Anchors of Faith

As a child I thought that being a Catholic was simple. One must say grace during meals, attend Mass on Sundays and other days when

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The Case for Chastity

A Love-Hate Relationship with Sexual Freedom Our culture has a love-hate relationship with the ideas of sexual liberation that spewed out of the sixties and

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An Antidote for Amoris Laetitia Angst

Amoris Laetitia.  Regrettably, both Catholic and secular media seem to be dancing to a cadence of increasing hysteria. These bold-print emotional barrages are spreading undue

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Are You Saved ?

Forty years ago, when I was still a Protestant, I looked at Catholics with suspicion. Catholicism seemed like a cult that worshiped Mary and idolized

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Jesus Freak

Recently, I posted pro-life comments on an article about a celebrity who said that he and his girlfriend were “eternally grateful” that Planned Parenthood was

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Good Atheists and Bad Catholics

Being Good Without God For Catholics at least, the news that atheists can live a morally praiseworthy life, or people belonging to any other religion,

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