through an inner “God-consciousness.”
  • Jesus the Father in Disguise who thus throws the whole Trinity teaching out the window.
  • Jesus the Prosperity Preacher who preaches that everyone should be focused on wealth.

There are 13 others, but you get the idea. Counterfeit Jesus’ are wide-ranging and cover the gambit of possibilities. The problem is none of them are real. Want to properly defend what is really taught about Jesus in the Gospels? Grab this book, and while you are at it, check out the cover. They say never judge a book by its cover, but in this case, the cover is as intriguing as the contents.

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1 thought on “Counterfeit Christs”

  1. Pete-Will check it out. In a sense counterfeit Christs are not as bad, or as evil, as some of the antiChrists ordained to Holy Orders – priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals – who, today, are trying to destroy Christ’s church from within. Guy McClung, Texas

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