We are united as obedient, authentically faithful Catholics. The views and opinions expressed by one columnist does not necessarily reflect the collective policy or position of Catholic Stand as a whole.

Allison Low

Allison Tobola Low is a lifelong Catholic, passionate for sharing Christ and the Catholic faith with others. She works full time as a physician in Tyler, Texas, and also received a Master’s degree in Theology from the Augustine Institute in Denver, CO. Allison finds time to teach and share the Catholic faith every opportunity she can find, including being a catechist for Adult Faith Formation and RCIA at her local parish. Allison enjoys giving talks in parishes on a variety of faith-related topics and is also a regional leader for St. Paul Street Evangelization. Her website is where you can find short simple Catholic videos she creates (that are especially for children/young adults).

Alyssa Morrisroe

Alyssa Morrisroe is blessed to be a wife and mother with the most incredible family, including animals that are occasional challenges. She has spent nearly two decades as an investment banker focused on the aerospace and defense industry. She is a lifelong Catholic and is consistently amazed at the spiritual mysteries that continue to unfold in study and in life.

Anthony S. Layne

Tony was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. He served briefly in the U.S. Marine Corps and attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha as a sociology major while holding a variety of jobs. Tony was a “C-and-E Catholic” until, while defending the Faith during the scandals of 2002, he discovered the beauty of Catholic orthodoxy. He currently lives in Denton, Texas, works in the home-mortgage industry in Dallas, participates in his parish’s Knights of Columbus council, and bowls poorly on Sunday nights. Along with Catholic Stand, he also contributes to New Evangelization Monthly and occasionally writes for his own blogs, Outside the Asylum and The Impractical Catholic

Betty Parquette

Betty Parquette is a convert to the Catholic Church from the Baptist tradition. She is a deacon’s wife, enjoys serving as a cantor, and is a homeschooling mom. Favorite Catholic authors include Caryll Houselander and Lucile Hasley. Drinking good coffee from vintage percolators and going on trail rides with her horse and dog are at the top of her favorites list. She often thinks of herself as a reluctant hobbit being drawn into some unknown adventure. Betty can also be found at her blog:
Birgit Jones
Birgit Jones is a ‘slightly 60,’ passionately pro-life, cradle Catholic. She and her Catholic convert husband, Rick, have been married for 40+ years. Frequent visits from their four adult children and 9 living grandchildren eliminate any fear of an empty nest. Birgit can also be found on her personal blog <a href=””>Designs by Birgit</a> and her Facebook fan page <a href=””>Designs by Birgit</a> where she shares the pro-life memes she creates.

Bob Drury

Bob Drury is retired. He has been fascinated with the reasonableness of the Faith since his junior year in high school in the mid-20th century for which the religion text was entitled, “Faith and Reason”. That fascination has continued throughout his education in philosophy, math, and science. In his essays, he hopes to share that fascination with others. Read more at his website, <a href=””>They Have No Wine</a>.

Bob Kurland

Retired, cranky, old physicist. Convert to Catholicism in 1995. Trying to show that there is no contradiction between what science tells us about the world and our Catholic faith. Intermittent blogs at <a href=””>Rational Catholic</a> and adult education classes <a href=””>here</a> to achieve this end. Extraordinary Minister of Communion volunteer to federal prison and hospital; lector, EOMC.
Sometime player of bass clarinet, alto clarinet, clarinet, bass, tenor bowed psaltery for parish instrumental group and local folk group.

Brandon Schild

Brandon Schild is currently in the U.S. Army stationed in South Korea. He is a Military Policeman and has been a Squad Leader, Desk Sergeant, and U.S. Army Recruiter. He was stationed at Ft Myer, Virgina; Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea; Sand Springs, Oklahoma and Ft Riley, KS. He is working towards his Master’s Degree in Human Resources and has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He has been a Catholic his entire life but had fallen away from the Church. He came back to the Church and went through the RCIA program to become familiar with the faith once again. He also was chosen to help teach Confirmation classes on Ft Riley for two years up until he departed the area. He is married and has one son. When Brandon isn’t busy working or studying, he likes to spend time with his family and write stories for pleasure.

Carol Monaco

Carol Monaco is the writer, editor, and publisher of “Journey to Our Lady,” a spiritual publication that helps readers develop a deeper understanding and closer relationship to our Blessed Mother. Carol also is a member of Association Jeanne Jugan, a Catholic lay organization that provides individuals with an opportunity to share in the spirituality of the Little Sisters of the Poor, and Carol is a member of the World Apostolate of Fatima. Carol also enjoys photography!

Cathy G. Knipper

A cradle Catholic, Cathy first realized she loved the written word when she read the “Our Father” one Sunday in church when she was six. She has been reading and telling stories ever since. She hopes to help others grow in their faith by promoting quality Catholic books and doing a little writing when she can.

Cecily G. Lowe

Cecily G. Lowe received her B.A. in History in 2016 from a faithful Catholic college, which she credits as having a great impact on her faith. (Her least favorite thing about her college career was that it ended after four years.) She now has hopes of one day earning an M.A. if God wills. She began at CS in 2015 and greatly appreciates the opportunity it has given her. Though having been physically disabled from birth, she does not let that limit her and counts interpretative dance among her hobbies along with singing, reading, and maintaining a mental encyclopedia of eclectic quotes.

Christian Daru

Christian Daru is currently an academic advisor at Marymount Manhattan College. He holds a BA in philosophy and Spanish from Regis University and an MA in philosophy from Fordham University. He is interested in giving an exposition and defense of the Catholic philosophical tradition with particular attention given to metaphysics and ethics.

Cynthia Millen

Cindy and her husband Jim were blessed to have five kids in four years (2 sets of twins), and are looking forward to grandchild number 3. Her love for reading and writing grew into the publication of several children’s books (under the name C. M. Millen), poems, short stories, and a short book about the Natural Law. She enjoys growing things in her garden, knitting, the teaching (and learning) from the students at Christ the King School in Toledo, Ohio, and attending Mass there with marvelous parishioners and priests. She also writes for Catholic Mom.

Dan Byron

Dan and his bride, his gift from God, have been married over 50 years, and they have recently moved to East TN to reduce the distance to family. He is a 4th degree Knight, is active in the Society of St Vincent de Paul, and several other ministries. He has been listed in the “Who’s Who Directory of Global Business Leaders

Daniel Demers

David Roney

David converted to Catholicism at the age of nine days, but finally immersed himself into his faith a few decades later.  He takes his vocation as a single dad seriously, despite having what he claims is a sense of humor. When he’s not parenting and driving his kids 5000 miles per day to & from school/soccer/football/other, he is selling Arizona real estate, volunteering at various Catholic charities, studying his faith, and writing.  David is a member of the Order of Malta Auxiliary and a 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus. He attends Mass almost daily, loves the outdoors, and is a cancer survivor.

David Torkington

David Torkington is a Spiritual Theologian, Author, and Speaker, who specializes in Prayer, Christian Spirituality and Mystical Theology. He was educated at the Franciscan Study Centre, England, and the National Catholic Radio and Television Centre, Hatch End, London where he was later appointed to the post of Dean of Studies. He was extramural lecturer in Mystical Theology at the Dominican University in Rome (The Angelicum). His personal spirituality is predominantly Franciscan, and his Mystical Theology Carmelite. He has sold over 300,000 books in more than twelve different languages.  David’s website is
His three most recent books are ‘Wisdom from the Christian Mystics – How to Pray the Christian Way’,’Wisdom from the Western Isles – The Making of a Mystic’, and ‘Wisdom from Franciscan Italy – The Primacy of Love’  He is at present working on three booklets commissioned by the Catholic Truth Society: Prayer Made Simple (March 2018), Meditation made Simple and Contemplation made Simple.

Dom Cingoranelli

Dom is a Benedictine-educated cradle Catholic, a revert to the faith, and is an Oblate of St. Benedict. In addition to consulting to management in the CPA profession and elsewhere, he and his wife of 40+ years attempt to live according to the three pillars of Church authority–Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium. They are both active at their parish where he is an Instituted Acolyte and a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus.

Dr. Howard Kainz

Howard Kainz, Emeritus Professor at Marquette University, is the author of twenty-five books on German philosophy, ethics, political philosophy, and religion, and over a hundred articles in scholarly journals, print magazines, online magazines, and op-eds. He was a recipient of an NEH fellowship for 1977-8, and Fulbright fellowships in Germany for 1980-1 and 1987-8. His website is

Edward Monti

Ed is a devout Roman Catholic who loves people, animals, nature, cooking and of course all things Catholic. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York of first-generation Italian American parents. He is married to a wonderful faith-filled woman. Ed works on Wall Street and assists at Daily Mass during his lunch hour. He enjoys spending time with the Lord in Eucharistic Adoration, Lectio Divino and praying the Holy Rosary.

Fionn Shiner

Fionn Shiner is a twentysomething writer based in London. He has written for the Daily Mirror, Private Eye, the Huffington Post, the Independent and Conservative Woman. His heart was restless but how it rests in the Lord!

Gabriel Garnica

Gabriel Garnica has been an educator for over 30 years and a Catholic and conservative writer for over half that time. He is presently a columnist for <a href=””></a> and <a href=””></a> and is proud and honored to bring his contributions to Catholic Stand. Although he is both a licensed attorney and has a counseling degree, Gabriel is excited about his new career effort as a life and business coach. He shares his insights and perspectives on faith at <a href=””>Deus Solus</a> and hopes to add a life to coach blog and website in the near future as well. Gabriel has a J.D. from New York University and an M.S. Ed. in counseling from Fordham University.

 Deacon Greg Lambert

Deacon Greg Lambert was ordained in 1997, in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, and served as a deacon at St. Paul Church in Tampa for 10 years before transferring to St. Lawrence, Tampa in 2007, where he and his wife Kathy currently serve. Deacon Greg assists in the areas of RCIA, Adult Faith Formation, and Sacramental Preparation. In addition to his service at the parish level, Deacon Greg is a staff member of Diakonia newsletter for the diaconal community of the diocese and is a member of the Focus 11 committee for vocations. He is also part of the teaching faculty for the Lay Pastoral Ministry Institute in the diocese of St. Petersburg. His articles have been published in Deacon Digest Magazine as well as Diakonia. He has a BA in Religious Studies and an MA in Theology from St. Leo University.

Gene M. Van Son

Gene M. Van Son is retired after spending 35 years in the automobile business working for two of the Big 3 Automakers as a writer and editor, and then as a project manager in the areas of satellite communications and wireless technology. Originally from the Chicago area, he has now resided in the Detroit area for more than half his life. He is a cradle Catholic who attended a Catholic grade school, high school, and university. He has been married for 42 years to the love of his life, who is a certified Catechist, and they have three sons. He is now putting his BA in Journalism to use researching and writing about topics and issues that interest him. In addition to writing for Catholic Stand, he has also had articles and essays published at and at .

Guy McClung

Guy McClung lives with his wife of 44+ years south of Houston, Texas helping inventors develop and patent their inventions. Following two stints in the seminary with the missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, total 5 years (for which he is truly and forever thankful), he came to the realization that God was not calling him to that type of vowed obedience; so he left the seminary and got married. Seven children and eleven grandchildren later, he decided to try to write some words that would convey his thanks to God almighty for blessing after blessing after blessing.

James Hooper

James Hooper is a lifelong Catholic and is blessed with a wonderful wife and child. Jim was graced with a profound reversion experience in 2011, with a strong calling to know God, obey His Church, and spread the Gospel to seeking souls. His evangelical outreach has focused on online apologetics, street evangelization, and communications strategies. Jim is a team leader for Saint Paul Street Evangelization in Downtown St. Louis and the Director of Communications for St. Mary of Victories Church in St. Louis. Jim is a fervent supporter of the Covenant Catholic Radio Network in St. Louis (, and is a regular host for “St. Joseph Radio Presents.” (

Professionally, Jim is the Leader of a Business Architecture team at a large Catholic Health Ministry. He has a Master of Science Degree in Management Information Systems from Saint Louis University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Janet Meyer

Janet Meyer is a cradle Catholic who didn’t understand the gift of Catholicism until undergoing a crisis of faith. She is now ardently Catholic. She has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and Psychological Services and worked for many years as a psychometrist. Janet and her husband, Gerry, live in Wisconsin with their dog, Kolbe. They have an adult daughter, Marissa, who you can hear serving God as she cantors at St. Mary’s and Assumption parishes in Nashville. Janet is particularly interested in learning to better hear God and what He desires of her.

Jeffrey Stevens

Jeffrey’s greatest blessings and responsibilities in life are his wife and their children. He studies theology at Aidan University and is the Founder and President of Gospel Grammar. His goals as a writer are to inspire others to seek a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage them to live a Gospel-centered life.

Deacon Jim Dougherty

Deacon Jim Dougherty is a married permanent deacon for the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) serving in the Diocese of Honolulu. Dougherty has a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies.
For 27 years, he served as executive director of the DeLaSalle Education Center in Kansas City, Missouri, a national model of excellence in education for central-city high school students.
Dougherty has recently published a spiritual memoir about his son’s death entitled: A Place for Us to Meet. The book is available at . He and Karol have been married 43 years and have four children and six grandchildren.

John Paul Nunez

JP Nunez has been a theology nerd since high school. He has master’s degrees in both theology and philosophy (with a concentration in bioethics) from Franciscan University of Steubenville, and he spent three years in Catholic University of America’s doctoral program in biblical studies before realizing that academia isn’t where he wants to be. During his time in Steubenville, he worked for two years as an intern at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, where his responsibilities included answering theological questions and helping to format and edit their Journey Through Scripture Bible studies. He blogs at <a href=””>JP Nunez: Understanding the Faith Through Scripture</a>.

Julie Machado

Julie Machado is a 32-year-old Portuguese-American who grew up in California but moved to Portugal to study theology. She now lives there, along with the rest of her family, her husband, and her children. She believes the greatest things in life are small and hidden and that the extraordinary is in the ordinary. She blogs at <a href=””>Marta, Julie e Maria</a>.

Ken Kniepmann

Ken has been with the John Paul II Healing Center since its inception and has functioned in a variety of roles, including Board Chairman, Executive Director, and presenter. Ken is the author of Lenten Healing: Fasting the Seven Deadly Sins, published by Ave Maria Press. He has several conference offerings, including “The Deep Heart of God”, “The Faces of My Family- Healing for Blended and Adopted Families”, and “Closer to the Kingdom- Connecting and Belonging to God”. He is a bi-monthly guest on Divine Mercy Radio in east central Florida. He co-developed the Centers’ “ABLAZE!” men’s conference. Ken has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and M. Ed. in Counseling, both from St. Louis University. Ken has been married for more than 25 years to his wife Sharon. They have two children.

Laura DeMaria

Laura DeMaria is a nonprofit management professional and writer living in the metro Washington, DC area and is a recent “revert” to the faith. She studied English and Creative Writing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned a Master’s in Public Administration at the American University School of Public Affairs in Washington, DC. Her personal website, where she writes on topics including her experiences with the Legion of Mary, prison ministry and spiritual study can be found at You can also follow her on Twitter at @LauraRDeMaria.

Lorelei Savaryn

Lorelei is a passionate Catholic Convert, mom to three, and wife to one. She holds a B.A. in Creative Writing, and an M.A. in Education. She loves writing, singing (mostly in church, sometimes at karaoke), reading, fair trade chocolate, and spending time with her family. She was a guest on EWTN’s The Journey Home on December 18, 2017, and Lorelei currently blogs at <a href=””>This Catholic Family</a>.

Mark C. McCann

Mark C. McCann is an author and Ministry Consultant with a BA in Theology from King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He has more than 30 years of experience in ministry to children, youth and families, In the past he has served as an Associate Director of Youth Ministry and Family Life Ministry for the Diocese of Norwich, CT, as well as a high school religious studies teacher and campus minister, a DRE, and a youth minister. Mark was also a Christian radio host and producer for 8 years at a small Christian radio station. He has written for a number of Catholic magazines and websites including St. Anthony Messenger, Emmanuel Magazine, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, and Catholic Exchange. He currently lives in Connecticut with his Proverbs 31 wife and three incredible children and lives out his call each day to be a man of words. His ministry website is

Marty Dybicz

Marty Dybicz is a retired high school Theology teacher with a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. Marty was raised by devout Catholic parents on the Near South Side of Chicago, became groovy and radical (pc before pc was cool) in high school and college, and eventually discovered that the greatest adventure is an orthodox relationship with Jesus Christ, thanks to C. S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John Paul the Great, and Pope Emeritus Benedict.

Mary Pesarchick

Proudly Catholic, Mary has been happily married for 21 years and is Mom to four teenagers. She is steadfastly committed to the pro-life cause and serves as the chairperson of the Respect Life committee at her parish. Mary lives in Buffalo, NY where she is a passionate fan of the Bills. She is hopeful that her long-suffering loyalty to the team might help reduce her time in purgatory.

Matt Robinson

Matt is a lifelong Catholic from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. A love for Christ and the Church led him to studies for the priesthood graduating from the college division of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary with a B.A. in Philosophy, summa cum laude. Though he discerned that God was not calling him to be a priest and ultimately left the seminary, he continued his theological studies at Holy Apostles College & Seminary earning an M.A. in Theology with a Dogmatic concentration, summa cum laude. Matt is the Director of Pastoral Services at a large parish in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, has written for and FAITHCatholic, and has authored “Lord That I May See: Fundamentals of Christian Philosophy.”

Melanie Jean Juneau

Melanie Jean Juneau serves as the Editor in Chief of Catholic Stand. She is a mother of nine children who has edited her kid’s university term papers for over a decade. She blogs at <a href=””> joy of nine9</a> and <a href=””>mother of nine9</a> . Her writing is humorous and heart warming; thoughtful and thought-provoking. Part of her call and her witness is to write the truth about children, family, marriage and the sacredness of life. Melanie is the administrator of ACWB, a columnist at CatholicLane, Catholic Stand, Catholic 365 , CAPC, author of <a href=”″>Echoes of the Divine and Oopsy Daisy, and coauthor of Love Rebel: Reclaiming Motherhood</a>

Nada Mazzei

Nada Mazzei is a freelance writer from Toronto, Ontario. She has an MA in Theology from the University of St. Michael’s College and a ThM from the University of Toronto, with a focus on New Testament Studies. She is fluent in Italian and French. Born and raised a Catholic, she is interested in the lives and writings of St. Therese of Lisieux and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

Nicholas LaBanca

Nicholas is 20-something cradle Catholic who wears many hats, (husband, father, tradesman, religious education catechist, liberal arts college graduate, et al.) and hopes to give a unique perspective on life in the Church as a millennial. His favorite saints include his patron St. Nicholas, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John Mary Vianney and St. Athanasius of Alexandria. He currently writes for the Diocese of Joliet’s monthly magazine, “Christ Is Our Hope”.

Rev. Nicholas Blackwell O. Carm

I am Carmelite Friar. I serve in the Archdiocese of New York via the St. Elias Province of the Carmelite Order. I am originally from Michigan. I served in the Peace Corps in West Africa. I love to read and walk through nature. I enjoy sharing my Carmelite Spirituality through my, YouTube channel, podcast, and blog. I graduated from Northern Michigan University with a B.S. and the Catholic University of America with a M.Div. and S.T.B. My YouTube Channel is:

My Podcast can also be found on soundcloud,, iTunes, and GooglePlay under the name ‘The Frank Friar.’

Pamela Mandela

Dr. Pamela Mandela Idenya is a teacher, motivational speaker, inspirational writer, resolute intercessor, spiritual mentor and published author. This cradle Catholic actively practices the Faith at the Consolata Shrine Parish in Westlands, Nairobi (Kenya), where she serves as lector. She is also a member of the Vincentian Ministries in Kenya. She has taken the Course in Theology for Laity at the Hekima University College. Her interest is Applied Catholic Spirituality. Her heart’s desire is to help others become the best versions of who GOD created them to be. Her writings lean heavily on Catholic Tradition and Spirituality, with a purpose to motivate personal growth and nurture spiritual development in all whom she encounters. She thinks of herself as the greatest teacher of eternal truths! Her books include Calling sin, SIN; Become A Wholesome You!; Under the Watchful Eye of Mary; Living the Common Prayers; Standing in the Gap; and Living the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Dr. Mandela is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Human Anatomy, University of Nairobi School of Medicine, where she focuses on Medical Education, Academics & Research, and Student Mentorship.

Patrick Malone

Patrick Malone has been writing for Catholic Stand since March 2016. He has a BA (Honours) in English, and is particularly interested in secularism and the exploration of faith in literature and film, especially the works of Terrence Malick, the McDonagh brothers, Flannery O’Connor, and Cormac McCarthy. He has also been published in Millennial Journal.

Paul Kniaz

Currently living in the Boston area, Paul recently completed his Masters in Teaching English as a Second language. Raised in Catholicism, he deepened his faith by completing his undergraduate degree at a Catholic liberal arts school. There he became familiar with inseparability of faith and reason even with a deeper realization of the ideological warfare faced by the faithful. A passionate educator and learner, Paul has taught in Mexico and Chile, as well as Boston. Faith and obedience to the teachings of the Catholic Church remain the core of Paul’s life. Encouraging others in their walk with Christ, he hopes to share the joy and peace of the Gospel by following in the footsteps of Pope Francis who reaches out to sinners with humility and compassion.

Paul Oakes

Paul is happily married. Both he and his wife, Marjorie, reside on the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland. They’re eager first-time owners of a house. He is the Youth Ministry Leader for Fusion at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Abbottstown, PA, as well as an activities director at a nearby retirement community. Ever the creative type, Paul is an avid writer, actor, filmmaker, artist, and musician. He’s also extremely passionate about his Catholic faith.

Ray Sullivan

Retired engineer from Texas, because the cowboy thing on the ranch growing up didn’t work out. Actually rode the Vomit Comet at NASA in Houston once, being totally weightless for 20 minutes! Married with two kids and Vinnie the Wonder Dog. I love the Church and what it stands for. Without the sacraments, I am nothing.

Robert P. Marco

Rob Marco is a happily married father of three living in southeastern Pennsylvania. After a few years in high school exploring Buddhism and Hare Krishna, he had a profound conversion experience of encountering Christ and converted to Catholicism in 1998, his freshman year of college. In 2002 he moved to the inner-city to help run a Catholic Worker house of hospitality for homeless men with drug and alcohol addictions and to minister to the poor. He spent ten years discerning a vocation to monastic life, and at one point sold everything he had and bought a school bus, which he renovated to live in as an urban hermit on the streets of Philadelphia. Rob is active in the work of the New Evangelization, starting a Catholic street evangelization apostolate in his area to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, and regularly visits men incarcerated in prison. He holds a B.A. in Geography from Penn State University, and a M.A. in Theology from Villanova University. He writes about faith, family, chastity, and Catholic manhood at “Wisdom and Folly” (

Sarah Carey

Sarah Carey was raised and baptized in the Church of Christ/Campbellite tradition. After years of admiring the beauty of Catholicism, Sarah entered the Church in April 2017. She is a 2012 (BA) and 2015 (MA) graduate from Georgetown College with degrees in English and ESL Education. In 2012-2013, she was a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in South Korea. While in Korea, she lived with a Korean family whose Catholic mother made a lasting impression. Sarah has briefly taught in China, and now currently, in Kentucky. Through her writing, she hopes to draw her readers closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Sarah also writes at her personal blog, Quelpart.

Sarah Greydanus

Sarah Greydanus graduated in May 2016 from the amazing Christendom College, receiving a B.A. in literature. Now living with her family in New Jersey, Sarah seeks to produce and share well-crafted Catholic writing for God’s glory and readers’ benefit. Her poetry, fiction, and nonfiction pieces may be viewed on her site, May the grace and peace of Christ be with you!

Sean Morrisroe

Sean Morrisroe is husband to a wonderful woman and father of to an 11-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter. He served 10 years in the US Marine Corps as an infantryman and in his post-Marine Corps career has worked at investment banks, business valuations firms and public companies focusing on mergers & acquisitions. Sean graduated from UC Irvine with a BA in History, attended the London School of Economics and received a certificate in Finance from UCLA.

Sofia Abasolo

Sofia Abasolo is a journalist based in Italy and the UK. She specialises in stories relating to women, family, and Catholicism. She writes in English, Italian and Spanish and has contributed to The Catholic Universe,,, and others.She blogs about motherhood and faith at blog.sofiaabasolo.comShe posts pictures of her exceptionally cute children daily and is expecting a call from Pampers any day now. Connect with her on Instagram @therealsofiaabasolo and Twitter @sfabasolo

Steffani Jacobs

Steffani is a wife, a mother, and a devoted Catholic. She has written for various publications, both print and online. Steffani has a deep appreciation and love for good rhetoric and is always searching for a deeper understanding of Truth. She is the owner and writer of Crossings Media, a content marketing business that puts Truth above profits when it comes to creating content.

Suellen Brewster

Suellen Brewster is a wife and mother, secretary, happy “revert” to the Catholic faith, and most importantly, beloved daughter of the Father. She writes from her home outside of Buffalo, NY where the long winters invite souls into quiet, prayer and reflection.

Susan Skinner

My name is Susan Skinner and I am a lifelong Catholic. I attended all Catholic schools including the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

I am a wife to a wonderful husband and a mother to 3 children and we now reside in the South. I love living in the South. Though I have always identified as Catholic, it was the murder of my friend in 2010 that brought a transforming change to my heart and made me a true disciple of Jesus Christ. I now make it my mission to spread His Love and Good News everywhere I go. Jesus isn’t just someone we should just know about, He is someone we should KNOW, personally. He has made me new. I am now the Adult RCIA and Faith Formation Coordinator of a Catholic Church where I live and I know God has brought me to where I am. I am nothing without him.

Todd Nolan

Todd was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia (Go Phillies!) but now lives and works in the southeastern US. He has been involved in the Church, serving youth & young adults, for almost 20 years in the areas of ministry, athletics, education, college guidance, and outreach. He earned his M.A. in Theology from Catholic Distance University (Thank you, St. Joseph of Cupertino!) He is a proud family man and has a passion for all things CATHOLIC! You can follow him on twitter (@4RealCatholic) for spiritual and inspiring quotes from our Saints.

Tom Collingwood Ph.D

Tom Collingwood Ph.D. is an exercise psychologist who has installed exercise programs to prevent substance abuse for at-risk youth and in developing physical fitness programs for law enforcement agencies nationwide. In addition, he has instituted numerous environmental education projects while serving as a Master Naturalist with the Texas Parks and Wildlife and as a volunteer Interpretive Ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. A convert to the Catholic Church he serves as a catechist in the RCIA program and adult ministries such as “Renew” and “Why Catholic”. Working with CREATIO, the faith based stewardship organization affiliated with the Christian Life Movement, he provides lectures and seminars on “A Catholic Ethic for Stewardship of the Environment and the Body” (physical fitness)” His guardian angel is St, Michael the archangel, the patron saint of paratroopers and law enforcement officers in which he has served in both those capacities. He has authored 10 books and is the recipient of the Healthy American Fitness Leader Award from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports as one of the top 10 fitness leaders in America.

Trish Irvine

Trish is a young Catholic teacher seeking after Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. Raised Catholic, she fell deeply in love with her faith and the pro-life movement while studying at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Now she lives in God’s country (aka South Dakota) and teaches high school Theology. When not grading papers and lesson planning, Trish enjoys reading, writing, attempting to cook new foods, traveling, and deep conversations. Her immediate family (four siblings, four niblings, and two lovely parents) and her extended family (around 80 first cousins and 20 aunts/uncles) have revealed to her the face of love and sacrifice. She blogs about her heart, the joys/struggles of teaching, and life reflections at

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