I used to be Catholic

“I Used To Be Catholic”

If you speak with enough Catholics, you will eventually become familiar with the phrase, “I used to be Catholic.” Sometimes, it seems as if being

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Faith formation

Angela’s Orderliness

Orderliness is an important human virtue. It is the good habit by which a person does what he ought to do, when and how he

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Where is Truth?

In a recent column, I discussed the definition of truth as “what is.” Truth is the equation of thought and thing. It is the conformity

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The Natural Desire for God

Hunger to know St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that we have a natural desire for God. This desire has its origin in our intellects, so it

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Homeschooling and Over-schooling

Homeschooling is a radical proposition. Not sending your kids to school, an institution that has been a centerpiece and hallmark of our society for hundreds

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liturgy, reform

Weird Catholic Calendar

You guys have your own calendar? We, the fellow from the adjacent carpeted cell in this vast sea of cubicles and I, had made it

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saint michael, angel, defend, battle

The Grocery Line Love Story

The grocery store line was long. Really long. “What is wrong with you idiots? Get another checker! This isn’t rocket science,” the young woman called

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