365 Days with a Saint

I’ve been holding on to this review for a bit until I was able to work my way deeper into this book. I’m glad I

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Controlling Your Thoughts

Do you suffer from disturbing or obsessive thoughts? If so, relief is available. It will be in an uphill battle, but with perseverance and the

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priest, ordination

Salvaging Priestly Fatherhood

About a year ago, I elicited some raised eyebrows in a group after sharing that my first babysitter was a Capuchin friar—the priest who baptized

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The Spiritual Geography of Hell

You cannot scare someone into heaven, or into believing in the Triune God. Likewise, you cannot focus exclusively on the love of God alone without

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Take a Little Trip

What if you could take some time away to do some traveling? Where would you go? Would it be a trip to see historic sites?

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