Books to Delight the Young at Heart

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This week I wanted to highlight a few books for the younger crowd. I often receive books for kids, and full reviews on each can be challenging to achieve in any length, so this week I’m combining a few into one review. All three of these books would be an excellent addition to your children’s book collection.

God’s Wildest Wonderment of All by Paul Thigpen
Tan Books

Paul Thigpen is perhaps more well known for his books geared towards spiritual warfare like Manual for Spiritual Warfare (a personal favorite of mine) and Saint Who Battled Satan. God’s Wildest Wonderment is Pauls’ sixth children’s book, and I must say he did it smashingly well. This read-aloud hardcover book focuses on a young boy whose parents take him on a trip to the zoo. Throughout the boy’s journey of discovery, questions arise such as:

Who taught the seals to bark? Did dogs give lessons on the Ark?
And why the fly? Who would complain had Noah left it in the rain?

As he ponders these questions, he ultimately learns his value in the eyes of the creator. “Each plays its part in Heaven’s plan and joins in Earth’s great caravan.” This whimsical book filled with gorgeous illustrations by John Folley will delight and instill valuable lesson in your children.

Two other titles recently released are just in time for the Advent and Christmas seasons.

Guess Who’s in the Manager? A Christmas Story by Vicki Howie
Pauline Kids

This hardcover book plays off the “Who” in the title and features the nativity story as seen through the eyes of a barn owl. As you may have guessed the owl is the occupant of the stable where Joseph and Mary brought into the world the King of Kings. This read-aloud story follows the barn owl on his quest to find a light that will brighten is gloomy, dark, and largely ignored stable. What he will discover is a light like no other. The light of the world, Jesus Christ. This book is geared towards children four to seven.

Joseph, Guardian of the Holy Family by Sr. Marlyn Evangelina Monge, FSP
Pauline Kids

This colorfully illustrated board book tells the story of Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph. It focuses particularly on Joseph’s role as protector of his family. It follows Joseph as he takes Mary to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus, their flight into Egypt, and how he passed on his trade of a carpenter to Jesus. Children will learn of not only Joseph’s role as the protector of Jesus and Mary but ours as well. This book is geared towards children one to five. Illustrations are by Mary Rojas. This is the third book both have worked on together. Also see their previous titles Jesus: Savior of the World and Mary: Mother of Jesus.

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