Debating Against a Stacked Deck

Recently, I posted on Twitter that we should protect parents and children by opposing a new policy allowing students to pick their bathroom without informing

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Mirrors Darkly

Truth Truth is what is. Truth is the real. We error-prone and sometimes reality-denying human beings have the truth when what we think about corresponds

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The Natural Desire for God

Hunger to know St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that we have a natural desire for God. This desire has its origin in our intellects, so it

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Truth: Not What You Think

A FaceBook friend recently posted this: What I fear has become the new “progressive” orthodoxy is this, that there is no such thing as truth.

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Economic Apologists?

Two years before his death, renowned Catholic social scientist Dr. Rupert Ederer wrote a book entitled Economics as if God Matters. In this book, he endeavored

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No Thanks To Evil Toys

I recently made a post on Facebook complaining about the evil-looking toys that are included in some of the so-called “kids meals” at fast food

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The Truth About the Crusades

The Crusades cause people too much confusion. The view seems to be, there is little to defend in them, and even many Catholics tend to

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