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15 thoughts on “Contact Page”

  1. When Saint Pope John Paul 2 passed away at the time of his death 4 living words I silently
    was thinking about and wrote down on April 2, 2005 they are a crossword puzzle 4 letter
    good words that can be used in almost any profession of faith activities or secular works

    S T O P
    T A P E
    O P E N
    P E N S

    those above-listed words have not been used together in over 100 years
    read vertically and horizontally
    same words left to right or top downward
    can you put your team of wordsmiths together to figure out
    how does this connect with time distance space speed
    sports world peace plan running a business of almost any sort
    planning reporting recording teaching the catechism? all that and more
    what a wonderful gift repurposed for the era of peace thank you Saint Pope JP2
    this is a key to the new springtime in the Catholic Church
    Property Copyright Robert Francis Joseph Larson
    Let Celebrate the 100th Birthday 5/18/1920 + 100 = 5/18/2020 with a Crossword puzzle?!
    Bob God Bless your Work and mission

  2. I am trying to email you, but when I click on any of the links on the contact page, I get a blank page.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you!


    Wow, your folks really endorsed Trump? I don’t think I can be Catholic anymore. You have seemed to forgotten the ways of Christ. At least Trump certainly has. Or perhaps, worse yet, he never really knew Jesus. And you folks endorsed this monster.

    1. As the editor in chief of Catholic Stand and a proud Canadian, I do not always agree with the opinions expressed in all articles. However, if they are expressed articulately, without venom and from a faith perspective, I allow others to express their views as devout Catholics. Catholic Stand does not endorse any political party.

    2. Just wondering who you recommend Christians endorse? From my research every Democratic Presidential Candidate endorses the freedom to kill pre-born human life up through 9 months….and will force all of us to pay for it. So tell me who has forgotten the ways of Christ?

  4. Hi. I was hoping to access Jay Boyd’s July 18, 2013 article titled ‘Brain Death and Organ Donation’. Can you please help me?
    Have a blessed day,

  5. I’m not sure where to put this concern but the link to the article for “Is President Trump Offensive or Just Masculine? “does not work. Can it be corrected? Thank you

    1. I decided to remove it because there is very little mention of Catholicism at all in the article. There’s no church teaching quoted or referenced.

      Also, since neither President Trump nor Jordan Peterson are Catholics who live Catholic lives, I don’t think they should be held up as role models for Catholics. Trump is a serial adulterer in a presumptively invalid marriage, for example.

      The article does not reflect our mandate.

      Melanie- Editor-in-chief

  6. In your article The Curious case of Fr. Dwyer, there is a factual error. Fr. Dwyer was not offering an Extraordinary Form Mass, he was using a small amount of Latin within an Ordinary Form Mass. He also introduced ringing bells at the consecration and the use of incense. These things were done at one weekend Mass. The other two weekend Masses remained as they had been.

    Also, in the biography of the author of the article the web address for Crisis Magazine was misspelled. is the correct address.

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