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Society is People

Especially during these past few intense months of our presidential election, we in America have been shown how much society has turned substantially away from

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7 Premises of Catholic Social Justice

The upcoming presidential election has sparked great debate. Many feel there is no good candidate and are left wading through issues with no easy answers. Of top concern

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Trump Embodies the American Spirit

Like most people, I avoid talking about politics. Living in Europe, and during this presidential election, that means especially American politics. I think Trump, everything

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Cut to the Chase

Lately, at Mass, at least some of our bishops and priests have told us to go home, pray and form our conscience, then vote accordingly

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Who Will Defend the Truth?

Defending the Truth Blessed John Henry Newman said, “…it is our plain duty to preach and defend the truth in a straightforward way…” This quote

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Trump Is in the House

In my last article, “Welcome to the House of Moral Dilemma,” I presented the many reasons why a serious Catholic in good faith could not

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