Reflections on The Mass

Catholics are obliged, under pain of sin, to attend Holy Mass every Sunday and Holy Day. The Second Commandment (not a suggestion) commands us to

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Joseph Was Also Full of Grace

having been associated, as Mother and Minister, with the King of martyrs in the ineffable work of human Redemption, she is always associated, with a

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Television Dramas and Lust

I enjoy television dramas. I really do. But I have a very active imagination. I also passively project my “fantasy world” into television dramas so much

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The Missing Cross

But all things should be done decently and in order.                               

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Good Friday, cross

Grace and Perseverance

“This imaginary baptism, the immersion in purity, the elevation of my being above the filth in which I had been mired and, overnight, this sense

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Why Are Dust and Ashes Proud?

“Why are dust and ashes proud? Even during life man’s body decays … a king today – tomorrow he is dead,” writes Sirach (Sirach 10:9).

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