Books for Catholic Decision-Makers

John Darrouzet - Books

Below are links to books for decision-makers organized by relevant questions and answers that relate to particular milestones along the Decision-Maker\’s Path ™.

Books for Catholic Decision-Makers

1. Where are you coming from?

2. How are you stating your issue?

3. Who is authorizing the decision and which \”why?\” questions are deserving of response?

4. What is your \”Pope\” generally advising and what actions is your \”Popess\” taking?

5. Where are necessary and sufficient proofs being found and how are the pros of the issue manifesting themselves?

6. How are the cons of the issue manifesting themselves and what are the \”Powers That Be\” saying?

7. Who is being your worst enemy and how is your real agenda being revealed?

8. How are the facts and reasons of your issue becoming known?

9. What insights are emerging?

10. How are oversights emerging and how are you responding to denial?

11. Is rejection burying your desire and why are you willing to risk the point of no return?

12. Is deciding changing your point of view, re-presenting your worldview, re-awakening you, and revealing who you really are?


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5 thoughts on “Books for Catholic Decision-Makers”

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  2. This is a FANTASTIC resource for the lay Catholic in the business world. Thank you!

    One other very good book that I’d add to “#6 How are the cons of the issue manifesting themselves and what are the “Powers That Be” saying?” would be the short (only 3 chapters) work of C. S. Lewis – “The Abolition of Man” – an EXCELLENT indictment of moral anti-realism in the face of a growing public movement towards it, along with some uncanny projections about how such a basis for one’s world view can damage the very fabric of human society.

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