Become a model of Catholic Character – Off the Shelf 115 with Mark McCann

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Off the Shelf 115 – Mark McCann

I recently stumbled upon an AWESOME four book series for men that has the potential to change men into true men of faith. This week on Off the Shelf my guest is author Mark McCann and we discuss the first in the series To the Ends of the Earth: Character. We walk through the book which is setup as a 10 week devotional. What will you learn? To be a man of Catholic character is to imitate Christ!

From the publisher Our Sunday Visitor

What defines a Catholic man’s character?

Is it being brave, or being a peacemaker? Is it intelligence, or talent? Is it success, a beautiful house, a beautiful wife? Is it just being a “good guy”?

There’s a simple answer: To be a man of Catholic character is to imitate Christ.

Before you say, “Who, me?” listen to author Mark C. McCann, who says that it’s not only possible, it’s the meaning of Catholic manhood. To the Ends of the Earth: Character guides you through ten essential Christlike traits and shows you how, with the help of the Word, the Spirit, and prayer, you can become the model of true Catholic character.

To the Ends of the Earth is a series of four ten-week studies for Catholic men. Each week includes a brief but meaty daily devotion, two or three reflection questions that become your action steps, and Scripture to use in prayer. This daily individual exercise (as well as optional journaling and weekly group discussions) provides the keys to unlock true transformation so you can become the man God made you to be.

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