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Feel like ranting? Feel like complaining how hard life is? Feel like rambling about how people don\’t understand you? Feel like tearing up because people who are close to you are going to separate ways? Feel like life is hard, and why is it so hard? Even as adults we often do this.

We always have lots of things to complain about. From the moment we open our eyes, that moment shall determine how we would see and appreciate the new day that is set before us. If we start complaining, then there\’s a great possibility that the day would be ending up as a day full of complaints. It is quite funny if you think about it.

However it is quite alarming that a majority of the blogs and news that I read about is complaining. Complaining about how mischievous others are, complaining about how hard to live life is, ranting about the difficulties of making tough decisions, how messed up the world is, how the government is evil, how hopelessly lost we are…Complain, Complain, Rant, Rant….As if there is nothing else left in the world but bad things? That\’s why we fail to see the best things in life, that\’s why we fail to appreciate the world for its beauty. That\’s why we often to fail to see God in people.
Right now I am complaining, well because I am ranting about these people who complain too much. Don\’t get me wrong, I am a complainer and a ranter myself. However I try my best not to show that to others…I don\’t share it that much.

Because I know I am wrong…There are 2 kinds of pessimists, people who know they are wrong, and people who are ignorant about that truth, I can gladly say I am the former. I know its wrong to be a pessimist  That\’s why I call myself a REALIST…:) But even though, in this tough world when you focus on being a realist, it ends up focusing on the bad things and you eventually end up being a pessimist.

So what is my challenge? What is my goal? Well I believe that that our goal as Christians is to be a BELIEVER. Being a Believer is to be daring, being a believer is to challenge the impossible, being a believer is to be beyond realism or reality. Being a Believer is trusting in God. Being a Believer is to see beyond pessimism and optimism. Being a Believer that no matter what, it is the Lord who is in control and that this mission that we do, whatever it may be, is the work of the Lord and not ours.

Waking up each morning, seeing everything and everyone as a blessing is just the start of seeing through the eyes of a Believer. Seeing things, beautifully and planned out by our God just for you is being a believer. Believing in achieving impossible things not for fame, or your glory but for God\’s Glory is starting to think as a Believer. Starting to be happy for others, and thinking about others\’ welfare is a sign of loving as a Believer…

When we think about others, we should expect nothing in return, when we love and serve, nothing must be expected to be given back…Even appreciation that\’s what being a Believer is, being Radical enough to see beyond the callings of the human flesh, and start satisfying the true happiness of the Human Soul. And the truest of all Believers we can look upon our Blessed Mother Mary.

Mary was the perfect example of how a believer should look, speak and live like. She is slow to anger, and sees the good in people. She does not compromise against sin, but like her Divine Son, is merciful, loving and caring. In the end, even at the face of her Son\’s death on the cross, she did not make a scene or started blaming and complaining against her Son\’s persecutor, but rather lifted up her heart to God the Father. Mary is the first Believer to the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

When we start to Believe that there is and always will be a GREATER PURPOSE for everything that happens in our lives and learn to accept them as they are, rather than complaining and ranting which would lead us into getting hurt in the end, then we\’ll truly be happy. Because that happiness is not for our own anymore…but for God\’s 🙂

A man/woman after God\’s own heart

so let\’s stop ranting…stop complaining…

And start BELIEVING!

©David Quiambao. All Rights Reserved.

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