Beware, These Aren’t Your Parents’ Scouts!

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This isn’t your parent’s scouting!

As if it’s not bad enough that the Girl Scouts of America are in cahoots with abortion giant Planned Parenthood, enter the push within the Boy Scouts of America for openly homosexual leaders. As it is, they already accept openly gay scouts into the fold.

But now we have more, deeply troubling developments in the world of scouting.

The Girl Scouts have decided to embrace cross-dressing children into their club. So if your little girl doesn’t want to share her troop with a boy in girl’s clothing, too bad!

The Boy Scouts, on the other hand, have decided to show their feminine side. Not to appear overly male, their leadership has decided that water guns can be forbidden. That’s right, it’s too violent to point a colorful plastic toy, containing water, at a fellow scout. Not to be forgotten are the equally enlightened parameters for water balloons – they must not be larger than a ping pong ball.

The World of Scouts Turned Upside Down

What are we to make of this trend to turn the world of scouting upside down? It looks a lot like an outright assault on Christianity and the family. The normal gender characteristics of yesterday are being shamefully turned topsy turvy.

Boys in girls’ clothing are sharing your little girl’s scouting troop, while the boys’ troops are being emasculated. This blurring of gender lines isn’t exclusively being carried out by deviant adults, lurking in the shadows. Today’s radicalization is being thrust into the once innocent world of our children by formerly wholesome clubs.

Meanwhile, children are also being force-fed an overly sexualized and homesexual agenda. All the while, girls are selling cookies benefitting close associates of abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Additionally, more and more homosexual characters are appearing in entertainment on a regular basis – even though same sex attracted individuals make up less than 2% of the general population.

Tragically, this sexual trend feeds right into the business model of Planned Parenthood, where children are groomed for promiscuity at younger and younger ages. You may be surprised to find that the sex ed programs in most school systems (and in the scouts) are created by Planned Parenthood. And they’re teaching children about all types of sexuality – as early as kindergarten.

This means that by the time our young, sexually active girls become pregnant, they are offered the morbid ‘solution’ of abortion. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is raking in the big bucks. The plan is simple: teach unfettered sex, provide inferior condoms, and they will create ‘customers’ for their abortion mills where the butcherous doctors kill innocent babies and maim their mothers.

Boys fare no better because valor and chivalry are no longer encouraged. Instead, they are conditioned to seek nothing more than animalistic gratification. This affects the relationships formed between the genders and doesn’t bode well for a grace-filled outlook on the sacrament of matrimony. Men no longer emulate the masculine characteristic of protector and provider.

On their part, girls often fail to fully develop their uniquely female characteristics of nurturer and the loving mothers of children. In the lack of gender-specific role models, they grow up with a muddled image of self.

Also affected is the sanctity of  Holy Matrimony, which all too often becomes nothing more than a temporary rite of passage. Of those marriages that do survive, far too many become mechanical and sterile. This leaves children out in the cold, with no one after whom to model themselves.

What’s A Parent to Do?

It’s time for us to take back the responsibility of parenting. Too many outside forces are having a detrimental impact on our children and families. God gifted us with children so that we could teach them to know, love, and serve Him. He gave us the faithful partnership between husband and wife in the sacrament of matrimony. In this way, He intended the nuclear family to be a shelter from the stormy world of secular life.

Tough decisions must be made. What good is membership in an organization, if their leadership betrays our faith? When parents relinquish the upbringing of their children to the world, their children will become of the world. This endangers their eternal souls. That’s not the intent and purpose of the godly institution of family.

With a renewed commitment to fervent prayer, frequenting the sacraments, and empowerment of the God-given role of parents, we can ensure a faith filled future for ourselves and our families. The result mortally affects the eternal future of each and every member of our family. Isn’t that worth our very best effort?

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106 thoughts on “Beware, These Aren’t Your Parents’ Scouts!”

  1. Where do you get your evidence and proof regarding the GSUSA supporting PP? By word of mouth. I’ve had our GS play an old fashioned game of “telephone” and the truth of the message gets distorted. Make sure that you are spouting truth instead of lies. The GSUSA has used various programs to bring educational information about sexuality and development to its members and this is allowed only after parents sign permission forms. PP has been just one of these resources for information and that is all. There is no evidence that there is any financial support or partnering by the GSUSA at the benefit of PP. Show me your evidence. Show us the proof.

    1. Did you read the article and follow the links? That’s where the information can easily be found. In addition, the are many more available by a simple search. Just don’t fall for the trick of asking the scouting organizations themselves. They are slick in hiding the evidence and playing dumb.

  2. The new Merit Badges… Gay and Straight Slumber Party Campout Merit Badge,
    Tenderfoot-Scoutmaster Ballroom Dancing Merit Badge, and the last award, Order of the Crooked Arrow.

  3. Who is Bob McCarty? And Why Should He Be Fired……Cached
    Jul 04, 2013 · By Austin Ruse. Austin Ruse is president of C-FAM (Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute), a New York and Washington DC-based research institute … I spoke to this piece and urge all to take a look. It will upset you. Please pray as it is through prayer and faith that we will continue the expose of the BS and GS

  4. As the knowledge of who the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts have become it is not enough to just learn the facts and remove your children. We are called to speak to evil. I urge prayer for our shepherds. Our Bishops are aware of the GS agenda and have met regards the issue. For further facts please visit Austin Ruse editor of C-FAM piece…Who is Bob McCarty and why should he be fired. This individual is the head of the Catholic NFCYM. Your pastor and your Bishop need to hear from you. Bishop Sheen tells us that we need to demand our priest and Bishops be shepherds as commanded by God.

  5. What’s a parent to do? Don’t allow your children to join these programs, find something else for them to do. Maybe parents can go back to educating their own children…and maybe with the directions things are going, they should. At what point did parents decide programs like these were a necessity? They are no longer good for children nor are they safe. Take your kids camping, teach them yourselves.

    1. Birgit Atherton Jones

      The same could be said for parents who somehow forget that they are their children’s first (and foremost) teachers. When you drop your child off at CCD for a whopping hour, once per week, or enroll them into Catholic School, it isn’t an invitation to drop the ball. Their souls were entrusted into the hands of their parents by God. It’s the parents’ job to follow through – everything else is simply ancillary.

    2. Absolutely! When my children were young I was not happy with what was being taught in either the school or CCD in my Parish, so I taught them myself and contacted our Bishop when it came time for their first Communion and Confirmation, he was happy with them. I’m still thanking God I made this choice, I later found out what was being taught to the children was really bad and not in line with the Church at all! I am so grateful to God my kids were not exposed to any of that…though I am still struggling with one of my kids, at least he knows the Truth!

    3. Birgit Atherton Jones

      It seems we’ve had similar experiences and parenting solutions! God bless!

  6. Birgit Jones, decent article on a timely topic. First, please get the organization’s name correct; it is the GIRL SCOUTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,, INCORPORATED, abbreviated as GSUSA., Inc., Second, the vast majority of girls and women that are involved in the Girl Scouts have no clue about any “connections” with Planned Parenthood. NONE!

    It is at the corporate (and yes, Girl Scouts is a business, a BIG business) levels both at the national corporation and with the individual franchise holders (aka Girl Scout Councils) that you will find a multitude of DIRECT connections between the Girl Scouts and other so-called non-profit “women’s issues” corporations. At the highest levels, the executives and governing board members are involved in each other’s business. It is impossible to prevent the “cross-pollination” of ideas, strategies and partnerships.

    How did the honorable membership organizations like the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) or the Girl Scouts of the United States (GSUSA) get so riddled with anti-life propornants? By adults that hold life affirming, faith affirming values NOT being active and involved in the running of these organizations. It is by the adult membership of both being just a revenue source (paying dues) and not active in the governance. It was by letting “someone else” go to the adult meetings. From the local troop or group all the way to the National Councils for both. By NOT being there, by being silent, by non-participation it was a conscience and tacit approval of the directions the organizations were taking.

    It happened with the Scouts, it is happening with all levels of government. Wake-up!

    1. Birgit Atherton Jones

      Sam, you are correct – the vast majority of girls and women involved in GS have no clue. It’s highly probable the same is true of the BS. That’s why articles such as this are an important wake up call. Ignorance of the insidious intentions of the highest levels of the GS/BS doesn’t help solve the issue of polluting the minds of our youth with unsavory influences. As parents (and leaders) we must do all we can to guard the innocence and virtue of our children. The inactivity and willful ignorance must stop – in clubs, schools, and everything else to which our children are exposed.

    2. The way to stop this, GET INVOLVED. Don’t just pay dues, be a group leader, go to the adult meetings. Be active and BE A POSITIVE AND MORAL LEADER/ROLE MODEL.

      Preach the Gospel by your actions and behavior, truly love those that disagree with you. Find a common ground to stand together upon. And bring in LIKE MINDED friends and acquaintances. You are out numbered, bring others that feel as you do.

      Really, I cannot do it alone either, so I post, and I share after Mass, trying to get ONE MORE ADULT to commit. Then you each work on getting one more.

      The other option, and one that most like-minded friends of mine have done; wash your hands of it and go to more fertile and receptive groups. American Heritage Girls (AHG) are booming because of so many adults and girls leaving the Girl Scouts. A group for boys on a similar faith-based and pro-life basis is Trail Life USA. Both are single sex membership organizations, usually community/church sponsored.

      Once again it is for the adults to not simply support these groups financially, but to be ACTIVE and willing members.

    3. Well spoken Sam and please sign on FB Make the Girl Scouts Clean Again to get facts. Consider yourself a disciple and speak out. Failure to address this and act is truly becoming complicit in evil. God Bless and thank you to Birgit who is a Pro Life witness who uses her talent as directed by her Creator.

  7. I agree with you that there are pro-life concerns about GSUSA. That said – I would like to see documentation for your following claim “All the while, girls are selling cookies benefitting abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.” Cookies fund PP?? I look forward to your response Birgit.

    1. I’ve seen GSUSA in ongoing pro-abortion and pro-contraception initiatives with PP. (National Day to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy and Coalition for Adolescent Girls). If GSUSA believes these sensitive issues are best left to families, they should not involve themselves in such projects. GSUSA has also confirmed to the USCCB that they will not prevent councils and troops from partnering with PP. Many prolife families don’t want to support an organization that allows itself to be a gateway for our nation’s largest abortion provider to access young girls. I have many concerns. However, funding PP through GS cookie sales is not provable. The documented facts are bad enough – let’s stick to that.

    2. If GS wants to involve themselves in “sexuality training” – then the organization should not claim “we believe reproductive rights are deeply private matters best left to families.” Just be honest.

    3. Many sites have been “scrubbed” since the National Council Session in Houston TX a few years ago where much of this came to the general public’s attention. But something that those who have been long term volunteers or employees (or both) have noticed and questioned for decades.

      There were organized grass-roots protesting BY members of the Girl Scouts (girls and adults) about some of the National Board Nominees because of their PP ties. Within days of the Media taking notice, many GSUSA websites were scrubbed of all PP references. But unlike the GSUSA, many companies and other organizations DID NOT scrub PP off the individual’s profiles.

    4. Birgit Atherton Jones

      Thanks for your question, Sam. One of the linked articles connects the dots –

      Girl Scouts sell cookies as a major fundraiser. A portion of their earnings are then available to the national organization (dues) as well as local troops. As members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girls Scouts (WAGGGS), the Girl Scouts of America pay approximately $1 million in dues. WAGGGS is involved in promoting abortion, among other things. The fungibility of the funds of any organization creates a means by which every individual is a part of the larger picture.

      “We must exercise a critical vigilance and at times refuse funding and collaborations that, directly or indirectly, favour actions or projects that are at odds with Christian anthropology.” Pope Benedict, Address to the Pontifical Council Cor Unum (1-19-13)

    5. “All the while, girls are selling cookies benefitting abortion giant, Planned Parenthood” sounds like a direct financial contribution to PP. Did I misinterpret your statement?

    6. Birgit Atherton Jones

      Sorry, I misspoke and have corrected my error. “All the while, girls are selling cookies benefitting close associates of abortion giant Planned Parenthood.”

    7. It is not that simple. Nor is it that direct. The National Corporation does received “fees” and “grants” from other for profit organizations. Fees are from any corporation that uses “Girl Scout Cookie” on any of their items. Besides Kellogg’s and Interbake (corporations that manufacture Girl Scout Cookies), there is Nestle’s (candies and flavored imitation coffee creamers) and the Mattel Corporation (Girl Scout Barbie) that are the most well known.

      Grants are given as a form of corporate “tax-write-offs) such as Unilever/Dove Brands branding with Girl Scout age level program materials. There are a few dozen at the National level and hundreds at the “so-called” local level, Individual Girl Scout Councils.

      The Girl Scout Councils are legally separate entities, but are in reality franchise holders in a regional area from the National Corporation. Girl Scout Product sales, (another term for Girl Scout Cookie Sales) bring in up to 85% of the total operational income for a Council. 85%, think about that.

      So where is the PP connection? Within the limited world of Women issues based non-profits, there are only a few corporations that have the scope, the free PR and the history that the Girl Scouts have. Women, and it is mostly women with a handful of men, bounce from one to another to another. Those making feminism a career track make use of these channels to “implement changes” and know that others are in full and complete support.

      Many of the senior executives and members of the National Board of Directors HAVE ties, personal or professional to PP. There are few “partnerships” that have so much, but without formal paperwork on either side to track or provide a paper trail. Often, it is through “neutral sounding” third parties that there are direct overlaps, but when questioned, knowledge is disavowed. (So much for Girl Scouts being Honest.)

      Oh, and for me the kicker is EMPLOYEES of the Girl Scouts, National or Councils, DO NOT HAVE TO BE GIRL SCOUTS!!! The Board Members do, or are, at least on paper. But many of them do not know the first thing about the Movement.

    8. Sam…there are many ways to support PP. One would be financially meaning $$$$. The tangled web that the Girl Scouts have woven does not give us a direct link to their $$$$$ support so therefore we move on to how they present themselves. You are known by who you associate with seems to be accepted by most level headed adults. Therein lies the link. Let me remind you that the GIRL SCOUTS in their Journey Program book directed girls to George Soros with Media Matters to get their facts. When mothers across the country started exposing the GS they agreed to remove this filth and in the mean time you could in fact get a sticker. How very nice of them. However…they have no idea of how that got into their girl program material. Really??? Girl Scouts connect with PP and their role models and organizations attest to that. Please visit FB Make the Girl Scouts Clean Again and the websites
      If, you want to see connects for each council a site is provided and the information gathered by women from across the country and put into a web site will be helpful to you. I see you are addressing GS websites to support yourself. I must say that is not a good idea since they have scrubbed many facts and keep in mind that they have no idea how Media Matters got into their books. You are trusting them as so many BETRAYED girls and women did for years. It is sad to say the least that supporting and then learning they have turned into a liberal, progressive, feminist group is disturbing. Sam, I suggest that you are determined to undermine and that if you want to be held as a person to be believed you need to get facts. You will not like what I am saying but I have read the PORN directives that girls are pointed to in “Gate to Womens Country” “Persepolis” etc. If, this is your thinking then you are entitled to it but obviously it is not in keeping with the Catholic faith. Keep in mind that the expose of the GIRL SCOUTS was built on the faith and energy of homemakers and housewives and GS members themselves. I in fact am a Lifetime Mbr. of the GS and I am 71 yrs. old. Our family is 4 generations of scouts. The devil has many with their minds in willful denial but the tide is turning as prayer is being answered. St. Michael defend us in battle. Your post bring a smile to me as you sir are in denial and your fact base happens to be the organization that has no credibility. God Bless please do not be a partner in promoting a agenda that is the possible occasion of sin for girls. You see to have GS petitioning for sex rights and good wages for prostitutes is just wrong.

    9. Dear janeisprolife: What are you talking about??? You said…”I see you are addressing GS websites to support yourself.” Where did I mention a girl scout site?
      You also say…”Your post bring a smile to me as you sir are in denial and your fact base happens to be the organization that has no credibility. God Bless please do not be a partner in promoting a agenda that is the possible occasion of sin for girls.” Exactly, what am in denial about ma’am? I said I agreed with Birgit there are pro-life concerns. I just disagreed on her comment that cookie sales “benefit Planned Parenthood.” Please read before you assume you know someone’s position. I do not support GS in any way and I never said I did. I do however see a great value in presenting factual and document information relating to these claims and concerns.

  8. I agree there are issues pro-life concerns with GSUSA. That said – I would love to see your documentation for the following claim: “All the while, girls are selling cookies benefitting abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.” Looking forward to your response, Birgit.

  9. My good lord, where do I start is responding to this pedantic tripe. There are a multitude of conflated ideas, misrepresentations and half-truths cherry picked from extremist sources.
    First, the only point in which I totally agree is that this is not your parents’ scouts. Also, this is not your parents’ social media. This is not your parents’ climate change. This is not your parents’ Catholic education system. This is not your parents’ church. I am that kids like me are no longer smacked, slapped, humiliated, hit by the olde Sisters and Brothers.
    So much for agreement: you say that the Girl Scouts accept cross-dressers….ain’t quite true. The Girl Scouts actually stated, and it’s not new, that they accept transgender GIRLS. A cross-dress is a man or woman who is sexually aroused by wearing clothing if the opposite sex. It’s a transvestite syndrome. A transgender child feels that they have been born into the wrong body which is inconsistent with who they feel they are. Transgender girls threaten no one and should be lovingly accepted by ALL. Remember that Jesus came for the marginalized. You have a problem with transgender girls be accepted and loved as part of a group. I’ll leave the Planned Parenthood issue alone because that’s a book into itself.
    Now you are also miffed that the Boy Scouts accepted open gay boys and mau soon have open gay adult leaders. Openly gay does not mean that these children are having sex in front of other, as it does not mean straight boys who are heteros are having sex in scout meetings. Inclusion, acceptance, honesty, love of neighbor and embracing the marginalized are Jesus issues.
    What really amazes me is that you say 2% of the population is gay and I suppose you wonder why we honor this minority as if they will pollute other boys. The actual data ia between 1.5% and 3%, but why quibble. So you chastise BSA because they welcome and accommodate 2% of the population who are “homosexual”. Yet, you never mention that the RCC accommodates a clerical club of men (priests) who have a significantly higher homosexual membership. The lowest research figure that I could cull was that 24% of priests are gay, I have seen figures from some studies that exceed 50% and that the highest percentage exists among young seminarians. Seminary directors also evidence concern about the femininization of the clergy. I could provide links to tens of authoritative studies.. If I were a RCC would worry about the clerical club more than the boy scouts.Francis admitted that 2% of priests are pedophiles, and you dare worry about the Boy Scouts.
    I am happy that the Boy and Girl Scouts are not like those in parents’ day….change is good, except in the limited world of extremism.
    Also, I hate the expression “boys will be boys.” It is a justification for bullying, harassment, physical aggression, sexual harassment and rape. It is a pitiful and regrettable expression to explain outrageous behavior.
    This new world, not like our parents’ world, is a better and safer place for young men and women and inclusion of the marginalized is Christ-like imitation.
    Above all, Girl Scout cookies are second to none….

    1. Birgit Atherton Jones

      “…multitude of conflated ideas, misrepresentations and half-truths cherry picked from extremist sources.” Huffington Post, NY Daily News, CNN, Daily Mail, and the Washington Post are among the sources used for this article. Since you’re so far off reality with your claim of extremist sources etc., I’ll just let the rest of your outrageous accusations stand alone – exposed for the provocation they are intended to be. I find it odd that someone who has such obvious disdain for the Catholic Church regularly comments.

    2. Not disdain for the RCC but rather how the message of Christ is distorted to marginalize kids; the sources are rightist and the interpretations are extremist….answer my objections, please.

    3. “I stay on the sight because I feel that rightist positions must be confronted for inclusion of the marginalized to be accepted . . .”

      If by “accepted” you mean that we must treat individuals as individuals and love them, that is one thing. If by “accepted” you mean that we must alter Church teaching in order to normalize immoral behavior and attitudes, in keeping with the preferences of the world, that is quite another. To love one another as one’s self is not a broad call for “acceptance” of every manner of attitude and behavior that makes up the human condition.

      That there are confused children who may prematurely believe that they are gay, lesbian or transgendered requires us to treat them personally with love and kindness, while, among other things, not permitting them to be used by adults to further an ideological and political agenda. The boundary between these two realities is impossible to determine in advance, but that the boundary exists, and must be acknowledge and lived, there is no doubt. That is one of the key challenges to living a truly Christian life.

  10. Everything wholesome must go in the world which has embraced evil as good. Nothing good is to be left untouched. The soldiers of the prince of darkness, Satan, have banned together and converged into dominating every possible avenue of influence and indoctrination of evil-schools, television, movies, books, music, toys, clubs, governments, churches, the courts, the The children, first in the womb, and then as young as possible, are to be snatched from their innocence and made into tools of perversion, abused, treated like a commodity, turned into the next soldiers of Satan.

    The old pagan barbarianism of Rome prior to its Christianization has returned and is flourishing.

    1. 2 Timothy 4:3: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires.”

  11. The Boy Scouts, on the other hand, have decided to show their feminine side. Not to appear overly male, their leadership has decided that water guns are forbidden. That’s right, it’s too violent to point a colorful plastic toy, containing water, at a fellow scout. Not to be forgotten are the equally enlightened parameters for water balloons – they must not be larger than a ping pong ball.

    First of all, water guns are not forbidden, they are just simply not allowed to point them at people. Second, given some of the more recent high-profile incidents involving law-enforcement shooting children playing with toy-guns, I’m not sure why your first instinct would be to accuse the Scouts of being feminine, and not looking out for the safety of the children. Third, I’m not sure exactly how super-soaker fights fits in with the various oaths and goals of the Boy Scouts:

    Scout Oath

    On my honor I will do my best
    To do my duty to God and my country
    and to obey the Scout Law;
    To help other people at all times;
    To keep myself physically strong,
    mentally awake, and morally straight.

    Scout Law

    A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly,
    courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
    brave, clean, and reverent.

    The BSA’s goal is to train youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities, educational programs, and, at older age levels, career-oriented programs in partnership with community organizations.

    Lastly, since you seem to view shooting a water gun at somebody else as masculine, you can rest assured that these (possibly more masculine) activities are still allowed:

    Fire Building



    Horseback Riding


    Map and Compass

    Mountain Boarding




    Rope Bridges/Pioneering Towers

    Survival Training

    Winter Camping

    Flag Football

    Ice Hockey

    Ice Skating




    Street Hockey

    Search and Rescue Missions

    Ski Touring

    All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV)

    Dirt Bikes

    Driving Derbies

    Personal Watercraft (PWC)


    .22 Rifle

    Air Rifle (pellet guns)


    BB Guns

    Large-Bore Rifles









    Advanced Climbing

    Rock Climbing

    Lead Climbing


    Snow and Ice Climbing

    Canopy Tours

    Zip Lines











    Tubing (floating in an inner tube)

    Tow Sports (including waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and tubing)

    1. Birgit Atherton Jones

      That was covered…”That’s right, it’s too violent to point a colorful plastic toy, containing water, at a fellow scout.”

      In the ‘good old days’ boys were boys and played with toy guns. They also shot arrows with their bows and gave their friends a good soaking with a water pistol. These days they aren’t even allowed to point their finger or a stick at their imaginary foes. There was even an incident where a Pop Tart was too similar in shape to a gun.

      Wouldn’t it be more realistic and of societal benef to teach responsible gun use, moral concern for the well being of others, and a healthy respect of authority?

    2. That was covered…

      I mean, I know you covered it…I quoted that bit as well. That you made a false statement, but went on to make a more correct statement doesn’t change the fact that the preceding statement was not at all true.

      In the ‘good old days’ boys were boys and played with toy guns.

      Yes, and today we have boys like Tamir Rice gunned down by police for playing with toy guns. I notice you didn’t address this part of my comment.

      These days they aren’t even allowed to point their finger or a stick at their imaginary foes.

      Which, in the context of the Boy Scouts, makes sense. It’s not the Army, their mission isn’t to teach young boys to shoot at people.

      Wouldn’t it be more realistic and of societal benef to teach responsible gun use

      Wouldn’t dialogue me more useful if you actually read the comments your responding to, or the links provided? If you are at all interested in what the Boy Scouts do teach – and not just trying to keep the culture war going – you can find out here:

    3. Birgit Atherton Jones

      I see your point, so I’ve added ‘can be’ to forbidden. Now would you like to talk about the elephant in the room? Of all of the points made in the article, the one referencing water guns only played a miniscule, supporting role. Certainly you can discern that the overall topic isn’t about water guns at all!

    4. What is the elephant in the room?

      The title of the article is “Beware, These Aren’t Your Parents’ Scouts!”, so one would think that the overall topic would deal primarily with the Scouts. Instead, aside from a quick reminder that the GS are (allegedly) in league with PP, and that the BS allow boy gay members and troop leaders, you only briefly touch on the GS allowing trans members (though here you also mis-characterize, see below*) and the BS not being allowed to super-soak each other. The rest of the piece has little to nothing to do with the Scouts, and is instead a rant about what you view as our society’s moral decline re: sexuality and gender issues. So, I apologize, it’s not at all clear which elephant is the being discussed.

      Now, for what it’s worth, I think the Scouts are about preparing young people to be good citizens. It’s not primarily about ‘boys being boys’ or ‘girls being girls’, it’s about boys and girls learning skills and becoming better people, albeit in a fun (and safe!) environment. Why should gays be excluded from these groups?

      * Re: GS and trans kids, you said:

      The Girl Scouts have decided to embrace cross-dressing children into their club. So if your little girl doesn’t want to share her troop with a boy in girl’s clothing, too bad!

      Again, all one needs to do is actually look at what the GS’ actual policies are.

      Q: What is Girl Scouts’ position on serving transgender youth?

      A: Girl Scouts is proud to be the premiere leadership organization for girls in the country. Placement of transgender youth is handled on a case-by-case basis, with the welfare and best interests of the child and the members of the troop/group in question a top priority. That said, if the child is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.

      Q: How does Girl Scouts’ position on serving transgender youth apply to situations involving camping or volunteers?

      A: These situations are rare and are considered individually with the best interests of all families in mind. Should any girl requiring special accommodations wish to camp, GSUSA recommends that the local council makes similar accommodation that schools across the country follow in regard to changing, sleeping arrangements, and other travel-related activities. With respect to volunteers, Girl Scouts welcomes both male and female adult volunteers and has developed appropriate safeguards regarding roles and responsibilities to ensure that girls receive the proper supervision and support.

      EDIT to include source:

      ‘If you don’t like it, too bad’ doesn’t seem to be the correct way to characterize ‘case by case with the best interests of all a top priority’.

    5. Birgit Atherton Jones

      The article title indeed identifies the scouts as a source of concern for children (and parents) today. In reading the content, one can easily surmise that the ever blurring lines of gender characteristics and sexuality comprise the overall topic. The scouts (for both genders) are major players in the attempt to deny the unique identity of male and female. That you disagree with this assessment does nothing to negate the message shared or the genuine concern felt by parents who adhere to their God-given roles in the nuclear family – and wish the same for the children placed into their faithful care.

    6. I was sexually abused in the boy scouts in the 1950’s. BSA has always been a magnet for deviants.

    7. I don’t think I’m familiar enough with the history of the scouts to say whether or not it’s correct to say the BSA have “always been a magnet for deviants”.

      I will say a few things though. First, sexual abuse is more than just deviant, it’s a criminal act – I hope that whoever abused you was found, tried and convicted, and you have my sympathy. Second, you seem to be conflating homosexuality and pedophilia, which I believe is a mistake. I am unaware of any evidence that homosexuals are more prone to sexually abusing minors than heterosexuals are.

    8. I am unaware of any evidence that homosexuals are more prone to sexually abusing minors than heterosexuals are.

      Homosexuals have a much higher rate of abuse than heterosexuals. I believe it’s one-third of gays as compared to less than 10% of heterosexuals. But beside that, the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal was overwhelmingly homosexual abuse against teenage boys and young men, over three quarters of the abuse.

    9. Well shucks. You can now just apparently make claims with no evidence whatsoever and expect people to take you seriously.

    10. Forgot…John Jay Study (original before the gays revised it) on Catholic Priest sex abuse scandal, over 81% male abuse with 5% pedophilia, and 76% homosexual abuse.

    11. “before the gays revised it”

      Well now my hopes for promising dialogue are sky high! How did “the gays” go about revising the report? Where can I find the original report?

    12. Infiltration, infiltration, infiltration! They’re great at it! Infiltration of the courts, schools, churches, businesses, etc. The devil’s time is short though.

    13. Perhaps you’ll be so kind as to link to a copy of the “original” (non-gay-tampered) report, in the mean time, from the revised report:

      – pedophilia 47% (if defined as younger than 13 yrs old) and 60% (if you include 13 yrs old) [pg 70]

      Now, I’m no math genius, but your claim that “over three quarters of the abuse” involved teenagers just doesn’t match the John Jay findings.

      As to your initial comment that “Homosexuals have a much higher rate of abuse than heterosexuals”, I’ve yet to see you support this. For what it’s worth, the follow-up report to the USCCB by the John Jay Research Team had this to say:

      There has been widespread speculation that homosexual identity is linked to the sexual abuse of minors by priests, largely because of the high number of male victims identified in the Nature and Scope study. However, the clinical data do not support this finding. Treatment data show that priests who identified as homosexual, as well as those who participated in same-sex sexual behavior prior to ordination (regardless of sexual identity), were not significantly more likely to abuse minors than priests who identified as heterosexual.

    14. Revised by the infiltrators in the gay lobby.
      5% pedophilia, 76% homosexual abuse.
      The truth will set you free.
      The ‘whitewash’ was a cover-up too!

    15. Look, this is all quite simple. You are invited to demonstrate the existence of the not-revised-by-gays report that presumably would support your claim. Help me find the truth.

    16. I mean, there’s no point in trying to dialogue with you if you’re going to refer to stats from a supposedly suppressed original draft which you can not show evidence for.

      However, for posterity / lurkers.

      You’re being sloppy with your terms, and as a result, in addition to being un-evidenced, your percentages are wrong, by definition. Puberty is not a line in the sand, it’s a years long process, the beginning of which, incidentally, is commonly understood as the beginning of adolescence. So not only is it a mistake to conflate, as you seem to, adolescence with post-pubescence, but it’s also a mistake to use the same figure (95%) to refer to pubescent and post-pubescent when the time between onset and completion of puberty is generally about 4 years.

      Now, you would have us believe that the original version of the report -which now lists post-pubescent (15 and up) victims as just 27% of the total – previously had that figure as 95%? My goodness, that gay lobby must have had something big on John Jay and/or the USCCB.

    17. You might want to work on your reading comprehension. You keep saying that 95% were not victims of pedophilia…but you arrive at the 95% by way of the 5% of priests who the study states fit the profile of pedophile. Victim != priest. As the report defines pre-pubescent (10 and under), 22% were victims of pedophilia*. It’s worth noting that pedophilia is elsewhere defined as 13 and under, in which case the percentage of victims rises to 60%.

      *I don’t think it can be stressed enough, if we’re talking about agendas and cover-ups, that it is enormously misleading for the NCR to characterize the 78% of victims 11 and older as “post-pubescent”.

    18. Did you know that confusion is from the Devil?
      But you know what…personal attacks confirm you lost the argument. Thanks and have a great life. I truly wish you well and hope you find peace.
      The article is about the infiltration of gays into the Boy Scouts. And no they shouldn’t be allowed considering their history of abuse in the Priesthood. Thanks again.

    19. Oh please. Personal attacks? So far you’ve called me clueless, confused, and accused me of having an agenda. You’ve done these things, all the while citing a study that you don’t seem to understand. Your reaction to this being pointed out to you is to…declare victory and run away?

    20. “Puberty is not a line in the sand, it’s a years long process, the beginning of which, incidentally,he beginning of which, incidentally, is commonly understood as the beginning of adolescence”

      Adolescence 10-16 years

    21. I’m not sure what your point is, though this is a good example of your conflating all these terms as if they mean the same thing the context of the ages of these victims. Teenager != adolescent != post-pubescent.

    22. I would not say the Church cowers in fear, it’s that many of the Priests and Bishops involved were also homosexual, or had that tendency and so helped in the cover-up. The truth will all come out soon… but not by man’s hand.

    23. What was the age-break-down of the 19% of female victims, according to the repressed study you’re citing?

      “Pedophilia” is not gender-specific, so if any number of those female victims were in the same age-range as the 5% of males your version cites, you’re going to have to revise your numbers.

    24. There is plenty of evidence that this true and I could site many studies for you but I won’t because you will claim they are biased etc. etc. etc. We’ve heard it all. And if you were honest you could actually research this and read it yourself.

    25. I can’t imagine what makes you think that I would automatically discount any evidence you produced. I don’t think I’ve done so in any of my responses to others here, and have supported most of the points I’ve made here using the very sources that the others have provided. What specifically makes you think I’m not being honest?

      I suppose you are demonstrating honesty of a kind by disclosing your prejudice up-front. Still, I can’t help but think that a true Christian would not purposefully withhold the truth from others. If you have studies that show what you claim, if not for my sake, for the sake of posterity, do cite them.

    26. Is there any reason you can not go look this up for yourself? Why do people always want others on these blogs to do the work for them? I spent time looking this up and also speaking in person to Priests about it..why can’t you do this? Either it is true or it is not…there isn’t any reason for people to lie about it unless they have something to hide or an agenda to protect.

    27. I’m starting to feel like you’re not really interested in helping me find the truth 🙁

      Is there any reason you can not go look this up for yourself?

      Two reasons come immediately to mind: 1) you have already stated that you can cite many studies, so why duplicate your work?; and 2) maybe I won’t find the same studies!

      Why do people always want others on these blogs to do the work for them?

      I’m curious, do you understand the concept of ‘burden of proof’? You responded to a comment where I was asking for somebody to substantiate the un-evidenced claim that “Homosexuals have a much higher rate of abuse than heterosexuals.” Reasoned dialogue works best is when the person making the claim can support the claim, don’t you think?

      Why, if you think you have knowledge of the truth, are you so unwilling to share it? I’ll repeat my earlier question: what specifically makes you think I’m not being honest?

    28. You’re exactly right Andre B. I’m not interested in playing your game. I’m done posting.

    29. I think it isn’t a coincidence that overwhelmingly it was men who were going after prepubescent boys as compared to men abusing girls. So even if there may not be a “study” the facts tell me, at least in the case of the church, it was homosexuals

    30. You don’t think opportunity had anything to do with the high percentage of male victims?

      Take prisons, for example. Do you think that those who perpetrate rape or otherwise engage in homosexual activity consider themselves to be gay? Do you think they all engaged in homosexual acts prior to incarceration? Or is it just that there are only men around to abuse?

      Edit an R

    31. I don’t see how you could support such a statement. First of all “around just as often” is too vague to be useful, so perhaps you’ll clarify.

      Let’s take what I would think are the two most common interactions between priests and children, both of which seem to offer reasonable opportunities for unsupervised interaction; alter servers and students at gendered Catholic schools.

      Until relatively recently, to the best of my knowledge, only boys served at mass. Whatever the gender breakdown is today, I don’t think you can argue with the claim that, historically, this would represent a situation were only males were available to abuse.

      Let’s look at all-boy / all-girl schools. If the below list of Catholic schools in NY are at all representative, it seems like most of the all-girl schools are staffed by nuns and sisters, and most of the all-boy were staffed by priests and brothers. I would guess that historically it would be even more segregated, and that priests were far more likely to teach in all-boy environments than in co-ed or all-girl ones.

      Again, I have no idea how you would support the claim that priests have just as many opportunities to abuse girls as they do boys.

    32. Of course, it wasn’t about opportunity. This is all to cover-up the truth. To confuse the situation and take the heat off the homosexual abuse which was the majority.

    33. Opportunity? You and the Church and the revisionists in this cover-up are all in denial.

    34. The rest of the piece has little to nothing to do with the Scouts, and
      is instead a rant about what you view as our society’s moral decline re:
      sexuality and gender issues.
      Wow, well, she is after all, the author and so can write about whatever she wishes and give her writing whatever title she wishes.
      Anyone born a female will always be a female. Born male, always male. Surgery and emotional issues or feelings do not change that. You seem to be the one with the “rant” here.

    35. Snow,

      You’re a bit late to this party, but I don’t mind too much. You do, however, appear to have missed the context of my comment. I was responding to her accusation that I wasn’t addressing ‘the elephant in the room’ and/or the ‘overall topic’, by noting that it was difficult to discern what the overall topic was, given how little the piece had to do with the titular scouts.

      You’re absolutely correct that she’s free to write and title her pieces any way she pleases. On the other hand, when you title something X, and mostly deal with Y, it’s poor form to criticize somebody for *only* responding to X.

    36. You seem to be saying that persons who develop from fertilized eggs which are either [XX] or [XY] will have those sex chromosomes for the rest of their lives.

      Thus the gender of the person is directly and permanently linked to the status of their sex chromosomes.

      This does not seem like a wholly unreasonable statement to me.

      But it does raise a series of questions in my mind the first of which is:

      What if a person develops from a fertilized egg with an abnormal number or shape/composition of sex chromosomes?

      Sex Chromosomes — Gender
      [XX] — Female
      [XY] — Male
      [XXX] — Female
      [XYY] — Male
      [XXYY] –Male
      [XXXY] — Male
      [XXXX] — Female

      But what if a person develops from two fertilized embryos which fuse?



      What if the neurological and gonadal tissues which form during the development of a given embryo cause the adult person to have hormonal and brain-pattern changes in response to the same sex which mirror the responses normally observed in the opposite sex?

      I have more questions once we cover these basics, but for now I would appreciate your analysis on how our assignment of gender interacts with a human’s DNA, hormones, and neurology.

    37. I have a question. It’s simple. Will you leave the Scouts if and when they allow openly active homosexual adult men to be Scoutmasters?

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