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Do You Really Believe That?

More than twenty years ago I encouraged my Irish mother-in-law to find a Bible Study group and to “get into the Word.” Because we lived

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Making College Sacramental

This column is addressed to college students, although older people might find it helpful too. Not only is it for those who are about to

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What is Education?

I urge you to answer this question for yourself before you read on. I myself am constantly reformulating my answer and expanding on what is

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Book Review: Made This Way

“Daddy, what’s an abortion?” my seven year old son asked me one day. “An abortion is when a mother kills the child she is carrying

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Pro-Life with a Purpose

The release of Gosnell, The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, is increasing public awareness of the evils of abortion. The media will attempt to

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Pilate: The King’s Friend?

Do You Think You Know Why Pilate Condemned Christ? Lacking the authority to execute Christ themselves, the Jewish leaders dragged Christ before Pontius Pilate, the

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Life Hidden in Mystery

The Catholic religion is full of mystery — the mystery of God. This mystery is not a human puzzle that a Sherlock Holmes can “solve” by

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