The Call to Evangelize Through Facebook and/or MeWe

facebook, mewe, social media

facebook, mewe, social media

Social media is a powerful vehicle for educating and evangelizing modern society about faith, social justice, morality, and the rights of the unborn from the Catholic Church’s perspective.  Since social media allows and even facilitates the spread of untruths and damaging rhetoric, the faithful are called to serve by articulating the truth to both the church and the unchurched. We no longer have the luxury of delegating this duty solely to others. Not even the clergy can do this on their own. God is calling us to step up and bravely face the devil’s playground. As the Church Militant, we are duty bound to battle the forces of evil – the Culture of Death and mediocrity of faith.

Do you hear His call? What can you do? Will you speak, share, and even challenge? How will we win souls for Christ?

There has been a recent exodus from Facebook due to building indignation regarding a loss of trust. Many members have simply closed their accounts. An alternative, promising “the best chat & group app with the privacy you can trust”, finds many transitioning to MeWe – either exclusively or in addition to Facebook. The house of sand, built on the Facebook platform, has shaken the unaware to the core. Others, wiser in the ways of the world, shrug and continue. They state that the intent of Facebook to mine our information was always obvious. A cynic may even extrapolate that privacy is an impossible dream in this day and age.

Move to MeWe

As a decade-long Facebook member, I view the exposure of that social media platform with open eyes. Since Watergate, the American public saw spying as a dark, sinister intrusion into our lives. Whether a tin hat conspiracy theorist or a realist, we know we are not alone. Cameras at every corner, smartphone privacy concerns, and the internet in general long ago replaced snooping neighbors as our main concern. Yet, the grilling and exposure of the unwilling witness, Mark Zuckerberg, made for an awakening moment. All of the expose’, coming together at the same time, could not so easily be ignored.

After a bit of research, I made the leap and joined the MeWe ‘revolution’. Since jumping on the MeWe train almost one hundred friends have joined my posse. I also started a group for Catholic Life In Our Times, where I share my pro-life memes and blog posts. In addition, I also share current events relevant to the Catholic faith and the pro-life movement. Only time will tell how well this effort will fare.

Remain With Facebook

Since my Facebook Designs by Birgit fan page has taken years to grow, however, I remain on that platform as well. There have been many in-depth discussions, poignant testimonies shared, and friendships formed during these many years. Although the management of Facebook and I are polar opposites, when it comes to exposure for sharing content, I remain. One reason is that I feel the need to be out in the trenches. It is not enough to share encouragement by singing to the Catholic, pro-life choir. I feel an urgent call to reach out to those with opposing views. Facebook offers that opportunity. Where else can we discuss the value of unborn life with a staunch pro-abortion member? Or evangelize the Good News of Jesus’ own Church with a formerly resistant, ill-informed Protestant or Atheist?

In addition, some of the post-abortive women I have met have given me insight that no one else could. Their tearful, heart-wrenching sorrow is a convincing witness to another woman, contemplating the taking of the life of her child. Even my own testimony has offered encouragement to those who experience pregnancy at a young age. I have been moved to provide an even softer touch with my writing and graphics, by those who suffer from regretful triggers. Yet, others found encouragement in the sharing of relevant biological facts about embryonic development. Perhaps the most read items revolve around exposing organizations such as Girl Scouts and the Salvation Army for their fellowship with abortion giant, Planned Parenthood. An important aspect of our alms-giving is the reassurance of partnering with like-minded groups, not those promoting intrinsic evils.

All of this makes it difficult to consider cutting the Facebook ties completely. For now, I will straddle the line with parallel accounts and attempt to duplicate content for both.

What is your answer? Will you consider both, cut the social media cord, or make a choice between Facebook and MeWe?

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