Mustard Seed Faith

Back in high school, my shop teacher had us recite the abbreviated version Reinhold Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer, the first sentence of the prayer popularized by

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Spring Cleaning My Soul

Spring is in the air! The birds are rising earlier with the sun and the weather is warmer.  Here in the Midwest, it is never a

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Where are You, God?

“Where are you, God?” many ask these days. He’s certainly hard to see in the utter chaos of today’s world. He’s hard to detect in

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Body-Positive Catholicism

I was a nerd, not a jock, a little flabby but not obese, interested in the brain more than the body, catching my breath after

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A Year of Living Like Paul

This past January 20 marked the one year anniversary of the death of my friend, Paul Coakley. Last year I wrote two articles about my thoughts

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Living My Faith

In The Beginning I am a convert to Catholicism. In 2004, I was welcomed into the church. I was raised by Protestant parents; both were

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