Be Efficient With Things, Not People

Christina Weber - Efficient with Things

Christina Weber - Efficient with Things

We all have life seasons—with some being more jam-packed than others.  When the schedule gets tight, it’s easy to slip into high-efficiency mode.

Last spring, I was swimming in the midst of ramping up my business along with implementing new chores lists with the kids to improve responsibility. Between the flat-out “No’s” and the increasingly frequent pattern of ignoring my basic requests, I realized the emerging Weber family mutiny. Even the black lab Daisy jumped in by dodging me with a ball in her mouth as I attempted to leash her for our daily walk. In a cacophony of human and animal languages they were all screaming, “Play with me, lady!”

When I feel stretched beyond my comfort zone, playfulness exits first. Being fully present, patient, and relaxed soon follow. When the tension extends past a day or so, the little people in my home – ages 6. 9, and 12 – become unhappy customers and let their voices be heard directly and indirectly.

I had forgotten the important family connections that fuel my drive to be a successful mompreneur. Bitten by the consequences of getting my priorities out of order, I remembered the wise words of colleague Michael Jarecki, associate counselor in Pastoral Solutions Institute.

Michael defines the simple equations for family harmony, which lead to a productive work and home life.

“rules (+) relationship = responsibility”

“rules (-) relationship = rebellion”

Basking in a sea of defiance, I knew I had to get to shore. Periodically getting out of balance is part of the game if you are regularly challenging yourself and your business to new heights. Here are six steps to get out of the imbalanced state:

  1. State the Problem – Ask yourself what isn’t working. Some problem hotspots have deeper sources.

  1. Go Deeper – No entrepreneur, mom or dad, takes on projects or  goes into business because he wants to ignore the family. Explore what might be going on with your business, or even your homelife, that robs you of the outcome you desire.

  1. Analyze the Problem – Now that you’ve moved beyond the surface, look at the underlying cycles that aren’t working. Identify at least one area you can change. You may need to create a different system or activate a new resource. You can change the cycle by interrupting it at any point.

  1. Forgive Yourself – Own where you have fallen short. Apologize to your family for what you’ve done and failed to do. Mostly importantly, forgive yourself. When you admit when you mess up and commit to your loved ones your plans to change, you model the beautiful process of seeking and receiving God’s mercy and love.

  1. Be Accountable – Use an accountability partner and system to help you keep to your commitment to change.

  1. Reaffirm God’s Life Plan for You – Obstacles accompany being successful in your work and personal life.. Don’t let doubts in the presence of a few challenges. Seeking God’s guidance in prayer and in consultation with trusted advisors ensure your will harmonizes with God’s.

Our God is a god of order. While this world is not perfect, those who harmonize their actions with God’s plans will yield good fruit. Success at home fuels success at work.

The Catholic Mompreneur Biz Tip: When something isn’t working in the business or at home, it’s just God’s way of guiding you to prioritize working on that area. Face it; break it down; and implement the chosen action.

Christina Weber helps Catholic mompreneurs fully engage their calling, earn more in less time, and get back to enjoying their families.  Learn how to be efficient with the right things in Christina’s complimentary special report, “12 Things You Can Do Today to Earn More in Less Time”. Get it here.  

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