The Eucharist Foretold

If you have seen the recent Pew study on the Eucharist, you were likely pretty shocked if you haven’t get ready. According to a recent

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Hunger and Thirst

Have you ever found yourself still looking for something to eat or drink after you’ve had a full meal? I have to admit that sometimes

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Christmas Around the Fire

Advent is just a few short days away. When the season arrives, I am always looking for a book to guide me and accompany through

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The True Prosperity Gospel

Jansen Bagwell, head of the discipleship/deliverance ministry under the authority of our parish Priests, experienced a tragedy recently. It is one of those tragedies or traumas

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Losing Our Religion

A recent Wall Street Journal article surveyed the causes of the growing number of “Nones” (people who self-identify as having no particular religious beliefs of

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