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Ignore Those Walls!

We live in a hectic, deadline driven world. Whether at work or home, things are either speeding towards us from all sides, or we are

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faith reason

Putting Faith in Your Investments

As investment professionals, when we think about investments, we think about asset classes: stocks, bonds, hedge funds and the like. As theologians, when we think

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A Work Week Theology

There are more of us than there are of them. More laity than religious, that is. Throughout history, the great saints have gifted the Church with

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Do You Fear Success?

Woman entrepreneurs may not be aware of it but some have fear of success. It is something some Catholic entrepreneurs are often guilty of. You,

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Funding Your Startup Business

It’s not uncommon for women to be swept away with the freedom and flexibility the mompreneur lifestyle offers. However, they overlook the financial realities of being

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Are You Top Talent?

I currently am interviewing seven candidates for a marriage and family therapy associate in my practice when I chanced upon Andrew Miller’s article on the 3

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