Being Jesus’ Light in Disorienting Times


But whoever lives the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be clearly seen as done in God. (John 3:21)

These words to me describe Mary, Joseph and all of the saints. And sometimes, once in a while, on a very good and grace-filled day, these words describe me and you also. My desire is to live this way always, never hiding my misery in the darkness, but always free and in the open light of Jesus’ love. With His grace I will get there, if I persevere.

Jesus knows how wearying the way is. He has, in these strange times we have been created to live in, removed almost every comfort and consolation, even at times our feelings of mental stability. The diabolical disorientation of this time in history can do that to even the most peaceful soul. Jesus is allowing us to feel and know our utter powerlessness over world events and even over our own faults and failings. He is revealing so much in our world and in our own souls.

Living in Disorienting Times

Modern prophecy speaks of an illumination of conscience as happening in a moment in time, but it feels more like a curtain of revelation is being slowly pulled back for many souls in real time, now. It is at the same time both horrifying and liberating. In our powerlessness over our ingrained faults and sins, we are made more completely open to the utter gift and grace of Jesus’ mercy. We need it at every moment of our life and especially as we are revealed to ourselves.

This revelation is a gift. It gives us the humility, the gratitude and the thankfulness we may lack. The humbler and more grateful we become, the more our anxiety and fear will dissipate, like the fog, the more we will be free to simply be in the moment God gives, and be His light to whomever He places in front of us. The more complicated our world and our days become, the simpler our lives can be if we limit our scope to what God intends it to be – the here and now. Without ruminating on the past, nor worrying about the future, we can live in the grace and freedom of this moment now.

Reflecting the Light of Jesus

Do the things that God allows shock you? His ways are not our ways. Our view is limited and skewed. His is infinite with perfect clarity. The things that He does may indeed be incomprehensible to us. That makes sense! He is God and we are not. But acceptance is the key to courage in these times.

I have been praying for many things lately, but especially these: serenity, acceptance, courage, wisdom and discernment. The first is serenity, which only I can hold onto, can keep, or conversely give away to the latest “shocking” headline. Guarding my peace, my serenity, and growing in trust will shockproof me to some extent, and break the evil current that rides roughshod over even the Christian faithful. We need to be rubber-coated in Jesus’ peace. We need to accept that “shocking” things will happen, maintain our serenity regardless, and thus we can be that peace for others.

Maintaining our peace allows us to enter into the other needed gifts of wisdom and discernment. Even if all our wisdom amounts to in a given difficult situation is to be able to say, “I don’t know what we should do, let’s pray,” what a grace that brings. In this simple way, we can be His light, leading others out of this diabolical current, back to peace and serenity in Jesus.

Some run to fear, some capitulate that there is no sin or trouble or evil. We are called to remain in Him and be His light come what may. When we do this, we are living His truth and being His light for all.

Lord, you are revealing so much in this world and in our hearts. Please draw us ever nearer to your Sacred Heart, that we may continue to trust in your mercy no matter what shocking things we see in our own souls, or anywhere else. Help us to live in your truth and be your light, for your glory and for the salvation of souls. Amen.


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5 thoughts on “Being Jesus’ Light in Disorienting Times”

  1. Hi Suellen, I just reread this and wow.its what I’m going thru I need prayer too. Keep up the good work…I’m grateful praise always to our blessed trinity & Blessed Mother. Linda

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