It’s Okay To Be Normal

When my wife and I met ten years ago, I was living in a schoolbus, writing a book, and trying to live a quasi-monastic life

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All the Way to Heaven is Heaven

Recently, I stood at a very important juncture professionally. I have been in this situation before and have faced profound disappointment in prayers that did

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When We Listen to Lies

It occurred to me, recently, that when my family and I make breakfast on Saturday mornings, many of the dishes we make use the same

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Book Review: Made This Way

“Daddy, what’s an abortion?” my seven year old son asked me one day. “An abortion is when a mother kills the child she is carrying

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What is Old is New

I was an early devotee of minimalism. When my wife and I met in 2008 I was sleeping Japanese-style on a futon mattress-topped tatami mat

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The Habit of Virtue

For twenty years of my life – from age seventeen to thirty-seven – I struggled with an addiction to nicotine. It was an on-again, off-again

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The Hunger Years

Dr. Taylor Marshall had a recent post on the state of the priesthood by the numbers. The “priest to Catholics” ratio (taken from the Center

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