Catholic social teaching confuse you? Not certain what it is or what the Church really teaches on the subject? Public debate often circles around such hot-button topics as immigration, abortion, health care, racism, religious freedom and capital punishment. It’s helpful to allow the Church to guide us on these matters. Father Kevin McKenna joins me this week to help cut through the confusion and discuss his book A Concise Guide to Catholic Social Teaching: Third Edition.

From the publisher Ave Maria Press

Topics related to Catholic social teaching emerge regularly in American political and civic discourse, often connected to discussions about religious freedom, abortion, immigrant rights, racism, capital punishment, and health care. This third edition of A Concise Guide to Catholic Social Teaching by Rev. Kevin E. McKenna incorporates the essential teachings of Pope Francis in Evangelium GaudiumLaudato Si’, and Amoris Laetitia to offer a clear, beginner-level reference tool and study guide for Church leaders and other interested Catholics to help them navigate this vast body of teaching.

Building on core themes of human dignity, community, rights and responsibilities, option for the poor, dignity of work, solidarity, and care of creation, McKenna distills a vast amount of Catholic teaching into easily digestible summaries, each carefully referenced to its primary source and correlated to pressing issues making today’s headlines.

The book includes crucial teachings of the popes from Louis XIII through Francis as well as from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Each chapter concludes with questions for reflection and dialogue and appendices provide tools for parishes and study groups.

This practical and thorough guide remains a perennial favorite for study and reference in Catholic parishes, universities, and ministry formation programs.

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