Loneliness Can Kill You

Some of us may be old enough to remember the opening line of Elvis Presley’s song, “Are you lonesome tonight…?” As it turns out, a

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The False Faces of Compassion

Both the modern culture and the Church have very clear ideas of what it means to be compassionate. Compassion is usually equated with gentleness, sweetness,

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Know Thyself: Part I

In last month’s column I set the stage for a series of columns analyzing and explaining the constitution of human nature from a Catholic philosophical

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What is Man?

In Matthew’s Gospel Jesus tells His disciples that He did not come to bring peace but, rather, the sword (Mt. 10:34). He tells the apostles

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ethics, things that last

The Things That Last

This column is the first in a three part series concerning ethics, human happiness, and their connection to “the things that last.” Searching for a

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Leaving Behind A Legacy

Dying is not a popular topic for discussion. But considering that everyone who dies leaves some kind of legacy behind, maybe we should at least

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“It’s Hard to be Humble”

In 1975, singer Mac Davis released a song entitled “It’s Hard to be Humble”.  The lyrics of this tongue-in-cheek song brought crowds to laughter, yet,

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